The Ultimate List of Proxies Statistics in 2022

Proxies keep you safe and anonymous by giving you a new IP address for every connection at regular intervals. Perfect for web scraping, their services can help keep you under the radar while you collect information on the market.

Updated Oct 1, 2022 4:06 AM


  • Top Proxies Statistics on Security

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  • Top Proxies Statistics by Users

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Top Proxies Statistics on Security

Finding a reliable rotating proxy is necessary if you want a safe and efficient online experience. Unfortunately, the web proxy industry is not known for its reliability, so be on the lookout when searching for one. 

  1. Around 10% of the working proxies on the internet have displayed suspicious and malicious behavior, including but not limited to ad injection and TLS interception.

  2. Only 20% of these suspicious proxies manipulate every requested page content.

  3. 40% of malicious proxies only manipulate 1 out of 10 requested page content.

  4. Less than 2% of the working proxies marketed on the internet proxy web traffic for their users, and only half of these proxies do a decent job.

  5. Approximately 66% of active proxies are deemed trustworthy.

  6. Around 24% of active proxies are unrated.

  7. Suspicious proxies make up 10% of the industry, wherein 100-300 of these manipulate proxied content, and only some have been discovered to replace X.509 certificates.

Source: (Matteo Varvello at AT&T Labs)

Top Proxies Statistics by Country

Proxy server services are standard in businesses throughout the entire world. The following countries use their services for their benefit and make up the consumers in the proxy server industry.

  1. The USA has the most web proxy users worldwide, with 11%.

  2. Following America is France in second place, taking up 9% of web proxy users around the globe.

  3. China is right behind France, with its web proxy users amounting to 6.7%.

  4. Indonesia follows close by with a percentage of 6.6%.

  5. Brazil has 6.5% of web proxy users and ranks fifth in most web proxy users.

  6. Russia takes up 6% of users worldwide and comes in sixth place.

  7. These six countries amount to 45% of web proxy users worldwide, while the remaining 55% of users are scattered across 160 countries.

  8. The United States takes the lead with the most reverse proxy domains, comprising 10 889 477.

  9. China follows the US with 3 739 441 reverse proxy domains.

  10. Russia is the world’s third leading country in the reverse proxy industry, totaling 1 886 862.

Source: (Matteo Varvello at AT&T Labs, Webtech Survey)

Top Proxies Statistics on Services

Take a look at what the best the industry can offer you. Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions have used the best of the best.

  1. The highest network uptime in the rotating proxy industry is 99.99%.

  2. The largest rotating proxy IP network service has over 140 million nodes worldwide.

  3. The fastest proxy network in the industry has an average of 3.1 seconds when using its residential IPs.

  4. Cloudflare is used by 19.1% of the websites that use reverse proxies.

Source: (Bright Data, Rotating IP, Geek Flare, W3Techs)

Top Proxies Statistics on Web Scraping

Web scraping bots can be easily detected due to how fast they scan pages and can be easily blocked. Proxies are a great tool to keep your bots out of blocking reach.

  1. An average of 2% of online revenue is lost to web scraping.

  2. A key player in web scraping is bots - software applications that can operate and finish tasks faster than humans. As a result, they take up 61% of web traffic.

  3. Real estate sites are the top victims of web scraping.

  4. Companies use web scraping for research to gather their consumers’ opinions. 25% of companies that hire web scrapers use web scraping bots.

  5. In 2019, LinkedIn showed 234 results for “web scraping” job listings.

  6. Web scrapers had a salary range up to $128, 000 in 2016.

  7. An annual report on web scraping economics in 2016 stated that 38% of the companies utilizing web scraping used it for research, contact scraping, price comparison, weather data monitoring, and website change detection.

  8. 38.2% of customers use web scraping for content scraping.

  9. In addition, 25.9% of these clients use it for research on their respective markets and industries.

  10. Contact scraping is another use for web scraping, according to 19.1% of customers.

  11. Web scraping helps in comparing prices for 16.1% of their users.

  12. A small percentage of 0.7% of users use web scrapers for weather data.

Source: (Imperva, Tandfonline, datahut, E-Commerce Nation)

Top Proxies Statistics by Users

Proxy servers are a gateway between the internet and its users and can steer away any cyber attacks by giving you a private domain to pass through. Look at the statistics and see how popular proxy servers are among internet users.

  1. An estimate of 32, 874, 888 live websites use reverse proxies today.

  2. In 2018, approximately 26% of internet users worldwide used a VPN or a proxy server to gain access to the internet.

  3. During that same year, Asia Pacific was ranked as the top region with the most proxy server users, with a 30% usage penetration.

Source: (Webtech Survey, Statista)

Top Proxies Statistics on Industry

The proxy server industry is saturated with many technological companies offering the same services with different qualities. See who is ahead of the competition and how much their market value is

  1. The leading technology in reverse proxies is Nginx, with a market share of 98.21%.

  2. Cloudflare has a market share of 79.7% in the reverse proxy industry.

Source: (Webtech Survey, W3Tech)


The proxy of choice might harm your online experience and business if you're not careful. Research is needed to pick the best and safest service and give your company a boost in efficiency and anonymity. Web scraping, a service closely interrelated with proxies, is legal but may still get you banned by websites.