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Stay on top of deadlines and outline your steps toward your goals. A timeline maker allows you to draw up your project’s journey, map out important events, and help keep you on track. Download timeline makers today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Timeline Makers

What is the difference between a timeline and a Gantt chart?

A Gantt chart is a graphical representation of your project’s progress over time. It is usually used to get an overview of project plans. You can get a clear picture of your project’s schedule. A Gantt chart also shows task dependencies, so you know the exact tasks that need to be completed before proceeding with the next.A timeline is quite similar to a Gantt chart. However, there are some differences. It’s a simple chart that lets you show a series of events in chronological order. In contrast to a Gantt chart that offers you a microscopic view of task details, a timeline gives you a quick visual overview of all the tasks or events.

What is the difference between a timeline and a schedule?

Both of these show events in chronological order. However, a timeline is simply a graphical representation of events over some time and marks important events. A schedule, on the other hand, is a plan for carrying out a process. It shows a list of intended tasks or events and their corresponding time and duration.

Do I need to cite my sources when I create a timeline?

Citation requirements depend on the information within your timeline. If you are creating a timeline based on information you got from a history textbook, or a website, you may need to cite your references. You may do so at the bottom of your timeline or in your references section if you have it. 

What other things can I make with a timeline maker?

You can use a timeline maker in a lot of creative ways. Besides timelines, you can use the features or templates to create infographics, roadmaps, white papers, reports, brochures, and even social media posts. Use your imagination to generate any type of output you need.

How much does it cost to use a timeline maker?

While there are many free online timeline makers, the features available are limited. If you want to create as many timelines as you need with more functionalities, you can avail of paid timeline makers. The prices range from a few to hundreds of dollars depending on the number of timelines you can create and the available features.

How long does it take to make a timeline?

You can generate a high-quality timeline, even with just a few minutes. Your timeline creation duration greatly depends on the size of the information you want to put in. If you want to create an interactive timeline involving large amounts of data, it may take a few hours to complete.

Can I edit my timelines?

Some timeline makers allow you to save your output on their site or the cloud so you can come back later and make changes if you need to. Collaboration features also let you set who can view, edit, or contribute to your timelines. You can leave comments to each other so changes can be made to improve your timeline.

On what devices can I make my timelines?

Most timeline makers are available to use on your desktop browser. Check your timeline maker provider if they have mobile-responsive features that let you view or create your timelines on mobile devices. There are also downloadable applications so you can create timelines even when you are on the go.

When should I use a calendar instead of a timeline?

A timeline is used to show a graphical representation of a chronological sequence of events. On the other hand, a calendar is a system divided into days, weeks, months, or years. Usually, a calendar is used to notify you what day it is or an overview of the upcoming dates. It does not necessarily show you a detailed sequence of events.

Can I track the progress of multiple timelines?

Some timeline makers have this feature. It is beneficial when working with a team or on interactive timelines where information is continually updated. When you have many projects, you can track each one’s status to ensure that you are on the right track and keeping up with deadlines.

What do I need to keep in mind before making a timeline?

Whether you are creating a historical timeline or a news event sequence, you need to keep your goals clear. Know the timespan that your timeline will cover so you can arrange and space the intervals accordingly. Try to be as organized as possible so your timeline will come out orderly and cohesive.

What is a roadmap timeline?

A roadmap timeline is usually used for strategic planning. It allows you to map out critical milestones for product development, marketing strategy, or business sales. Communicate the priority order you or your team needs to achieve and how much time you need to spend on an event or task.

When should I use vertical or horizontal timelines?

You can choose to arrange your timeline depending on the way that you need it. Horizontal timelines are best for presentations or posters since they are more intuitive. If you don’t have too much information and if space is not a constraint, then horizontal timelines are a good choice. Use vertical timelines if you have a lot of information that you need to include. This type of timeline is also the best option if you want to view the timeline on a mobile device. You can quickly scroll through the data and read all the information conveniently.

How do I share my timelines?

There are many options when it comes to sharing your timeline. If you want to put a company milestone timeline on your site, you can see if you can copy and paste the code directly onto your site. You can also directly upload a high-definition image by saving your file as a JPEG or PNG.Cloud storage is also available for some timeline makers, especially if you need to continually update your timeline with other collaborators. You can also export and compress your timeline so you can email or send it directly to your clients or your team.

How can I avoid clutter on my timeline?

Some timelines are hard to read and understand because of information overload. Stories and dates may overlap each other. Make sure that the spacing of your timeline is just right but still scaled to the proper intervals. Some timeline makers have event markers and automatic spacing so your final product can come out clean and arranged.

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