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Do you want to attend a sporting event, concert, or theater? Ticket Marketplace is the best place for tickets. You can purchase your ticket online in minutes from anywhere with an internet connection. So what are you waiting for? Try one today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Ticket Marketplace

Can I request for a ticket exchange?

Most service providers do not accommodate ticket exchange. Considering that ticket exchange requests result from a change of preferences, service providers do not accommodate it. But for cases of canceled events and seller misrepresentations, ticket marketplaces usually grant full refunds instead of exchanges.

Can I collect the ticket I purchased at an event marketplace directly from the event venue? 

Yes, you can collect your tickets at the venue. Even though service providers upload a PDF copy of your ticket at your ticket marketplace account, some events require the actual ticket. For cases like this, the tickets are forwarded to the venue box. They can be claimed by presenting the confirmation email and a valid I.D.

Can I place a rush ticket order at a ticket marketplace?

Yes, ticket marketplaces can accommodate rush ticket orders. After the payment, the PDF copy of your ticket will be uploaded to your ticket marketplace account. You can print and use it upon entry. For events that require actual tickets, service providers can also accommodate rush deliveries.

What happens if I cancel my purchase?

If you cancel your purchase, the service provider will not issue any refund since ticket marketplaces only accommodate refunds for canceled events, late ticket delivery, or seller misrepresentation. However, you can use the platform to sell your tickets if you have no plan on using them anymore.

If I purchase multiple tickets, will the seats be consecutive?

Bundled tickets are usually seated consecutively. However, this is not always the case. If the tickets delivered to you have numbers of different orders, then they are not placed sequentially. Thus, service providers suggest that you always check out the virtual seat viewers to know your exact seats. 

Why are there multiple listings for the same event at different prices?

Ticket marketplaces are homes to several ticket resellers who may sell the same event tickets. Given that the ticket resellers have the discretion as to how they will price the tickets, there may be price differences. But don't worry because, with the marketplaces' search option, you'll easily find the lowest prices within the site.

How much can ticket sellers sell their tickets for?

Ticket marketplaces usually require their sellers to sell the tickets at any price below face value or up to 10% above face value. By doing so, they'll avoid extremely high prices that might discourage customers from purchasing within the platform.

When can sellers expect the payments for ticket purchases?

Most service providers ask for two weeks leeway after the event for the payment transfer. Service providers hold the payments to ensure that there are no issues with the event or the delivery of the tickets. After the period, the payment will be transferred to the seller’s registered bank account. 

What is a ticket marketplace mockup?

When getting white label ticket marketplace services, you'll be given a ticket marketplace mockup online. This mockup will help you gauge how your site will look like. Most service providers also offer a free demo so that you'll know how to control the marketplace once it's already up.

What is the currency used by international ticket marketplaces?

An event ticket marketplace uses dollar value as its selling prices. Since international ticket marketplaces cater to people worldwide, they use the U.S. Dollar as their currency value. It is also considering that the U.S Dollar is a common reserve currency globally.

Are there still offline ticket marketplaces?

Yes, there are still offline ticket marketplaces. Though online ticket marketplaces are convenient, some people still want to buy tickets personally. If you’re one of them, look for nearby ticket marketplaces. For instance, you’re in the U.K., look for a ticket marketplace in the U.K as well for an easy purchase. 

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