Best To Do List Apps in June 2022

Having problems managing your daily tasks? Organize your activities by using to-do list apps. These apps cascade your schedules and give you an idea of what to prioritize. With such a service, you get to be more productive. Download an app today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are to do list apps?

Do you have problems managing your time and schedule? With to do list apps, you can organize all of your tasks, activities, work responsibilities, and events on your mobile phones and other devices. Sort your priorities anytime and set reminders to critical tasks, so you can clear your mind and get things done with ease.

Why do you need to do list apps?

Every day, people wake up thinking about their daily tasks and responsibilities. Things can go messy if you don’t sort your schedule you might end up doing things that are of the least priorities, leaving out critical tasks. To avoid this situation, you need the help of the best to do list apps. This list will help you know the benefits you can get from the top do list apps.

Organize Your Daily Schedule

Your mind can’t be reliable at all times, especially when you have many responsibilities at home and work. Using to do list apps is a fun way of organizing your daily schedule. These apps will help you get a clear overview of which tasks are critical at the moment.

Improve Self-Discipline

Procrastinating is one of the biggest problems in this generation, and it often gets you in sticky situations each time you cram up your work to reach deadlines. The best way to improve self-discipline is through to do list apps. You don’t only get things done on time, but you also improve your working attitude, which you can apply in other tasks.

Make Yourself Productive

Nothing beats that feeling when you sleep at night, knowing that you finished your backlogs at work and achieved your responsibilities. Using to do list apps is a good way to keep your mind and body active at most times. You’ll be surprised how productive your day becomes and how you could give time to finish your tasks despite your busy schedule.

Get Motivated

Small daily achievements will give you the motivation to improve yourself. To do list apps don’t only make you productive, but it can also inspire you to keep up with your work and do them on time. It serves as a mental exercise that will help you complete your work on time and push you to become more productive in the next days.

Manage Your Time

Time is a luxury, which is why you need to manage it well. You don’t want to spend a lot of time doing only one task, especially when you have too much on your plate. Another importance of to do list apps is it helps you assess how much time you need to work on a specific task. It enables you to divide your time accordingly to avoid mismanagement of your task.

Reduce Anxiety

Your mental state affects your overall performance, which might result in making errors and anxiety. Resorting to do list apps will free your mental space to regain calmness and clarity by getting all those tasks out from your head and sorting them on your app. That way, you can work on your tasks with a positive outlook.

Cover All Your Activities

There are times when your mind becomes preoccupied with tasks. You focus all your energy on specific tasks, and you forget to spare some time for other responsibilities. To do list apps provide features to help you list down all your pending works and assign each task’s time duration. With this, you can do all your work accordingly and maximize your time efficiently.

Make Time for Rest

Spending all your days doing work can be very stressful; that’s why you need to destress from all the negative energy surrounding you. Sorting your schedule using to do list apps allows you to plot your free time so you can give yourself a moment to relax by watching your favorite movie or doing yoga and exercise.

Create a Strong Bond

There are various to do list apps you can download even for free that offer features that might come in handy for you and your partner in doing all your daily chores and other plans. To do list apps may come as interactive games, giving you and your partner more ways to communicate and be productive together despite busy schedules.

Improve Your Planning Skills

Organizing the daily flow of your schedule is not an ordinary skill. Sometimes, you often run errands without making a concrete outline of your itinerary, which often results in spending the whole day running errands alone. To do list apps improves how you set out your schedule to avoid going back and forth between tasks.

Enhance Your Memory

Having too much information inside your head can cause you a short term memory. Using a to do list app will help you keep track of everything in your schedule. Every time you look at the list, you can reinforce the information in your memory, making it less likely that you will forget an upcoming event or appointment schedule.

What are the core features of to do list apps?

To do list apps give you the confidence that all aspects of your life are well organized and accounted for. With this, you can get all of your to-dos out of your mind and make quick progress on essential tasks. Make sure to look for these features in these apps to ensure a more productive daily schedule.

Free Download

To-do list apps can usually be downloaded for free using your mobile phones. Still, several features are available when you opt for a premium subscription, which could be very useful and convenient once you start plotting your schedule. Availing a premium subscription comes at a reasonable price.

Clear Overview of Tasks

An effective to do list app lets you get a clear overview of all your daily tasks, so you never lose track of all essential work. The app should also include features like the following: add and organize tasks in seconds, monitor deadlines through daily reminders, and a variety of task views to give you a complete picture of your to-dos.

Planner and Calendars

Planners and Calendars are essential features in a to do list app. They should be available in different formats, like a list view, boards view, calendar view, and timeline view. It should be flexible in design to make rescheduling of tasks convenient and let you move through multiple stages quickly and beautifully.

Task Managers

It’s essential to focus your energy on the right things, which is why task managers are must-haves in to do list apps. That way, you can easily organize and mark your tasks according to priority. You can also break down your project into subtasks and sections to ensure that your project stays neatly organized.

Delegate Tasks

You can always use to do list apps for multiple users to share the workload and collaborate with others, especially in family weekend gatherings and team building at work. Share lists, assign tasks using collaboration tools, view tasks’ creation and completion dates, and keep track of each activity’s status

Progress Charts

Taking small steps leads to big achievements over time. Progress charts help you monitor your achievements and enable you to set daily and weekly goals. It also gives you points for completed tasks, displays your daily and monthly achievements, and helps you keep track of all the accomplishments you have made for your projects.

Sync With Other Apps

Switching between multiple productivity platforms can cause you confusion, especially when things get hard at work. Keep your emails and other documents intact and organized opt for to do list apps that let you sync reminders with your work emails and other accounts. That way, you can use it as the central, organized hub where you can finish all your tasks in one place.

Event Alarm and Notifications

Most people worry about missing deadlines. The best way to complete your work on time is to use to do list apps that keep on reminding you until your task is done with event alarms and notifications. Through this app, you can set daily reminders and work properly without worrying about missing a deadline.

Tasks Roll Over

Sometimes, it is impossible to complete all your tasks within a day. So, to do list apps provide features for unfinished work to automatically roll over to the next day should you miss the deadline. You will no longer have trouble readjusting your schedule because the app will do it for you.

What are the types of to do list apps?

There are two basic categories for to do list apps, namely complicated and minimalism. Both types are useful tools for scheduling, but they vary in their functionality and visual design based on user requirements. The following are the different types to help you compare and assess which type fully suits your needs.

Complex To Do List Apps

This type of to do list app offers different approaches in scheduling for you. The design approach might be heavy and attractive to entice users, but they still provide functional and quick methods for organizing your tasks and planning your daily schedule.

Minimalist To Do List Apps

Unlike complex apps, minimalist to do list apps are simple in design. They are made for people who prefer minimal designs to ensure focus and avoid distractions from unnecessary features. Minimalist apps come in neutral colors with a direct design approach in their layout.

Who needs to do list apps?

To do list apps are most beneficial to college students. With its features, you can easily take note of your schoolwork, like projects, assignments, and other events. You can sort them according to date so you won’t have a hard time managing your school work and doing other duties as well.

Office Workers

Backlogs at work can be very stressful, especially if you don’t sort out your pending tasks. Through to do list apps, you can quickly note down your tasks for the day to guide you on which work to prioritize first. You can also use the app to record meetings, assign other duties to co-workers, note down vouchers, document, and organize other office tasks.

Celebrity Managers

Celebrity Managers can benefit from to do list apps to plot schedules and meetings for their clients, as well as for themselves. They need to schedule ahead of time to avoid overlapping activities and ensure that their talent always comes on time during photo shoots, commercial shoots, press conferences, and other important events.

Models and Celebrities

Living life as a celebrity means you have to attend press conferences daily and be present during photo shoots and launching events, which means you have a limited time to enjoy yourself. Through to do list apps, you can always list down all the activities you want to try and plot them in your schedule to distress you from life.

Personal Secretaries

Secretaries are expected to be organized and detail-oriented in their work. The secretary has to know all of the business details from board meetings, office schedules, and other appointments. Through to do list apps, it will be easy for you to list down your office tasks. Plus, it helps in ensuring your boss that the office is well-monitored and handled.

Digital Nomads

Managing your time as a freelance worker is not an easy job. You can always get easily distracted since you are in control of your time. Using this app allows you to organize your schedule and assign tasks to your partners, especially when doing a collaborative project. By doing so, you can work according to your plan and avoid cramming during deadlines.


Traveling takes a lot of planning and preparation. Even if you are new to traveling or have traveled a lot, using a to do list app will be handy for your trip. Through this app, you can always make a detailed list of your itinerary containing the activity, location, and travel time to maximize your trip and save money.

Online Content Creators

One of the challenges of being an online content creator is thinking of good ideas for their content. Using to do list apps, you can always plan your next content and its release date. You can make a detailed schedule for filming, editing, content research, and the like to make work less complicated and be on time.


Maintaining your home is not an easy task. As busy as you are, you still need to allot time in doing your chores to maintain a healthy environment and stay productive. You can do this best through to do list apps, which help you list down all your responsibilities at home from household chores, grocery lists, and receipts. That way, you can easily monitor your resources.


Work-life balance is a challenge, especially for young professionals. Often, they face a lot of mental suffering from overworking alone, which is why they need to relax more and give time for themselves to rest and enjoy their leisure time. Using to do list apps is a great way to help you with your work tasks and improve your daily schedule and lifestyle.


Working as a one-person business is one of the greatest challenges when working as a freelancer. Often, you have to juggle working on business activities, like acquiring clients and chasing them down for payments, marketing the business, and managing finances. Using a to do list app will help you allocate your time right and avoid missing out on deadlines.

What are the steps on how to use to do list apps?
Step 1: Choose the right app to use

The first thing you must do before listing down your tasks is to choose the right app for you. You can check if the to do list app is top-rated or has good reviews. Note that most apps vary in user interfaces designed for specific users. That’s why you need to compare their features and assess which one best suits your style and needs.

Step 2: Make more than just one list

After choosing the app for you, start making your to do list. Do not list down everything that comes out of your mind. Organize your thoughts first and make an initial list before finalizing them. Categorize your tasks based on urgency, or sort them by type. From there, you can provide the details and subtasks for all items.

Step 3: Add new tasks as quickly as possible

If you are finished listing down all your tasks, you can proceed with your work. Make sure to add new tasks as quickly as possible to avoid wasting your time and energy doing nothing. Whenever you finish a task, think of ways to be more productive by doing all the remaining tasks.

Step 4: Assign due dates

Assigning tasks is one of the most critical parts of making a to do list. When you set deadlines, ensure that you can comply on time to avoid major adjustments to your daily schedule. Consider allotting a few more hours to tasks that require a lot of time, while minor tasks can take up to 30 to 60 minutes. Also, strictly follow your schedule.

Step 5: Make daily revisions on your to do list

There can be times when things don’t go according to your schedule. That’s why you need to make daily adjustments to your lists and update them regularly. Although there are to do list apps that let you repeat tasks, you still have to change the details accordingly to avoid confusion when checking your list the next day.

Step 6: Limit yourself to 3 to 5 tasks daily

Before putting many tasks on your list, make sure that you set limitations to avoid poor planning in your schedule. Limit all your to do list apps to 3 to 5 top tasks daily to ensure that you execute each task properly. By doing so, you allow yourself time to rest, and you avoid cramming all your work to comply with the set deadlines.

Step 7: Set tasks as “To Dos,” not “Goals and Objectives"

Lastly, put all of your tasks under the “To Do” list not in “Goals and Objectives.” This idea might be confusing, but it is essential. This helps you create a sense of urgency in completing your task according to the set deadline. Setting them as goals or objectives sets the idea of doing your tasks in the future.

Are to do list apps safe to use?

Yes, to do list apps are safe to use. These apps make extensive use of built-in firewalls to secure data against unauthorized remote access. Plus, to ensure your data’s safety, all of your projects, tasks, comments, account information, important details, and payment information are all stored and encrypted at rest.

Why should I opt for to do list apps rather than doing traditional checklists?

Writing all of your tasks is one way to work effectively and quickly. Traditional writing requires you to keep paperwork to ensure that your notes are safely intact. To do list apps, on the other hand, are easy to use and more organized. They have various features to help you remember deadlines and plan for future activities using only your mobile devices.

How much time should I spend on each task on my to do list?

That depends on how occupied you are with your schedule because to do lists are highly an individual thing. However, the ideal duration for each task ranges from 30 to 60 minutes each. That means a good daily to do list for an average productive individual contains 6 to 12 tasks.

How can I categorize a list?

Before starting your tasks, you should categorize your list first. The first step is to personalize your method. There are practically many ways to compile all your pending tasks. Set priorities to critical tasks and set aside those that do not require immediate attention. Lastly, set proper scheduling so you will know when to work on each task.

How many items should be on a to do list?

You should understand that it’s challenging to accomplish an endless number of tasks each day. Instead, accept that you can reasonably accomplish one big thing, three medium things, and five small things. So, it’s best to keep your daily to-do list to just those nine items.

Are to do list apps free to use?

Yes, some to do list apps are free to use. However, most apps offer premium accounts that allow you to access some features that are not available in their free plan. These include feature locks, like project limit, reminders, comments, or labels. You can always get these apps’ premium or business plans for a reasonable price.

How can I manage my to-dos?

There are simple things you can follow to cover all your daily tasks. You can start by waking up early and doing exercise. Regularly check your-to do list and prioritize your essential tasks. When you’re working, clear off your desk to get you focused. Also, set up your routine system and focus on one thing at a time.

Would it be better if I subscribe to a premium service for to do list apps?

Many people opt for the best but free or cheap to do list apps on the internet. Using free to do list apps is okay if you are making simple to do lists. However, it’s advisable to opt for premium services if you intend to use the list for office work. That way, you can access advanced features, like interactive planning, alarms and reminders, and more.

Do I need an internet connection to access my to do list app?

Most to do list apps can still be accessible even without internet access. They are cloud-based services, which means that all your tasks with notes and reminders in your to do list apps are automatically synced on your device. All additional notes and changes you apply to your list will be automatically synced once you’re connected to the internet.

Can I access my to do list app across various platforms?

Yes, to do list apps are best for all devices. You can also access your to do list app with different devices. You might be stuck in a situation where you cannot access your mobile phones. But don’t worry because you can still access your app on your other devices as long as the account is synced together, so you will never lose track of anything.

Are to do list apps available in different languages?

Various to-do list apps automatically detect the default language in your system. However, they also provide other languages that you can select from. There are also features in these apps that let you set different languages across the platforms. That way, you can use English on one device and use another language on another.

Do these apps have responsive customer service?

Customer service is always available to assist you regarding your inquiries and concerts. Most apps provide 24-hour assistance to their clients worldwide to help troubleshoot any problems on the apps. You can always email them your questions or send them a message on their social media platforms. Then, they will then contact you after receiving your concern.

Are to do list apps compatible with voice features?

Many to-do list apps provide voice features on most smart devices, which lets you easily add and view tasks through voice command. This feature is also available in different languages supported by the system. However, you need to pronounce every word clearly to avoid misinterpretation.

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