Truely badge example

Boost your brand’s credibility with customers by adding your Trust badge to your website.

Create your personalized badge by simply entering your company or service name below

An example of using truely badge on the international driver association website

Truely Badge is really working its charm! Our conversion rate went up by 25%.

Photo of Duane Cuaresma

Duane Cuaresma

Managing Partner at International Drivers Association

An example of using truely badge on the geonode website

As a new business owner, it’s crucial to get social proof in place to gain trust.

Photo of Jack Fitzerald

Jack Fitzerald

Founder of Geonode

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add a badge?

You are already listed on Truely, so you already understand the importance of improving your online presence. The Truely name comes with a certain amount of trust and respect so placing a Truely badge on your website is a huge boost to your professional credibility.

A Recommended badge is one of the most widely used credibility markers out there because it’s so easy to implement. It’s a great way to look like the expert in your industry and provides customers with that reassurance. They are more likely to do business with you when they see a recommendation from a well-known site.

Which badge should I use?

We would recommend using the first badge given that it comes with your brand’s name and the category you are recommended in.

Where should I add a badge?

Most sites add the badge to their homepage as this is the most visited page so it will have the biggest impact on your visitors when placed here. Lastly, some companies create a new page or blog post announcing to their users that they have been recommended by Truely.

How do I add a badge?

Once you have copied the HTML code above you will need to access your website’s HTML code and add the code we’ve provided above directly into one of your page’s code. Alternatively, let your website designer know that you need a simple bit of HTML adding to your website and they will be able to do this for you.