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Best Time Trackers

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Time tracking is an essential part of any business. Whether you're working from home or in the office, it's important to know how much time you're spending on each task. A time tracker will help keep records of work hours and give insight into how much time was spent on different tasks, projects, and clients. Sign up now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Time Trackers

How does time tracking software work?

First, you need to sign up for an account before using the software and access your dashboard. This is where all the data, reports, and analytics are shown. Next is to install time tracker agents, which will be implemented on every computer you want to track. Once all is set up, you can start collecting data and time monitoring your projects. 

Is it unacceptable to use time trackers for your employees?

Time tracker apps for employees are entirely legal, and they comply with regulations that seek to protect employees’ rights. Some trackers do have monitoring features that let you see more than their hours and tasks. You need to make sure to use these for the right reasons and in the right way. 

Does time tracker software work?

The effectiveness of your time tracker software depends on a couple of factors. Choose the right app that will provide what you need. Then you must use the right features of the software to solve your efficiency improvement needs. Analyze the data that you will get and adapt your strategy to solve your problems. 

Are time trackers safe to use?

Yes, they are safe to use. The best time tracker apps store your data in their storage cloud, safe from any third-parties. Some companies give you the possibility to store data on your servers, ensuring that data protection is taken very seriously. 

What is the difference between timers and time cards?

Timers are used to track time for invoicing. Time cards are best used to track time for payroll. With time cards, employees can clock in and out, switch between projects, take breaks, and monitor hours within each pay time to see if they have a standard or overtime rate. 

What is the difference between facial detection and facial recognition?

Facial detection captures your employees’ picture and attaches it to their entry, which reduces the likelihood of someone else punching for you. But, it does not automatically verify a person’s identity. Facial recognition will be able to confirm a person’s identity when they clock in and out. 

Can the time tracker disable the option to add or edit time manually?

Most time tracker apps do not disable the manual time entry to prevent starting the timer even if they have not started working. But, there is an option to lock your timesheets so that no time entry can be added or edited for a specific period.

Can I capture project expenses?

Yes, you can see your project expenses. You can track your billable rates and labor cost rates; the difference is your profit. Another thing you can do is create a custom field to add expense information to their time entries. 

If a user is inactive, is his time still included in reports?

This depends on your service provider. But, in most cases, if a user is deleted or inactive or if the project is marked as done, time entries are still in the system and are displayed in the reports. 

How can I add time manually while my timer is running?

Most time, trackers cannot manually input time while your timer is running. However, you can duplicate one of your entries instead. Then, you can change the details of that entry to suit your purpose.  

Do time trackers collect any private data?

Time tracker apps do not collect any of your data. Although these sites use cookies, these platforms ensure that your private information is safe and secure. Plus, you can delete your account and all of your data anytime you want. 

How long is data stored and available for download?

The best time tracker apps store your data indefinitely until you delete your account. If you don’t own the workspace, your data will only be deleted if the owner deletes the workspace or their account. 

How do I know if an employee clocked in or out from the proper location?

Time tracker software offers verification features like IP address tracking, caller ID, voice verification, and GPS tracking. An administrator can also view the employees’ real-time status and be notified immediately by email if they clock in and out. 

Do I need to purchase additional hardware to use time trackers’ systems?

Most online time trackers are designed to provide the essential functions you need to track your employees’ time using a computer or a phone. If you want to use some advanced features, almost all smartphones can do the trick.

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