Best Tour Packages in June 2022

Don't have the time to plan your trip? You don't have to spend hours booking your flight, hotel, and planning your itinerary. It's all included in the tour package, and you can even pick which activities you want to do! Book a tour package now and experience a worry-free trip!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a tour package?

Do you love traveling without breaking your bank? Do you like to explore different places but hate the long process of planning and preparing? You better get a tour package. It is a well-prepared and pre-arranged complete set of services related to travel or vacation organized by a tour agency and sold by a travel agent. It comes with a variety of services combined to make travel convenient and stress-free. You can book for both long and short duration. A travel agency commonly handles the land-based, air-based, and water-based transportation, travel documents, sightseeing and attractions, food service, lodging, and accommodations of the traveler.

Why do you need a tour package?

For sure, traveling is on top of your bucket list. A lot of people want to visit different places around the world. However, if you wish to travel, you need to plan it accordingly. If you do not want to exert too much time and effort preparing for your trip, you must get a tour package. Below are the reasons why you need to get a tour package:

Saves Money

Tour packages enable you to save money because travel agencies buy their package deals in bulk, which also costs them less than the usual. You will be able to save because tour packages include meals, transportation sight-seeing, and more benefits, which reduce a lot of unexpected expenses during the trip. You can even get more discounts if you make the reservation ahead of time.

Saves Time

Getting a tour package also saves a lot of your time as you don’t need to spend hours searching about what’s needed for the trip. There is no need to research the hotel, airlines, and other attractions. You just have to choose a travel agency and talk to one of their travel agents. Tell them where you want to go, then they will prepare the trip for you. Let them negotiate to get better deals with airlines, hotels, and attractions.

Peace of Mind

Do you like the idea of just talking to a travel agent about where you want to go, then all you have to do is just to pack your things? Yes, that is possible. With the help of a tour package, everything will be prepared and planned for you according to how you want your trip to be—no more anxious moments and thinking if you forgot anything.

Complete and Organized Tour

Many places to be, but so little time—that’s the feeling that you can get if you are already in your dream vacation. There are specific attractions that you’re unable to visit because of a lack of time and plan. If you have a tour package, you’ll have a detailed itinerary. You’ll have a schedule to follow to visit each place. Your activities will be organized, especially if you are a first-time traveler.

Quality Service

Did you know that most tour guides spend time, not just for training, but to research everything about tourist destinations? You have an instant encyclopedia while you are traveling as the tour guide will share historical facts and some untold story about the place you’re visiting. Also, you won’t have to worry about who’s going to take pictures because the tour guide will capture the moment for you.

Meet New Friends

Have you ever imagined traveling without your family, friends, and partner? If you are a social type of person, you may join adventure group tours. You will be going on a trip with a group of unknown people but will surely go home being friends with all of them. Traveling is not just a great time to gain a lot of memorable experiences but also an opportunity to make lifelong friends from the group tour you joined. Experiencing a new city with others allows you to share your reactions and connect with fellow group members.

Tried and Tested Destinations and Activities

When you have a tour guide, you have someone to show you the way and lead you to the best destinations and attractions. Tour guides will be able to recommend the best restaurants to dine in, places to visit, and adventurous activities to try.

Safe and Secured Traveling

For sure, one of your concerns when visiting new places or other countries is security. Travel agencies are completely aware of the current situations in a place, as well as the rules and regulations that need to be followed by tourists. By having a tour guide, you will also prevent violating local rules and won’t experience being overcharged by local stores and transportation services.

Understand Local Language

A tour guide will help you to translate and understand the local language and dialects. Having a tour guide, especially who’s coming from the local community, can help you with the language barrier. Also, a tour guide can explain to you the place’s history, culture, and tradition. For instance, you decided to get a tour package to Thailand, but you cannot speak Thai, the tour guide will help you understand how to communicate with some Thais.

Group Discounts

If you wish to travel as a group, you may have big group discounts. The more you are in a group, the bigger the discount you can get. Some travel agencies may give a lower rate depending on the number of people in your group. Some may provide a promo wherein one person is free if they exceed the minimum number of people required.

What are the core features of a tour package?

Are you excited about traveling? If you finally decide to get a tour package, make sure to check what’s included and not. With this, you can manage expectations, and you can prepare for things that are not part of the deal. By knowing what’s excluded, you can also prepare an extra budget to spend on the exclusions. The following are the following core features of a tour package:

Complete Land Transportation and Local Transfers

With the help of a tour package, you no longer have to worry about moving from one attraction to another. This is best for you so you can get rid of getting hassle from booking cabs and getting overcharged fares from using local cabs, which most travelers experience. You’ll feel secured because someone will fetch you from the airport going to the hotel, and you’ll have a service vehicle wherever you go.

Round Trip Airline Flight

Rather than spending a lot of time comparing airfares or waiting for discounts from different airlines, you might as well get a tour package. Like with hotels, agencies have partnerships with airline companies who give them cheap airfares and discounts.

Satisfying Hotel Accommodation

If you’re planning to travel in a peak season, hotel rates are usually higher. Getting a tour package enables you to have a lower price because most of them have affiliated hotels that give them discounts or fixed corporate rates. Also, you will be given an option if you wish to include the hotel accommodation with your package, but most of them include this.

Sumptuous Meal

Meal inclusions differ from one travel agency to another. Some give one meal only while some give a complete meal package. Having a meal inclusion will help you save more as you only have to spend on snacks, and they usually offer local food.

Friendly and Professional Tour Guides

If you are a first-time traveler, especially for an international trip, having a tour guide is an essential thing to consider. Also, you’ll have someone to overcome language barriers and who’s already familiar with the best attractions or restaurants to visit. Depending on your preference, a tour guide may join you throughout the trip and will escort you to every city you’ll visit.

Good Destinations

What are your reasons for traveling? Certainly, it is to see new places, especially the historical ones, as you want to experience the beauty and heritage of your dream destination. If you’re planning to set an educational or religious group tour, good destinations must be on top of your list when deciding for your tour package.

Local Entertainment and Cultural Events

Nothing is comparable to the memorable experience that you will have when you’re traveling. If you have a tour package, you will be able to attend cultural events and experience local entertainment, which will surely be the highlight of your vacation. Travel agencies also process the admission ticket for attractions included in the itinerary.

Travel Insurance

For more peace of mind on your part, most travel agencies include travel insurance with their package. Travel insurance will ease your worry because you will be taken care of in case unforeseen incidents happen during the trip. You will be secured that your dream vacation will not be ruined by any emergency medical needs or even events like lost luggage or passport.

What are the types of tour packages?
Independent Tour

If you’re someone who wants to wander places alone, this type of tour suits you best. Definitely perfect for you if you want to travel independently with a well-organized tour. It is going to be planned and prepared, depending on your personal specifications. With this, you have the freedom to select the components and activities of your journey. The travel agency will combine all the services that you’ll request. It will work directly to make reservations with the third-party vendors like the airlines, hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, and other transport operator services.

Fully Escorted Tour

Would you like to travel with a personal guide who’s focused on assisting you from the beginning until the end of your trip? You may opt-in to a fully escorted tour. This type of tour offers a sense of security and overcomes language and cultural barriers. This is also known as a packaged tour or conducted tour. The travelers will be led by a tour manager to manage the logistics and accommodation process. The tour manager will join the journey and will take care of all the services from the beginning to the end of the tour.

Hosted Tour

Do you want to be guided during your trip but still want some sort of privacy? If the answer is a yes then you better choose a hosted tour. Also known as guided tours, it is similar to an escorted tour, but a local representative at each destination leads you. A travel agency will utilize the service of another agency or a local guide at a particular location as you move from one place to another. With this, you may not be escorted to all activities and will have more freedom during the tour.

Group Tour

If you wish to have a travel experience with other people, whether you personally know them or not, a group tour is an excellent option for you. All you have to do is just sign up, and everything else is taken care of. Participating in group tours, you also have the benefit of having tour guides and group leaders. These travel plans could consist of day trips, multi-day trips, traveling exotic destinations, historic and cultural sites, concerts, sporting events, and more. Group tour packages range from hundreds of travelers to smaller groups as few as ten people.

Who needs a tour package?
First Time Travelers

For sure, you are so excited about your first travel experience, and you want it to be very memorable. As this is your first time, you still have a lot of things to learn about traveling, especially the documents that need to be processed. In order for you to make sure that everything is taken care of, getting a tour package should be on top of your list. The travel agency will make sure that no problem will ruin your dream vacation. If you’re going to a different country where you can’t understand the local language, a tour guide gets you covered.

Parents Traveling with Children

If you are a parent who balances your time with your job and your family, you might not have enough time to plan and prepare for your vacation. You better get a group tour for convenience. traveling with infants and toddlers might be very challenging and it may cost you a lot if you’re going to invite their babysitters on the trip. With the help of a group tour, you could get discounts as well. Travel agencies offer destinations that children will love as well, like tour packages to Greece and Italy with free admissions to theme parks and museums. Getting a group tour package for family trips is an advantage to save more money for getting discounts and free inclusions.

Newly-Weds Having Honeymoon

If you’re planning to go on a honeymoon to a different country, you may consider getting a tour package. For sure, you are already exerting so much time and effort to prepare for your upcoming wedding, so might as well let the travel agency plan the honeymoon vacation for you.

Organizations for Elderly People

Tour packages are very ideal for elderly people or retirees who would like to travel but do not want to be alone. Tour operators for senior tours always make sure that wherever they are, they can accommodate the needs of elderly travelers. Trips are elderly-friendly with handicapped accessibility, and activities involve minimal walking and no hiking.

Adventurous Travelers

If you are at your prime age and you want to discover new places and go out of your comfort zone, you may inquire and join the group tour package. You will be joining different unknown people during the trip, and as you get along, you will definitely become friends with them. You really need this if you love going to different beaches and mountains. For example, you are a very adventurous person and you like adventurous activities. You may consider getting tour packages to Costa Rica wherein you can do volcano trekking, hiking, and canyoning.

Athletes and Performers

If you are a leader or a member of an athletic group and performers who will compete at a different place, you may consider getting a tour package. The travel agency will be the one to take care of everything you need, and you can just focus on your team’s preparation for the game or the event.

Sports Enthusiast, Fans Club Members, and Concert Goers

If you wish to watch a sports competition or live performance of your favorite bands and artists, you may consider getting a tour package. You will have big savings for having free travel transportation, free ticket, and free accommodation. If you are a sports enthusiast, you may look for tour packages to Greece, for example, to watch football games live.

School Organizations

Your upcoming educational trips should not add to your worries anymore as there are a lot of travel agencies who can offer you an organized yet affordable recreational tour packages for students and faculty members.

Special Needs Group Tour

There are travel agencies that provide group tours for people with special needs primarily for recreational purposes. Travel agencies make sure to prepare wheelchairs, medical needs, and any special needs of travelers in the group tour.

Corporate Team

If your company has upcoming big group conventions, seminars, or sales meetings in a different town or country, you may consider getting a tour package. Aside from the hotel accommodation, transportation, and food, travel agencies may also provide conference rooms with complete equipment needed.

Religious Group

Looking forward to having a retreat with your church mates? If you’re given a task to plan for your upcoming spiritual journey, just coordinate with a travel agency for a stress-free preparation. You may be able to get tour packages to Israel, for example, to enjoy a faith-based trip to some pilgrimages and spiritual destinations.

What are the steps in getting a tour package?
Step 1: Plan Your Vacation

Decide whether you wish to have a domestic or an international tour. Plan the length of your trip. Do some research about the itinerary and activities that could be done in your preferred destination. You may watch travel vlogs and read some blogs about tips from other travelers. Also, for your safety and security, you may read news updates with regards to the destination. For example, you’re looking for tour packages to Europe. You must read articles to check the current situation in that country. You may consider the weather and other regulations that might affect your tour there. It is best to plan your vacation ahead of time, especially if your preferred dates are peak season.

Step 2: Select a Travel Agency to Cater Your Tour Package

After planning for your dream vacation, you may now select the travel agency that will provide the tour package for you. For example, you have decided to visit Las Vegas, so the first thing that you will check is the agencies that offer tour packages to Las Vegas, Nevada. You must check at least 2 to 3 travel agencies and compare their prices and itinerary.

Step 3: Select a Tour and Modify the Itinerary

After choosing the travel agency, you may now select a tour. For example, you have chosen to visit Italy, the next thing to do is check all the available tour packages to Italy. You may modify the tour by selecting the itinerary or change the attractions you wish to visit. Some travel agencies may also allow you to choose the inclusions or may allow you to choose the hotel wherein you want to stay.

Step 4: Select a Date

Selecting the tour date is essential; that’s why you must book in advance. Making the reservation ahead of time will help you to choose the dates and duration that match your preference. Make sure that the selected dates are correct because it determines your reservation for the hotel accommodation and other activities.

Step 5: Provide All Necessary Details

When creating the reservation, make sure to put all the necessary details correctly. Everything should match with all information in your passport, visa, and other proof of identification so you won’t have problems in the airport and immigration and at the hotel during the check-in process.

Step 6: Review Reservation

Before completing the reservation, double-check the tour and destination chosen, the itinerary, the date, the number of people reserved if you have a companion or if you’re traveling as a group and personal details. Reviewing your reservation is essential because most travel agencies do not allow cancellations or amendments after you paid.

Step 7: Confirm Your Booking and Pay Deposit/Full Payment

After reviewing all details, you must complete the reservation and make the payment. Some travel agencies require the full amount right away, while some may accept a 50% deposit first. You must make sure that you receive a reservation confirmation and proof of payment. It would be better if you save a softcopy of the invoice to your phone or print a hardcopy that you can present to the tour operator.

One of my relatives decided not to join a day anymore before our trip, can I still make a refund for a one-person deduction?

Most travel agencies do not provide refunds. It will be clearly discussed on the terms and conditions that anything about the paid tour package can no longer be refunded, amended, or canceled. However, it would still be better to talk to the travel agent or one of the managers from the travel agencies if they can consider it.

Can I use my personal travel insurance instead of adding an additional payment to use what the travel agency is offering?

Yes, and it is required. It should be taken out at the time of the booking. You must provide proof of your travel insurance and contact person’s information that they can keep on file to use in case of insurance.

What are the disadvantages of tour packages?

It can be inflexible, there’s no way to adjust the date and time of your tour. The travel agency will be the one to set the schedule for the pick-up time, departure time, and schedule for each activity.

You Need to Get in Touch with the Travel Agent Constantly

For any concerns, you would have to coordinate with the travel agent first. This may be a problem if you’re traveling abroad with different time zones. It would be better if the travel agent can be contacted at any time of the day either through phone or chat. For instance, you have a tour package to the Philippines, and the travel agency is in the USA, where there’s a 12-hour difference. You must still be able to reach the travel agent anytime for any concerns.

Limited Time to Spend

In a tour package, all activities have a time limit. You cannot overstay in an attraction and you will only be given a few minutes or hours to do what you want, whether you have already explored enough or not. With limited time, you won’t have enough chances to interact with the local residents as well.

Unable to Meet Expectations

Some travel agencies are not able to meet the expectations of their customers. For example, you have a tour package to India and it includes food, but you do not like Indian food. You will still end up buying your food, which will add to your expenses.

Surprising Additional Fees

There are some travel agencies with hidden fees and additional payments were being collected during the actual trip. Some might collect a whole bunch of fees and taxes before you enter an attraction, and you will be forced to pay those for your trip not to be ruined. Check reviews to make sure this is not the case for a specific agency.

Non-Cancellable, Non-Amendable and Non-Refundable

Travel agencies will require you to pay either half or the full amount of the payment a few weeks or days before the scheduled trip. For instance, you have a sudden change in schedule or have a last-minute conflict with your work and unable to take vacation leave, some travel agencies won’t give you a refund.

What if we would like to add some extra activities and itinerary to our trip, would that be possible even if we are under a tour package?

Most travel insurance has a set of default itineraries and activities for the travelers; however, if you wish to have an additional itinerary, some agencies will allow you to add and modify at the time of the booking. Just be reminded of the additional charges.

If I decided to go on an international trip, will the travel agency process my travel documents like the tourist visa?

It depends on the travel agency. Some travel agencies provide visa processing services if you have booked a tour with them, while some agencies don’t do visa processing at all.

What if I would like to have someone to assist us in each attraction, but at the same time, we want some sort of privacy because this trip is for our honeymoon, which type of tour package should I choose?

You may choose a hosted tour. You will still have a tour guide in each destination, which you will meet as you transfer from one destination to another. The tour guide won’t follow you for the entire trip but rather, you will only assist whenever you need one. Hosted or guided tours are perfect for travelers who want some freedom but still prefer some sort of guidance from a local representative.

I am planning to travel to New York, would it be better if I get a tour package?

For getting tour packages to New York, immigration is a very important factor. Details regarding immigration and acquiring passes to travel within the country is usually being taken care of by the travel agency.

How can I make sure if the travel agency is legitimate?

Check out the affiliated companies like hotels, banks, and airlines. Check the company’s website and social media accounts. Take time to review the feedback of the previous customers online. The best way is to research their certification and registration, and they must be a member of the association of travel agencies in your country.

What are the things I need to consider when booking tour packages?
Check What’s Included and Excluded with the Tour Package

When you book for a tour package, make sure to check what’s included and excluded. With this, you manage expectations. Aside from setting up your mind, by knowing what’s excluded, you can also prepare an extra budget. For example, food is not excluded; therefore, you can prepare and bring packed foods or drop by at a grocery store before heading to the tour. Another example, if the accommodation is not included, you can make a hotel room reservation ahead of time.

Check the Destination of the Tour Package

Choose the ideal destination for you. Joining a tour that you personally like will definitely make you enjoy every moment of the tour. For example, you want to go to the beach. You can choose a tour package going to the beach of your choice.

Research about the Itinerary

After choosing the destination, the next thing to do is to review the itinerary and do research for each place and activity. With this, you will be able to set your expectation of what you’re going to do and additional things that you need to bring. For example, you are going to have a tour package to Iceland, and one of the itineraries is to go in ice caves, then you should bring your fleece jacket, gloves, and scarves.

Avoid Last-Minute Planning

In order for you to assure a slot with the tour package, make the reservation ahead of time. Also, planning in advance will allow you to have more choices with regard to the destination and date. On your part as the traveler, settle your schedule to avoid any conflicts on your end. You will be required by the travel agency to pay in advance, and it is usually non-cancellable, non-amendable, and non-refundable.

Budget and Cost

You need to plan a vacation that is within your budget. Having a budget will help you determine which type of tour package you need. Check for deals that will help you save a lot of money. You need to compare the estimated cost when you take a tour package instead of making a do-it-yourself travel plan. Also, set a budget for the exclusions like extra activities, souvenirs, drinks, and more food.

Group Size

When making a reservation for a group tour, check first the minimum and the maximum number of people that should be on a group tour to make sure that all of you will be able to join. Also, it is important to clarify if you will be with a different group of people on the same tour. Inform the travel agency if you’re not comfortable to join another group of people.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Make sure that you fully understood the rules and regulations of the tour package for you and your companions not to have any problems during the trip. For example, you need to bring proof of identification with you during the travel or to sign a waiver that you’re in a good health condition before doing an activity. You can also check their policies about children and elders. Lastly, if you’re planning to bring alcoholic beverages, you may also check it with the tour operator.

How can I decide which travel agency to choose?
Visit Travel Agency’s Website and Social Media Accounts

You may create the reservation by personally coordinating with the travel agency or through phone and their online platform. Check the website of the travel agency and read the frequently asked questions and terms and conditions. By checking the website, you can see all the tour packages and destinations that you can choose from.

Check Travel Agency’s Affiliations

One way to make sure that the agency is legitimate is by checking their affiliations. You may check their affiliated bank, hotels, insurance provider, training facility, manpower agencies, restaurants, and transportation service providers.

Travel Agent Should be Available 24/7

There must be an available travel agent from the agency 24/7, whether before and especially during the trip. You must be able to have someone to talk to whether your trip is a domestic or an international trip. For example, you have a tour package to Ireland. The travel agent must be reachable, no matter how much time difference you have.

Quality of Service and Other Customers’ Feedback

Take a look at the reviews and feedback of previous customers who used their services. Take note of the advice from other people, especially their negative comments about the tour package. You should consider their most recent consumer rating.

With Knowledgeable and Well-Experienced Tour Guides

Apart from the tour package, you may consider checking the comments of previous customers regarding how tour guides assisted and guided them all throughout the trip. Tour guides must be well-trained and knowledgeable about the destination. They should be aware of the rules and regulations of each place for tourists. It is also an advantage if the tour guide can speak the local language of the tour destination.


Making the inquiry and reservations on the travel agency must be very convenient. It should be done easily in just a few steps, either over the phone or through the agency’s website.

Provides Complete Information and Instructions

After making a reservation for a tour package, the travel agency must be able to provide the customer with complete instructions on the next steps. There must be a clear and complete schedule of the pick-up time or assembly area and the drop off place after the trip.

Various Payment Options

The travel agency must offer a flexible method of settling the payment. Payment must be made directly to the agency’s office, over the phone, bank over the counter, online bank transfer, and online payment via credit or debit card. All payment methods must be visible and always posted on the website for customers to see even before they decide to make the reservation.

Check Promos and Discount

The travel agency must be generous in giving promotions and discounts. There’s a lot of travel agencies now available across the globe, and you should choose the one who provides the best service, and with generous promotions and discounts. For example, you may check some travel agencies offering tour packages to China for only $99 and a 7-day Europe tour package for only $700.

Proven Safety and Security Protocols

The travel agency must be fully aware of the rules and regulations on the destination for the safety of the travelers. Some local government units require permits from travel agencies and tourists before they are allowed to enter some areas, especially if the destination is a preserved natural habitat.

Check the Insurance

One of the most important things that a travel agency should provide to their customers is travel insurance. Travel insurance will ease the worry of customers that they will be taken care of in case unforeseen incidents happen during the trip.

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