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Best Storyboard Creators

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Turn your ideas and concepts into a visual presentation. A storyboard creator helps you make stunning visuals while adding the elements of a story all in one place. Check one out today and start expressing your ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions on Storyboard Creators

What should be in a storyboard?

Storyboards are made of several squares with illustrations and photos. There are film storyboard creators that let you add notes about what’s happening in that scene. You need to create a visual outline for your film, so you must only include the most critical moments of your project. 

Can I label storyboards?

Yes, you can label your storyboards. There are comic storyboard creators that automatically label your panel. If you don’t have that software, make sure to label each panel in the correct order in an organized fashion. That way, you can easily find each design and update it if you need to. 

Do storyboards have dialogue?

Yes, most storyboards have a dialogue along with illustrations and sketches. There are app storyboard creators that include dialogue in your storyboard. You can also put the script underneath the panel of each scene. If you’re giving a presentation, you can leave out the dialogue from the panels. 

What are the components of a storyboard?

A storyboard creator online provides the title of each scene, which includes the number of the stage. There is also a description of the scene with the necessary comments for the animation process. You can also add a voiceover or text in each set. Plus, there are images and illustrations that will complete your storyboard. 

Can I upload my own logo or photos?

Yes, you can add images or logos to your storyboard. There are interactive storyboard creators that let you upload your photo from the computer and add it to their library. From there, you can use the image in your storyboard template. With just a few clicks, you can personalize your storyboard to make it unique. 

Where can I find ideas for my storyboard design?

There are fantasy storyboard creators that offer an extensive library for the members. They have amazing storyboard templates created by professional designers that can provide inspiration for your projects. If you are short on ideas and concepts, these layouts are a great way to start your work. 

What image formats can I use for storyboards?

There are free online storyboard creators that allow you to upload photos for your project. They usually support the most common image formats, like PNG, JPEG, PDF, etc. This will make your work more efficient because they allow you to use photos that add originality and uniqueness to your project. 

Can I download my storyboard?

Yes, you can download your storyboard. There are online storyboard creators that allow you to download your entire storyboard as a PDF file. Your animations that are included can be published in MP4 files and the images as ZIP files. The script on your storyboard can also be downloaded as a Word document. 

How do I add images to my storyboard?

There are various ways available that let you add images to your storyboard. There are free storyboard creators that allow you to drag your pictures from the computer to the empty storyboard. You can also search for them to upload the photos from your device. Plus, they can be directly uploaded from your drive or dropbox. 

Can I use keyboard shortcuts for my storyboard?

Yes, you can use several keyboard shortcuts for easier manipulation of your storyboard. A website storyboard creator provides several shortcuts to accomplish more tasks and improve your productivity. You can use them to select multiple frames, group frames, undo an action, redo a story, etc. 

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