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Tarot Reading Sites

Last updated on January, 17

Tarot can help you see into your future, but it’s not just about predicting. It also helps with understanding and accepting life as it comes. You can use tarot for guidance on any topic in your life – from relationships to career choices to spiritual growth. Try tarot reading today!

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The Tarot Guide


3 reviews


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Tarot by the Decans


1 review


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Trusted Tarot


63 reviews


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Frequently Asked Questions on Tarot Reading Sites

What is tarot reading?

The future may be unknown to most people, but you can always take a peek at what is in store for you. If you're up for the thrill, tarot reading is for you. Tarot reading lets you ask burning questions about love, money, career, and more. With expert tarot readers, there's no limit to the wisdom you'll get regarding your future or the unknown.

Why do you need tarot reading?

Giddy about the future? Or anxious about the past? If your emotional baggage is getting the best of you, it's time you seek help from the cards. Tarot card reading provides you with essential life insights you can use to work on the positives and eliminate the negatives. Read below to know more about the benefits that will make you try out tarot reading services.

Identifies Areas for Improvement

People who are reading tarot cards can also help you identify areas for improvement. They allow you to remember specific traits that you need to work on, especially the ones you are unconscious about. No matter how perfect or successful you deem yourself to be, there is always room for improvement, and tarot reading can help you identify them.

Gives You Peace

Are you always pondering about your mistakes and what's negative in your life? Then it's time you try out tarot reading. Since tarot cards can give you insights on what the future will bring, it will help you overcome anxiousness about the results of your past mistakes. By getting clarity, tarot card reading can help you overcome struggles and achieve peace.

Helps You Make Decisions

Are you torn from making a particular decision? If the decision-making process is dragging you down, why don't you let the cards decide? People who know how to do a tarot reading can enlighten you on which decision or path to take. Thus, they spare you from the stress of thinking things over and over just to end up taking the wrong one.

Helps Improve Your Way of Life

Transforming your life may sound like an impossible task but not with tarot card reading. Suppose you're tired of going back to square one every time you try to transform your life. In that case, tarot card reading can help you diagnose your usual mistakes and aspects of your personality that you need to improve to get the fresh start you always wanted.

Nurtures Your Relationships

Another benefit of getting tarot reading is that it nurtures your relationships. Love tarot reading helps you determine what steps you should take to maintain a harmonious relationship. By identifying your strong and weak points in your connections, tarot card reading can help you appreciate positive aspects and work on the negatives.

Provides Essential Life Insights

Tarot reading can also provide you with essential life insights; it can help you get an informative read about your current circumstances. You'll get crucial information about life, love, and finances so that you can assess how you are doing and what steps you should take to achieve your life goals.

Prepares You for the Future

Preparing for the future is hard, especially if you have no idea what to prepare for. Luckily, even free tarot reading can help you get information about possible circumstances you will face. You will be more confident in making decisions and accepting what will happen. The best part is there are even online tarot reading services you can get to prepare for the future.

Strengthens Your Beliefs

Even with free tarot card reading services, you'll discover information that you already secretly know. You may have forgotten it or tossed it to your subconscious, but your mind believes in it. Tarot card reading will help you realize this information and beliefs to strengthen your convictions and character.

Helps You Dig and Address Unresolved Issues

Tarot card reading can also help you dig and address unresolved issues. You may wonder how some things can get you upset without knowing exactly why. These feelings may be a result of the unresolved problems you tossed into your unconscious mind. Tarot reading helps you identify the issues behind these feelings and solve them to ease any clinging emotional stress.

Strengthens Intuition

Since tarot card reading can help you know yourself more, it can also strengthen your intuition. Knowing what can happen can provide you with confidence and improve your understanding of life's circumstances. By getting a stronger intuition, you'll make better decisions and trust life's circumstances more, resulting in a happier state of mind.

Helps Set Goals

Tarot reading helps you set your goals. Sometimes uncertainties can be unsettling. By providing you insights about how things can turn out, you can set informed goals to spare yourself from the anxiousness of the unknown. By giving you insights and peace of mind, tarot card reading lets you see better days ahead and set positive goals for the future.

Identifies Important Life Patterns

Tarot readers believe that lives have a pattern of regrets and rewards. Through a tarot reading, you can determine what factors or actions lead to regrets and rewards to maximize the latter. Instead of just letting days pass and accepting the positives and negatives, tarot reading helps you seize the day and maximize your happiness' potential.

Helps You Be More Present

Another essential benefit of getting tarot reading services is that it helps you be more present. Living in the moment is not easy, mainly when you're preoccupied with your past mistakes, fear, and problems. Tarot card reading helps you reconnect with your present self and forget what should be left behind to work on the things that matter to you now.

What are the core features of tarot reading?

Gone are the days when you have to go to a secluded, remote location just to get tarot card readings. There are now online platforms that offer such services to people of all ages. Most service providers also have features for aspiring tarot card readers and people seeking their services. If you're curious how modern tarot reading works, read below to know more.

Live Psychics

One of the core features of tarot reading is live psychics, wherein you'll see psychics you can immediately reach for help. If you're hoping for an urgent online tarot card reading service, you can check out the live psychics feature to get a list of available psychics you can reach via live chat or phone call.

Psychic Directory

Since service providers have hundreds of psychics who do tarot reading on their platform, it might be hard to find a specific psychic you're looking for. Luckily, the psychic directory feature is here to help you. The directory creates an alphabetical list of all the psychic screen names so that you can easily browse the names and locate your preferred psychic.

Transparent Pricing

Tarot reading websites also have a transparent pricing feature. Psychics post their per-minute rate on the website so that you'll know how much you'll shed out. This feature helps you avoid fluctuating fees at the end of the consultation. Also, since the call would take place within the platform, you'll see precisely how long the reading took for better pricing transparency.

Advisor Categories

Aside from standard tarot card reading services, platforms also have an advisor categories feature on their website wherein you can sort out the psychics based on the questions you will ask. You filter them based on love questions, life questions, spiritual readings, psychic readings, etc.

Multiple Language Capabilities

Another feature of tarot reading online is multiple language capabilities. Depending on the psychic you'll choose, they usually indicate the languages that they can speak. If you want a specific language for your tarot reading, you can select a psychic who can speak it. With this feature, you'll understand your readings better for the utmost application.


Tarot card reading online also has a filter feature. You can use this to sort out the results for the tarot readers. You can filter results based on the type of tarot cards you want. You can also trim it down based on what life aspect you wish to read, such as love, wealth, family, and health.

Free Tarot Reading

When getting tarot reading services, look out for free online tarot reading. Some service providers give these free services as a trial to gauge their services. Free online tarot reading lets you talk to the psychics for a few minutes to ask questions and see how their readings will be. If you're satisfied, you can proceed with the paid tarot reading process.

Top Psychics

There is also a top psychics feature. Here you'll see top psychics lists, customer ratings, and reviews. If you're still a newbie in tarot card reading online, you can use this feature to help you decide which psychic will be the best fit for you. You can use the reviews and ratings as a reference on how the psychics will conduct the tarot reading to make the best choice.


Another free tarot reading online service is the newsletter. By subscribing to the website and leaving your email address, you can get newsletters on your daily horoscope, daily tarot, and love predictions. The best part of this feature is that you don't have to spend anything to get these services. Most websites offer them free of charge for specific durations.

Tarot Tutorials

Tarot card reading platforms are not only for people who want to seek answers; aspiring tarot readers and psychics can also use the platform to develop their skills. Most platforms have tarot tutorials that teach you the basics of tarot cards, their types, spreads, and proper usage. By providing this information, starting your psychic career has never been so easy.

Tarot Talks

Another feature for aspiring tarot readers and psychics is the tarot talk. Here, you'll have the chance to consult with tarot reading professionals who have years of experience in the field. Platforms usually conduct live streams where the expert would accommodate questions about tarot reading from aspiring psychics to help them do accurate readings later on.

Astrology Tools

The astrology tool feature is something you won't easily see even in the best free tarot reading online platforms. This feature is usually reserved for paid services. You can request more complex services such as dream interpretation, dream dictionary, numerology, birth charts, etc., using this feature.

Customer Support

Whether you're inquiring about a free love tarot reading or trying to report a problem with the services, you can rely on the customer support feature. Most service providers have live chats, phone numbers, and email addresses where you can reach them. They also take pride in their responsive customer service team that will address any concern at lightning speed.

Tarot Card Guide

The tarot card guide is another feature perfect for aspiring tarot card readers. Whether you're looking for a free accurate tarot reading online tutorial or just hoping to learn tarot card basics, this feature got you. Here, you'll get a detailed description of each card. You'll discover their history, characteristics, and usage for a better tarot card reading experience.

Affiliate Programs

Most platforms offering tarot reading services also have affiliate programs. Just sign up and accept the affiliate agreement; you’ll automatically receive links that you can send to your peers to promote the services. You won't only build your career and increase customers as a tarot card reader, but you’ll also get rewarding commissions for every referral.

What are the types of tarot reading?

There are different types of tarot reading. Contrary to the notion that tarot cards give you generic readings, the different types help you dig deeper into specific problem areas. These types vary depending on what area in your life you want to help with. Here are the different types of tarot reading you can choose from to give you additional life insights.

Love Tarot Reading

Love tarot reading answers questions about relationships. Here, you can ask the psychic questions on how healthy and happy your romantic relationship is. This type of tarot card reading uses a six-card spread to evaluate your physical, mental, and emotional connection with your partner. It also helps you assess how you truly feel about the relationship.

Success Tarot Reading

Success tarot reading is considered as a situational type of tarot reading. It focuses on answering questions about how you can overcome obstacles and hardships in life. By giving you hints and pointing you in the right direction, you are guaranteed to succeed over the challenges you face.

Spiritual Tarot Reading

Spiritual tarot reading functions similarly to success tarot reading. However, the problems tackled here are usually related to your spirituality. It helps you deal with fears, worries, and insecurities. By addressing these spiritual issues, spiritual tarot reading enables you to deal with the situation using your available resources.

Career Path Tarot Reading

Career path tarot reading is the type of tarot reading you seek when you are troubled with your career. It helps you get answers as to how you can get that promotion or whether you should shift jobs. It can also help you identify how ideal your job is for you to assess whether you will achieve your long-term career goals with where you are now.

Who needs tarot reading?


Are you having recurring problems with your relationship? If yes, maybe all you need is a little outside perspective. Love tarot reading helps identify significant issues in your relationship that you should work on. It lets you see the problems that have been hiding under your nose. Who knows that little guidance may be all you need to boost the romance?

Troubled Individuals

If you're troubled with past mistakes, or you're having problems when dealing with challenges, maybe you should give a tarot reading a try. You can check out successful tarot reading. It will help you identify what you're doing wrong when faced with specific problems. It will also give you hints as to what actions you should take to improve your current situation.

Career Changers

Changing careers is no easy feat. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not everyone's cup of tea. If you're having trouble deciding whether a career change would be beneficial for you, career path tarot reading can help you. It will help assess how ideal you are to your current and prospective job position and guide you to make the right career choices.

Promotion Seekers

Seeking a promotion can be challenging. If you're faced with a lot of competition, how are you going to step up? Instead of leaving your fate to the management, you can get a career path tarot reading and identify your strengths. By doing so, you'll determine your edge among other candidates, so you can highlight them and show how worthy you are of that promotion.

Young Adults

Young adults also need tarot reading services. Your twenties and thirties can be a confusing period in your life. If you need a little hint about where to go, tarot reading might give you that. Whether you're confused about your relationship, career, or self-awareness, you can seek help from the cards and get hints on which paths you should take.

Fresh Graduates

The post-graduation stage can be crucial. If you're a fresh graduate who's still undecided which path to take, a tarot reading can help you. By giving you insights about yourself, it can help you make the right career choices early on. By guiding you in taking the right path, it can spare you from spending years pursuing careers that you'll end up abandoning.


Elderlies should also try out tarot reading. Golden years can be a challenging period for one’s life. If you’re looking for a hint on what you should do in the latter stage of your life, you can try out spiritual tarot reading. It can help you work on your self-awareness and make the most of your golden years.

What are the steps in choosing a tarot reader?

Step 1: Identify your needs

The first step in choosing a tarot reader is to identify your needs. Since tarot readers have different areas of specialization, you need to remember which areas of your life you need help with. By doing so, you can determine which tarot reader can give you the most accurate and significant readings.

Step 2: Look for reputable tarot reading platforms

The next step is to look for reputable tarot reading platforms. If you want a traditional face-to-face session, you can check out keywords like "tarot reading near me" and "tarot card reading near me." For convenient online consultations, there are online service providers that can give you the services you need right on the web.

Step 3: Check out reviews and pricing

After shortlisting service providers, check out the tarot readers' reviews and the pricing of their service. Most tarot reading websites display that information for easy browsing. By doing this step, you can identify how the tarot readers conduct the consultation and how much you should shed out for the session.

Step 4: Ask for peer recommendations

Also, don't skip asking for peer recommendations. If you know people who tried tarot reading services before, you can ask for their first-hand reviews. They will surely recommend a reliable tarot reader to you.

Step 5: Check out free consultation periods

Lastly, don't forget to check out tarot readers' free consultation periods. Most service providers offer a few minutes of a free consultation with the tarot readers. These first few minutes are crucial as it would give you an idea of how accurate a tarot reader's predictions will be.

Can tarot reading predict the future?

In a word, yes, a tarot reading can predict the future. However, some readings can appear nuanced and influenced by the choices you'll make later on. Though most tarot readers say that the future's not set in stone, the readings can guide you in making choices. Thus, it steers you to a predicted path.

Can you create new meanings for the tarot cards?

Surprisingly, yes, you can create your own meaning for the tarot cards. Though the cards have their histories and definitions, you can inject some of your own to make the readings more personal. You should keep a tarot meaning journal to help you keep track of the new meanings.

What is a tarot spread?

The tarot spread is the specific layout of the cards that help the tarot reader get a clearer insight into your situation. It is how the cards are placed when doing the reading. There are different types of spread you can use depending on what areas you want to focus on.

Do you have to be a psychic to read tarot cards?

No, you don't need to be a psychic to read tarot cards. Since tarot card reading focuses on identifying divinatory meanings, symbols, and pictures, you don't need any special abilities to do the reading. The answers are already in the cards, and you just need to relay it to the one seeking your guidance.

What is intuitive tarot reading?

Intuitive Tarot reading lets you make the meanings for the tarot cards. It asks you to disregard the little book that comes with your tarot card and let the cards talk to you. Intuitive Tarot reading allows your energy to connect with the cards so that they can reveal their stories to you.

What is the best way to start learning tarot reading?

For aspiring tarot readers, there is no exact way to learn the basics. Since tarot reading is all about divination of meanings, you have the option to do intuitive tarot reading or stick to the basics wherein you memorize the definitions.

What is the best tarot deck for beginners?

The best type of tarot deck for a beginner depends on what you want to achieve with the tarot. For instance, you want to read predictions, you can use the Rider deck. For spiritual readings, you can use the Toth. Thus, the best type of deck for a beginner depends on what areas you want to focus on.

Are there tarot reading courses?

Yes, there are tarot reading courses that you can check out. If you're an aspiring tarot reader, service providers have classes on how you can make accurate predictions using the tarot cards. Some even have free video tutorials you can check out.

What are tarot reading apps?

Tarot reading apps are mobile applications that can do tarot reading. There is no tarot reader consultation because everything happens through the mobile phone by using codes, images, and texts. Tarot apps are readily available in mobile application stores.

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