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Best Time Card Templates

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Time tracking is essential to the success of a business. Time card templates make it easy to track your employee's hours and salary. You can even edit it to meet your business' needs, so get started by downloading a template today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Time Card Templates

What is a weekly time card template?

When filled out and attached to the weekly work progress report, a weekly time card template visualizes what tasks need to be completed for the week. The template can also show how long each task took and other important information.

Is there a free time card template?

Yes, a free time card template is a spreadsheet that helps organize personal activities and their duration. The free time card template allows the user to schedule activities to create a daily routine that reflects how long each activity should be carried out. The free time card sheet also includes a tracking key that totals the number of hours spent on various tasks or goals. Drop-down menus for quick selection/entering of approximate value ranges for different hows (hours) and total lists which categorize "metric" values by chronology (daily/weekly).

What is a bi-weekly time card template?

The bi-weekly time card template is a structure for the employees' work hours and pay, calculated every bi-weekly. Each row in the table represents one week in a two-week cycle (i.e., a two-week schedule), with each day/shift of work represented by one row. 

What is a monthly time card template?

Monthly time card templates are documents created and defined by a company or person to track the hours they have worked in one month or another. These templates often include tabs for days, hours worked, and tasks performed during that hour. A monthly time card template is a free and organizational tool that provides an easy way to record and better plan your monthly "free time.” The template includes space for days, goals, extra activities, and more. 

What is a two-week time card template?

A two-week time card template symbolizes an employee’s hours scheduled for a particular two-week work period. The concept is based on the notion that employees work two weeks each month, even if they're not in the office all the time. It's also possible for someone to take leave during those two weeks without affecting their hour’s count or paid vacation benefits.

What is a free printable time card template?

The free printable time card template is a blank form to record work hours and calculate total earnings. The free download is offered in PDF format with pages that are printable without borders or margins.

What is a time card spreadsheet template?

A time card spreadsheet template is a ready-made spreadsheet that provides an efficient way to track employee hours. These are available at Microsoft Excel templates and customized with the company’s logos or colors, descriptions of the positions being tracked, their vacation schedules, etc.

Is there a time card template with lunch?

Yes, a time card template with lunch signifies a user has defined their hours of work and potentially other details. It's possible to give the template an individualized name or choose from several default templates available on this site. 

What is a semi-monthly time card template?

The semi-monthly time card template simplifies the company's accounting processes and also provides a clear overview of each individual's job activities throughout that span. The semi-monthly time card template is for employees who work four days per week and are paid biweekly. 

Is there a free weekly time card template?

Yes, a free weekly time card template assists in creating a timetable for the week and prepare all related events; it can help save resources, including time management, money, and effort. The template will generally provide hours allocated for various tasks or projects. It may also use colors or shading inside its boxes (usually black) which help one differentiate between project types.

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