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oTrancribe is a free, open source transcription software that works directly in your web browser. The simple interface allows you to operate the music player and text editor in the same window, eliminating the need to go between tabs to stop and start the audio. The text editor supports a variety of document formats including .txt and .md.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes oTranscribe different?

oTranscribe is free transcription software that makes transcribing recorded interviews easier. oTranscribe seeks to address this issue by keeping everything inside the browser, which means less chopping and switching between active windows and applications, and therefore less risk of distraction.

What is oTranscribe?

oTranscribe’s audio transcription software is a simple and helpful free transcribing Web tool. It features a simple interface that allows you to operate the music player and text editor in the same window, eliminating the need to go between tabs to stop and start the audio.

Where is my transcript kept?

oTranscribe is built in such a manner that your data (both the audio file and the textual transcript) is never sent outside of your local computer. The transcript is stored in the browser's local storage rather than on a distant server or "in the cloud." The disadvantage is that you cannot access your stored transcripts from another computer.

Do oTranscribe automatically backup my work in progress?

Every five minutes, oTranscribe's automated backup system stores the current transcript. To see backups and recover an old copy of your transcript, click the backup button. Exactly 100 copies are kept; if the maximum of 100 backups is reached, oTranscribe will delete earlier copies.

Can I get my transcript back now that it's gone missing?

oTranscribe’s free audio transcription software sometimes loses work for a variety of reasons (including the user clearing their cache or localStorage becoming full). If your work isn't on the history panel, it's gone forever. Please export your work on a frequent basis, particularly if you are using oTranscribe for a long period of time.

Suddenly oTranscribe stops storing backups anymore. What can I do?

This may occur when the browser's local storage is full. If you delete the previously saved documents, it should start saving again. It should be noted that this may have an impact on locally saved data belonging to other applications and websites. To completely fix this problem, go to your browser settings and remove data as necessary.

Can I add my own keyboard shortcut for more efficient transcribing?

To add a new shortcut, yes. To access custom keyboard shortcuts, go to Settings. To create a new keyboard shortcut, click the blue "+" next to the name of the function you wish to add a shortcut for, and then hit a key combination. Click the cross symbol next to the shortcut you wish to delete to remove it.

What audio formats is oTranscribe compatible with?

oTranscribe’s transcription software is limited by the formats allowed by each browser. Your browser's supported formats will be displayed underneath the "Choose audio file" option. WAV files, in general, are generally supported, while MP3 files, with the exception of Mozilla Firefox, operate on almost everything.

Can I use oTranscribe while I'm not connected to the internet?

Yes! When you view the website for the first time, oTranscribe.com will store an offline duplicate of itself in your browser's HTML5 application cache. Simply go to oTranscribe.com without an internet connection to utilize the offline version. It's as easy as that.

What are the steps for importing and exporting my transcript?

The.OTR oTranscribe file format is the only one that can be imported by oTranscribe. The clickable time stamps are preserved in this format. By clicking the share button, you may access the export panel. .OTR files, as well as plain text (.txt) and Markdown (.md) files, may be exported.

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