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Frequently Asked Questions on Transcription Services

I want to start my career as a transcriber; what should I charge for transcription services?

The rates for transcription services vary depending on your experience and credentials as a transcriber. The added services like translation, editing, and proofreading charge extra. However, if you're planning to offer basic transcription services, the rates are around $0.75- $ 1.50.

How do I upload a file for transcription?

When uploading a file for transcription, most service providers require that you have an account first. Once you have an account, just log in and upload your files on the website. You can also send the files via fax or email, depending on your preferences and the process required by the service provider.

What is the usual turnaround time for transcription services?

Most service providers request 10 to 16 hours to complete the transcription process. This period applies to standard size files. However, for larger files, additional hours are usually required. Some service providers also ask for leeway depending on their workload. 

How do I place a rush transcription order?

When placing a rush order, you should check first whether the service providers have a rush ordering feature. If they have, you can simply click the rush order feature and place your order there. For standard-size files, the usual period is 6 hours.

What are the typical file types of transcription service providers accommodate?

The usual file types accommodated by transcription service providers are MP3, MP4, WAV, PDF, RM, DVF, ZIP, DCT, etc. However, the accepted file types usually depend on the service provider. Thus, you should always check out the website to determine if your file type can be accommodated.

Up to, what file size do transcription service providers accommodate?

Transcription service providers can usually accommodate files that are up to 20MB. Since they have websites where you can upload the recording, they are particular with the file limit. If you're uploading large files, ask your service provider for other alternatives. 

How do I retrieve the transcribed files?

Once your transcription order has been completed, you can download the finished transcript by logging in to your account. The file would be readily available in your profile. For larger files, service providers usually send it to you via file-sharing platforms.

Can I cancel my transcription order anytime?

Yes, you can cancel the transcription order anytime. Just login to your account and cancel the order. If it is still on a pending list, you won't pay for anything yet, but if the order was already tagged for processing, you have to pay for what the transcriber finished. Nevertheless, the process varies depending on the service provider.

Do transcription service providers accept recording links?

Yes, service providers accept recording links. Since some videos for transcriptions are uploaded online, most service providers let you email the video link to them. Just ask them whether they have a different rate for this file type.

How many files for transcription can I upload?

You can upload as many files as you want on your account. As long as there are no special instructions, you can upload the files and wait for a transcriber to work on them. For larger files, ask your service provider how you can send it to them. 

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