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Frequently Asked Questions on Subtitling Services

What is the difference between subtitles and closed captions?

Video subtitling services are typically intended for people who cannot understand the language being spoken. It allows you to watch foreign films and content in other languages. Even if it is in a language, subtitles can also be used to understand the dialogue better.Closed captioning includes the transcription of the dialogue and the text description of non-speech elements, such as sound effects and background noises. This is typically for those who cannot hear the audio. That way, they can have a better context of what is going on in the video.

What is the difference between subtitling and dubbing?

For subtitling services, the difference of definition of subtitling and dubbing lies mainly on the audio used and availability of captions on the screen. Subtitling puts a written translation of spoken dialogue on screen. On the other hand, dubbing replaces the spoken dialogue with a simultaneous spoken translation.Subtitling is a stylistic preference and is usually the cheaper option. It also helps preserve the integrity of the original audio. A native speaker is usually hired for dubbing to allow viewers to pay attention to the speakers’ expressions and emotions.

How long does subtitling take?

It depends on the duration of the video that you want to be subtitled. On average, it takes about 5 to10 times the duration of the video to put in subtitles. A trained subtitler takes about 4 to 5 hours to transcribe an hour-long video and insert the subtitles. If your video needs translation in a complicated language, it usually takes a much longer time.

What format will the subtitle be in?

Depending on your needs, your subtitles may be embedded in your video. With this, the subtitles cannot be removed or turned off by the viewers. This is also known as hardcoded subtitles. There is also the option where viewers can turn the subtitles on or off, and they’re usually given in an SRT format file.

How much do subtitling services cost?

Typically, subtitling services can range up to $2 to $15 per video minute. Some do not have a fixed rate and instead ask you to send in your file to get a quote. That way, they can assess the difficulty level of your subtitling needs. If you need to rush services, then it could also cost you extra.The text format, turnaround time, audio quality, and timestamping requirements would also affect the price. If there are multiple speakers with heavy accents, the service providers may again charge extra.

Are subtitling services rates the same for every language?

No. The complexity of the language also affects the rates. Suppose you need to employ translation and subtitling services in London Leicester Square, and you need subtitles in different languages. The English and Arabic subtitling rates could differ significantly since there are not as many Arabic translators in London.German, Arabic, Chinese, Welsh, and English are typically the most difficult languages to subtitle. These languages have more complicated structures and syntax, and translator availability may also be limited.

Are there different styles of subtitles?

Yes. Subtitle styles may differ depending on where they appear, and while usually, they appear on the bottom, some may prefer to have it appear on the side of the person speaking or above the screen. Font styles and the way the captions are presented also differ and have varying styles. The color of the letters and if there is a background to the text are considered, too.

What are the critical differences between real-time and offline captioning?

Real-time or live captioning is done at the same time a broadcast is required. A stenographer types out the dialogue in the language available as they are spoken. This may not capture all the dialogue, especially if multiple speakers are talking fast. It is also subject to errors and misunderstandings.A recorded video is saved for offline captioning and subtitling, and subtitles are added and meticulously edited. This takes a much longer time to do but is usually accurate and precise.

How do companies ensure quality with subtitling?

Multiple people will work on your video to ensure that it meets quality standards. A transcriptionist will type out the spoken dialogue; then, a translator will interpret and express this in your desired language. Proofreaders and editors will make sure that everything is perfectly timed and accurate.Subtitling and translation companies also know what the best format and the best styles for your subtitles are. They will adjust and suggest these according to your preference and for your intended platform.

How do I pay for subtitling services?

Most sites accept major credit cards and debit cards, bank and wire transfers if you’re availing of subtitling services online. Most websites also accept payments through online payment gateways, so you can conveniently pay for their services, as well.

How do I upload my documents?

You can check the instructions posted on the subtitling services websites and see if they allow you to upload your media directly through the site. You can also send it in through email, or if the file is too big, you can share a public URL.

How do I receive my documents?

Typically, the subtitling service provider will update you on how your documents are coming along and how much time is needed to complete them. When done, they will email you the files, and you can download them directly.

What is the difference between subtitling and transcription?

What is the difference between subtitling and transcription?

How are subtitlers and transcriptionists chosen?

Typically, subtitling and transcription service companies require freelancers to have at least two years of experience with subtitling, transcribing, or closed captioning. They are given tests and exams to gauge their abilities. Proofreaders and editors also regularly check their work.

Are there subtitling and translation companies in the USA?

The US has many companies that offer subtitling services, many of which are in New York or Miami. If you plan to produce a Hollywood film, you will also be able to find several subtitling services in Los Angeles. Influencers and content creators avail of these services for their videos and programs. 

Are timestamps provided?

Timestamps are often provided for every new paragraph at your option. This typically costs some extra money. It will be convenient for you since the transcript or subtitle text is synced with the audio per word so that you can click on any word, and the audio will start playing from there.

How is subtitling done so quickly?

Subtitling service companies make use of advanced subtitling software, tools, and professionals. If you are in a rush, they can work to get your project quickly in a small amount of time. This is why the delivery process is a reasonable turnaround for quality work.

How is information kept secure?

Subtitling service companies have a non-disclosure agreement and strict company policies that adhere to ISO-Certified Security standards. High-level encryption and security measures are taken to ensure that your files are kept confidential to others to prevent any video leaks.

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