VPN Statistics and Trends

Check out VPN business statistics, key findings, usage statistics, user global breakdown and VPN cybersecurity and more!

Updated Aug 11, 2022 12:57 PM

VPN Business Statistics

  1. The VPN industry in 2022 is expected to reach $44.6 billion. 

  2. The global VPN market is expected to reach $90 billion by 2026. 

  3. In 2021, nearly 785 million VPNs were downloaded.

  4. During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, VPN demand in Russia increased by 2000% in a single week. 

Virtual Private Network Statistics - Key Findings

  1. Around 31% of total internet users in the world have used a VPN service once in their life. 

  2. VPN users are significantly male-dominated with men constituting around 62% of all VPN users. 

  3. Over 56% of all VPN clients access Netflix every month. 

  4. Around 39% of VPN users fall in the category of Gen Z and are between the ages of 16 and 24. 

  5. 43% of individuals worldwide feel insecure about their data. 

VPN Usage Statistics

  1. Nearly 90% of all VPN services today were launched after 2005. 

  2. According to Datashark, nearly 31% of current internet users rely on a VPN service.  

  3. According to Global Web Index, about 39% of all VPN users are between the ages of 16 to 24.  

  4. More than 50% of all clients use VPN services to protect their data privacy on a public Wi-Fi network. 

  5. 44% of VPN users use it for anonymous browsing.

  6. Around 37% of VPN users use such services for secure communication. 

  7. Only 23% of all users access restricted sites using a VPN service. 

  8. 22% of all users get access to better entertainment using a VPN service. 

  9. Similarly, 22% of all VPN users get access to different websites at work using a VPN. 

  10. Around 21% of all VPN users use it to avoid bandwidth throttling. 

  11. Also, 21% of global VPN users claim to use such a service to avoid government access to their private browsing activity.

  12. Only 18% of global VPN users access censored content using a VPN service. 

  13. The number of VPN users who access the Tor browser using such a service is just 14%. 

  14. Nearly 70% of VPN users are found to purchase digital content every month, with 33% using it to download premium music. 

  15. 64% of the VPN subscribers are using a mobile phone as their primary device gaining ground against desktop users. 

  16. Due to different internet restrictions in different countries, nearly 47% of VPN users are semi-regular when traveling abroad. 

  17. Nearly 37% of VPN users in the U.S and the U.K rely on such services for secure communication. 

  18. Around 29% of VPN users hinted that it is a requirement in their job for accessing secure networks. 

  19. 68% of professionals using a VPN have reported that their organizations helped facilitated this increase due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  20. 27% of remote workers also hinted at the need for a VPN to access secure networks.

VPN Users Global Breakdown

  1. Asia Pacific region has the highest number of internet users in the world amounting to 35% of the global VPN user base. 

  2. Indonesia tops the Asian region, and the world in VPN adaption with 61% of internet users employing a VPN. 

  3. India follows Indonesia and stands second with 45% of internet users employing a VPN. 

  4. Saudi Arabia comes third and follows India closely with 44% of Saudi internet users regularly employing a VPN service due to the country’s strict content policies. 

  5. Latin America ranks third with a 31% global VPN user base. 

  6. The MENA region (the Middle East & Africa) ranks second with 35% of the global VPN user base. 

  7. Europe & North American region rank 4th, each amounting to 17% of the global VPN user base. 

  8. Compared to 1.5% ten years ago, 36% of U.S customers use a VPN today. 

  9. During the pandemic in March 2020, Italy experienced a spike in VPN users of around 175%. 

  10. Slovakia happens to be the fastest-growing VPN market today with a growth rate touching 300%. 

VPN Cybersecurity and Privacy Statistics

  1. Around 74% of Americans have restricted their web use because of protection concerns. 

  2. 43% of global internet users feel insecure about their private data. 

  3. To protect their privacy, 61% of Americans are willing to do more. 

  4. 91% of the American population strongly believe that they have no control over how their data gets collected. 

  5. In 2020, the cost of cybersecurity jumped by 25%. 

  6. In 2020 alone, nearly 4.9 billion fraud attacks took place online. 

  7. Cloud services today concern nearly 93% of the cybersecurity professionals. 

  8. During the Covid-19 pandemic, VPN usage increased by 27.1%. 

  9. 63% of American users consider identity theft to be a major concern. 

  10. 6 out of every 10 Americans worry that they can’t go through with their daily lives without getting their data collected in some digital form. 

  11. Companies lost over $20 billion due to cyber attacks in the year 2021 alone. 

  12. Almost 60% of the companies today have experienced cyber-attacks like DDoS, phishing, and so forth.