The Ultimate List of Astrology Statistics in 2022

Astrology is a historical form of divination that has long fascinated humans, with various forms occurring around the globe over the millennia. Some people feel that horoscopes help them understand their place in the cosmos and learn more about themselves, and some believe it allows them to make meaningful life and business decisions. For others, it’s just fun and exciting. The current Western horoscope, for example, consists of twelve signs in its zodiac, all approximately a month long and represented by various things — symbols and creatures, to name a few. Others, like the Chinese zodiac, are represented solely by animals and run on a 12-year recurring cycle.

Updated Oct 14, 2022 1:16 PM


  • Top Statistics on Astrology

  • Top Statistics on the Zodiac

  • Top Statistics on Astrology as a Business

 Top Statistics on Astrology

Astrology still intrigues us, with not insignificant proportions of the global populace turning to it in some form.

  1. Over ⅓ of Americans believe in astrology. (Source: Pew Research)

  2. Being religious has the same rate of belief in astrology as the general population. (Source: Pew Research)

  3. Atheists are least likely to believe in astrology. (Source: Pew Research)

  4. Women are twice as likely to believe in astrology than men. (Source: Gallup)

  5. 98% of Brits know their sun sign, and just below half believe the description fits them. (Source: The Conversation)

  6. Over 60% of millennials hold New Age beliefs. (Source: Pew Research)

Top Statistics on the Zodiac

Some signs have more propensity for specific traits, and some studies now back some of these ideas up.

  1. Some signs statistically earn more in their jobs. These are Scorpio, Leo, Cancer, and Taurus. Conversely, Aquarius and Capricorn are likely to earn the least. (Source: Career Builder)

  2. Gemini and Cancer are least likely to be satisfied in their jobs. (Source: Career Builder)

  3. Leo and Pisces are the two signs most likely to be bad drivers. Leos were 40% more likely than Libras to get fines. (Source: Go Get)

  4. 21% of the top athletes of all time are Aquarians. (Source: South Florida Astrologer)

  5. World leaders are statistically more likely to be Scorpios. (Source: Vocativ)

  6. Leos have a high propensity to suffer from gastrointestinal hemorrhage. (Source: NIH)

  7. Sagittarians are more likely to break their arm. (Source: NIH)

  8. No evidence has been found for particularly favorable compatibility between the signs. (Source: Springer Open)

  9. While science has yet to find any evidence for the horological signs being accurate, the season in which you’re born may leave you vulnerable to certain things, like mental health issues. (Source: Time)

  10. Those born in the summer months, and thus the signs ranging from Gemini to Virgo, are more prone to vision problems. (Source: LiveScience)

  11. Those with a narcissistic personality are most likely to believe in astrology. (Source: ScienceDirect)

  12. Animals represent eight signs of the Western zodiac (originating in Greece). (Source: Britannica)

Top Statistics on Business & Astrology

Astrology has seen an uptick in interest in the past two decades, and for many, this has

been a great time to start a business.

  1. Revenue from astrology apps grew over 64% to 39.7 million USD in 2019. (Source: Sensor Tower)

  2. Over 90,000 Americans are employed in the psychic services industry - over 7000 thought to be professional astrologers. (Source: Ibis World)

  3. The psychic services industry, in which astrology plays a big part, is growing at an average of 0.5% yearly. (Source: Ibis World)


Some signs have more propensity for specific traits, and some studies now back several of these ideas up. Although the jury is still out on the science behind horoscopes, the field has seen an uptick in interest over the past two decades. For many, this has been a great time to start a business. 

Many famous people have consulted astrologers, and its prevalence in the modern age is a cultural phenomenon, particularly among younger generations. They regard it as something that doesn’t have to stand at odds with a belief in science. Amidst the online jokes ascribing chaos to Mercury being in retrograde, there is an overall sense of curiosity and fun in exploring your sign. So even if you only read your horoscopes in the paper or go deeper and seek out an astrologer to help you understand your birth chart, astrology is here to stay.