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Best Teacher Online Resources

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Are you a teacher looking for new ideas? Teacher online resources are the best platforms to find free teaching resources, lesson plans, and materials. Visit these sites for free now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Teacher Online Resources

How can I have access to some books and eBooks?

Teacher’s resources online stores offer different kinds of books that are categorized by age and subject and some of these sites offer deliveries. You can check their sites to see what kind of books match your preference. For eBooks, you can purchase a downloadable copy of your preferred topic at an affordable price. 

What are the benefits of teacher’s online resources to students?

a) They can access the lessons many timesOnline resources such as books, eBooks, and educational videos allow students to repeatedly access the lessons until they finally grasp the gist, unlike in a classroom wherein there is limited time to every subject. There are students who need a long time of discussion for them to fully digest every detail of the lesson.b) More updated contentsOnline resources do not only offer various reference materials for every subject, but they also offer updated reading materials as references which can help the students to better understand their lessons.c) Self-learning skillsStudents are used to being fed by the information and lessons in schools and the only time that they can work on what they learned by themselves is when they are doing their homework, projects, and other school requirements. Accessing some reference material in a teacher’s resources website and using it to improve their understanding of a particular topic, will help them develop self-learning skills.

Can I still join webinars without availing a membership?

Yes. There are websites that offer free webinars, however, if in case you missed the free webinar, chances are you would not be able to access it again unless they offer it again as “free”. You would not want to miss important lessons that you know that will be helpful to you and wait for a long time before you access it again, that’s why some teacher’s resource websites offer memberships. 

What are the benefits if I get a membership?

Availing membership to teacher’s online websites will give you access to hundreds and thousands of reference materials such as books, eBooks, worksheets, templates, and other teaching materials that you can use in the future. For those websites offering webinars, online training, and workshops, once you get a membership, you will be given access to the recorded webinars in case you missed it. You can also join webinars that are exclusive only to the members.

Can I still access other reference materials without availing a membership?

Yes. There are some websites that allow non-members to access some of their books and other reference materials. However, as a non-member, you can only access limited books and reference material. Printable worksheets and templates will also not be available to non-members. To better experience and utilize the thousands of resources that they offer, you can always check the list of memberships that they offer and choose the best one that fits what you want and needs. 

What are the memberships that I can avail?

Teachers resources websites have their own sets of membership that you can avail. Some offer membership for starters, prime membership, and pro membership. For benefits that you can get from availing these memberships, you can visit their websites and check their lists. The common payment methods for these memberships are through debit and credit cards. You can also check their other payment methods once you visit their site.

How can I buy teacher resources online?

Teacher’s resources websites offer different kinds of reference materials such as books, eBooks, videos, worksheets, templates and others. For books, there are sites that will require you to create an account before you could make any purchase and they offer delivery. You can purchase eBooks, printable worksheets, templates, webinars, and video lessons by creating an account to their website or availing their membership. 

How can I make sure that the personal information I provide when I apply for membership will be safe?

Teacher’s resources websites make sure that all information of their members are safe and protected by their privacy policy. For reference, you can check their privacy policy by checking their websites.

Can a teacher copy online resources?

Some of the books, eBooks, articles, and other reference materials offered by teacher’s resources websites allow their members to have a copy and use their books or articles for teaching purposes. If you intend to use the contents of the books for citations, you can check their copyrights policy by visiting their websites.

What are the best teacher online resources I can use?

The best online teacher resources that you can use are the reference materials that suit the type of class you have, the age of your students, and the subject that you are teaching. Teacher’s resources websites offer various reference materials that are categorized according to age and subject to make searching for the best material for you easier. You can visit their websites and check their list to find the best material for your class.

Do they also offer classroom resources?

Yes. There are some teacher’s resources websites that provide various resources for classrooms and they are also organized according to subjects and age of the students. You can visit their websites to find out more about the available classroom resources that you can purchase.

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