Best Talent Agencies in June 2022

Have you ever wanted to be an actor, model, or musician? Talent agencies represent people with skills and talents that are in high demand. They can help you get your foot in the door of a competitive industry. Find one that is right for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are talent agencies?

Not sure where to start in the music industry? Struggling to book acting or modeling gigs? Tired of going through thousands of blind auditions? Talent agencies are here to help you get your name out there and launch your entertainment career right into the spotlight! They find jobs for actors, models, musicians, writers, and any other talents working in the entertainment industry through mediating with casting directors or hiring managers.

Why do you need talent agencies?
They Simply Charge a Commission

If you’re just starting out and don’t particularly have the cash to pay a talent agent, you don’t have to! Talent agencies usually charge you 10% per successful gig as a commission. This payment model helps incentivizes the talent agency to get more successful auditions and gigs for you so they can earn as well. This is also helpful since an entertainment career can get costly considering the acting and singing classes, going to auditions, and supporting yourself.

They Get You Places

The advantage that talent agencies have is their vast network in the entertainment industry. Talent agencies usually have a list of the directors and screenwriters they are connected with and have previously worked with. Some of these talent agencies might even bring you to Los Angeles, California – home of good old Hollywood.

They Won’t Micromanage You

Talent agents are not managers nor publicists; their main role as “agents” is to help you find talent auditions or gigs. Talent agencies usually have multiple clients which means that they don’t spend their whole 9-5 schedule with you. This is great if you still want to be autonomous when it comes to your time and choices.

They Can Get You Rare Talent Projects

Talent agents usually have access to gigs that are hard to come by. This means that novices and even slightly experienced ones do not have access to these gigs unless they know an insider who’s part of the loop. This is because some producers want to make the casting or hiring process relatively faster and because they trust talent agencies who have good talents.

They Understand How Much a Gig Is Worth

Good talent agencies are experts in the valuation of a certain gig. Talent agents commonly determine how much a gig is based on the intended and ultimate usage of your performance or audience impact. For example, you might have only been hired to shoot a TV commercial, but the footage might expand to radio commercials and online ads. Each of these platforms equates to value and talent agents know this! They make sure that you get paid for the ultimate usage of your talent.

They Promote Your Talent

They make sure that your talent is known to the world! They jumpstart your fame by utilizing marketing strategies and considerations. They would usually feature you in their websites through sample TV commercials or audition tapes, and they will physically go to relevant places such as visiting music studios, performance halls, concert venues, or movie studios.

What are the core features of talent agencies?
Casting Breakdown and Projects

Talent agencies should make efficient casting breakdowns or brief descriptions of your character aligned with prospective scripts or treatments. These casting breakdowns and projects are absolutely used by casting directors and producers to determine if a particular person fits a certain role.

Professional Profiles and Portfolios

Good talent agencies would usually house professional agents who have solid business backgrounds and equal love for the arts and entertainment industry. A great business background can be quantified through their marketing or sales skillset. If they appear to be easy to talk to and sell their services effectively, they will make a great bridge to more gigs. Also, past and current talents should also be satisfied with their partnership or proud of being part of that talent agency.

Fair Talent Scouts

Talent agencies should have observant talent scouts that properly assess someone’s talent, search unrepresented talented people nationally and internationally, and filter potential talents according to their specific needs and goals. Some talent scouts usually field their agency’s website in the “talent agencies near me” search page to make sure that they can comb through all the best applicants. These talent scouts should be experienced in screening tests and assume the compatibility of talents and clients.

Communication Strategies

Since talent agents spend a lot of time communicating with both the client and talent, they should have impeccable communication skills. They should have efficient skills when it comes to comprehending your goal as an entertainer or athlete and communicating them through the gigs that they’re getting you. Besides, you should always be in the loop when it comes to details relevant to your career. If they fail to tell you important details about a certain casting call, then it might be hard to trust them with the direction of your career. They should be good agents in terms of finding you the right work on the right terms. They should not be exploitative and they should build and safeguard your career as much as possible.

Long-term and Client-led Thinking

Occasionally, there would be exploitative talent agents who would find tacky jobs just to maximize commission. You should avoid this as much as possible since this may not be good for your career in the long-run. You should be able to dictate how you want your career to be and how you want it to look like in the future. They should appear as a “partner” rather than a “boss.” Client-led thinking is ultimately more sustainable in the long-term since your internal motivations – or passion fuel – are still intact regardless of the level of fame.

Talent Management Systems

Talent management systems are essential in talent agencies since they have multiple talents and clients. One sample of a talent management system is software programs that automatically organize and update profiles of talents and people part of their network. They should also log communication as much as possible such as email correspondences to make sure that deals are properly discussed and agreed on.

Efficient Scheduling Skills

Talent agencies should be amazing in scheduling since overlapping auditions and casting calls are a common occurrence. They should always monitor their talent’s calendar schedules and remove any overlapping auditions or double bookings. A talent agency with efficient scheduling skills would allow you to have work-life balance.

What are the types of talent agencies?
Broadcast Journalist Agencies

There are a lot of talent agencies that mostly focus on broadcast journalism like television news broadcast journalists or news magazine hosts. This is one way for local broadcasters to get national or international gigs and further launch their media career. Most of these broadcast journalist agents usually work at local television networks like what talent agencies do in NYC, Dallas, or Atlanta. The increase in broadcasting gigs helps them get noticed by news directors.

Commercial and Theatrical Agencies

Talents might be interested to be part of the theater entertainment industry (i.e., film, stage, television, online streaming websites) and the commercial industry. This is one of the most famous types of talent agencies since it includes increasing screen time for actors and performers. Commercial and theatrical agents would usually field through the casting calls and look for the ones that best fit your taste, after mass sending your headshot or portfolio, the casting director gets to choose whether to call you in.

Cruise Ship Industry Agencies

Some talent agencies also specialize in providing entertainers for the cruise ship industries. As they remain in the home country, they will get you signed in an exclusive contract with the cruise ship line. These exclusive contracts usually set a couple of rules related to your employment under them and the length of your stay with them.

Literary Agencies

For writers, literary agencies can be godsend angels. They are sources of amazing career guidance as you steadily evolve your writing skills. Literary agencies find you a befitting publisher, negotiate terms of the contract in relation to royalty payments, and mediate between you and your potential publisher.

Modeling Agencies

Modeling agencies usually represent fashion models when it comes to finding and negotiating contracts. They usually deal with models, advertising agencies, fashion designers, and fashion magazines. They guide fashion models in building their portfolio by training their poses or walk, find test shoots, and layout their portfolio according to fashion trends. Model agents find work for the models by presenting them to ad agencies, fashion shoot directors, designers, and photographers.

Music Agencies

Music agencies are responsible for booking shows and gigs for musicians. They also approach particular promoters to seal long-term deals and negotiate contracts for the easy stream of shows.

Voice Talent Agencies

Voice talent agencies help newbies and seasoned professionals to get more opportunities and fame in the voiceover and voice acting industry. They use their vast network of advertising agencies and animation companies to provide you with auditions and meetings. In addition, they assure that these auditions are of great quality and constantly train the talent to have the best voice for the industry.

Sports Agencies

Sports agencies represent professional athletes in sponsorship and commercial deals. They help athletes attain endorsement deals and public appearances they personally align with. Sports agencies also guide athletes in financial decisions like investments and taxes.

Who needs talent agencies?

Actors are people who emotively perform scripts while guided by a director. Acting can take place in television shows, films, movies, online streams, and advertisements. Since there are hundreds of thousands of aspiring actors, a good talent agency will guide you to get opportunities that freelance actors don’t have access to. Aside from your acting skills, talent agencies will give you a competitive edge against other actors in the industry. In the home of Hollywood, in Los Angeles, there are usually a lot of talent agencies that help aspiring actors to get gigs and stable income. Just in Washington or NYC alone, there are numerous children talent agencies, commercial talent agencies, and even adult talent agencies to cater to actors who dream to be in the limelight.


An athlete is someone who proficiently plays sports as either a form of recreational activity or a full-time career. This includes basketball players, volleyball players, baseball players, track runners, taekwondo athletes, and anyone who actively plays sports. Sports talent agencies help athletes focus on the sport itself without being distracted by business and bureaucratic requirements. As athletes get bigger, they need someone who can sort out through dodgy sponsors, businesses, and advertisers throughout the sports industry.

Broadcast Journalists

Broadcast journalists are people who report the news through the internet, radio, or television. They consist of newscasters, sportscasters, weathercasters, news anchors, or radio disc jockeys. Broadcast journalists, especially ones just starting out, can rely on broadcast journalist agencies to help them connect to news directors or get small-time TV and radio segments.


A model is someone who displays fashionable items such as clothes, bags, shoes, makeup, jewelry, and other forms of accessories or clothing through pictures, videos, and live catwalks. Models are usually employed to pose for certain companies due to their outward appearance. Model talent agencies usually represent models in negotiations with companies and advertising agencies. Since they have a large network deeply embedded in the fashion industry, they can easily secure long term fashion campaigns and seasonal fashion shows.


Musicians are trained or musically talented people who are passionate about making music and sharing their art to the world. They are a group composed of singers, theatrical or orchestral singers, instrumentalists, music bands, orchestral bands, composers, choral conductors, and anyone else who composes, conducts, or performs music. Music talent agencies are great avenues for developing your music career through live performances. Since the competition for all fields of music is quite steep, talent agencies can book you gigs in local and well-known establishments.

Voice Talents

The role of voice acting in the entertainment and marketing industries is quite essential. Voice actors are people who voice acts for animated characters and also does the voiceover for advertisements and commercials. Since the voice acting industry alone is quite large, you can rely on a voice talent agency to guide them in the right direction and ripe opportunities.


Writers are made up of novelists, scriptwriters, and screenplay writers who make literary art and creative writing under specific genres (horror, thriller, romance, adventure, creative nonfiction) and forms (poetry, screenplay, television series, docuseries, essays, news writers). Writing Talent Agencies are great for people who want to get published traditionally and it’s also amazing for people who want to get to know popular publishers and writers.

What are the steps in finding the best talent agency?
Step 1: Know what kind of agent you want

Since there are different kinds of talent agencies, you also have to make sure what they specialize in. For instance, in the voice talent industry, some might specialize in voiceover commercial gigs and some might focus on voice acting for children’s shows. In addition, double-check the age range that they wish to represent just to know if you guys are aligned with each other.

Step 2: Assess their qualifications through their website

After finding your preferred specific agency, go to their website, and snoop around. Look at their history, roster list, About Us page, and any reviews related to them. Find out how long they’ve been in the business, do they also represent international talents, or what are their recent bookings. Just grasp the whole image and operations that they have.

Step 3: Remember their union and organization affiliations

Talent agencies usually affiliate themselves with specific unions and organizations. These unions and organizations usually have a set of deals and rules to protect talents. Look at these affiliations and feel free to call them to question your prospective talent agency’s performance. Make sure to research all the affiliations they have, especially the ones you are unfamiliar with.

Step 4: Check their list of agents and find the one you might want to work with

Take the time to scan through their roster of agents. Each specialized talent agency would have a list of agents and their expertise. After making a shortlist, research these agents and find out about them through work profiles, blogs, or interviews. This research process can help in finding out what your prospective agent looks for in a submission.

Step 5: Read the submission policy carefully

Prior to submission, make sure that your resume, portfolio, or headshots are up to date and at par with industry standards. You can also choose to personalize it a bit to fit the agent’s tastes. After this, make sure to check their submission policy and see what their preferred methods of submission (e.g., mailing hard copies or submitting online) are. This is important because some agencies don’t entertain personal visits to their company.

Step 6: Send your materials or portfolio for evaluation

Now after compiling everything and making sure each detail is double checked, submit your resume, portfolio, and headshots. Just like in any job application, you can include a cover letter to make your voice more prominent in the evaluation process. You can also include invitations for your next performance so they can see your talents in the flesh.

Do you have to pay fees to join a talent agency?

Yes, but usually these fees are quite minimal (some as low as $10 every month) as a means to pay for the admin work. This helps in costs like long distance calls, transportation fees, courier costs, and other services.

Do I have to go through constant evaluation in a talent agency?

Yes, some talent agencies make sure that you are up to date to their standards. In cases that you don’t get evaluated regardless of a bad performance rate, an agent might not just focus that much on finding auditions or gigs for you.

Do I have to pay for anything to get evaluated in a talent agency?

No. You can go to an agency to get checked if you have what it takes to be a star for free. Top talent agencies in DC or Atlanta are known to evaluate through dozens of talents for free every single day.

How often do I have to work for a talent agency?

This depends on your industry. As previously mentioned, modeling agencies may be time-consuming while sports agencies are more organized and considerate of your schedule. But generally, you gain more work depending on the industry season and trends.

How can I get an audition?

This depends on your appearance and talents and what the clients or casting directors are calling for.

Do I only get one talent agent to represent me?

Usually, yes. This is because multiple talent agents for one person may cause conflicting choices and prioritization of casting calls and job opportunities.

Do talent agencies guarantee work?

Talent agents have the capability to get more job opportunities but they only act as a middleman. They cannot guarantee work because this depends on your skills and talents. Your end of the deal comes in your performances being up to par with the client’s standards.

How much commission do talent agencies make?

This differs per industry, but generally, talent and booking agents are known to get a 10% commission on each of the talent’s earnings. Most talent agencies nowadays, especially in LA, NC, or Dallas, have varying commissions depending on mediums. For instance, some might charge 10% for theater, 15% for film or commercial, or 20% for print. This all depends on the agency.

Are added training and courses required?

Yes. Talent agencies would usually categorize you as a diamond in a rough – hence, being required to do multiple courses and training – or a prodigy. Both are still required to get training and courses so you can fit up to industry standards and you can get a competitive edge against other aspirants.

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