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The Spy app of mSpy is the most powerful parental monitoring app on the market. It offers features that are easy to use while still being highly effective. The interface is user-friendly, so even if you've never used a spy application before, you'll be able to use it like a pro.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes mSpy different?

What makes mSpy unique is that it is the best spy app out there by having a lot of features and having the luxury of being easy to access from installation to actual usage of the application. It's a good monitoring application for your children and on top of that, it is secure because mSpy cares for the customer’s privacy and security.

What is mSpy?

mSpy is the top parental monitoring spy apps software that enables users to see their child's device activity via their own mSpyTM account on their smartphone or PC. Text messages, whereabouts, phone information, and a variety of other actions are among them.

Does using a spy app such as mSpy legal?

mSpy’s spy app for kids is a fully legal parental control application that has been approved by many reputable organizations. However, since regulations vary from nation to country, mSpy is not qualified to provide legal advice to clients globally. Please read the mSpy Terms of Use and get legal advice if you have any concerns about how to use the program.

How secure is mSpy’s spy app?

Customers and their loved ones' security and privacy are equally important to mSpy’s secret spy app. This is mSpy's highest priority. mSpy uses the most up-to-date encryption methods to ensure that the user's data is secure. Even mSpy's own staff does not have access to the data collected by the program; only the users may see it.

How does mSpy’s spy app work?

mSpy collects information from the user's child's phone (location, text messages, call details, and so on) and sends it to your mSpyTM account. Simply connect into your mSpyTM account using any browser on your smartphone or computer to examine the information from the device you're watching.

Does mSpy’s spy app allow users to view deleted messages?

If you're spying on an Android phone, you'll only be able to see incoming and outgoing text messages that were erased after mSpy was installed. However, you may see outgoing erased messages sent in any social networking app using mSpy's Keylogger.You may see texts that have been backed up to iCloud if you are monitoring an iPhone.

What are the system requirements to run mSpy?

Any gadget with Internet connection may be used for surveillance. Once you've installed mSpy on your child's phone, you'll be able to see the information on it from your own phone or computer as long as it's connected to the Internet. mSpyTM works with all Android and iPhone devices. However, mSpyTM will not function on older Android and iPhone versions (bought before 2010-2011).

Is mSpy detectable on the device it is installed on?

No. Unlike other phone monitoring applications, the mSpy’s hidden spy app software is not visible to the ordinary user on the target device. That means they won't be alarmed if they see an unusual app logo on their phone and worry whether they're being watched.

How can users remove mSpy from their iPhone?

If you're a parent who's watching your adolescent and don't want to use mSpy anymore, you may uninstall it in a few easy steps. For a comprehensive instruction on how to remove mSpy from your phone, go to our support desk. If you're concerned that your child will remove mSpy, keep in mind that we built mSpy to be practically undetectable by children.

Is there a trial available?

The majority of parental control applications provide a free trial period of seven days. You won't be able to use the mSpy free 7-day trial since there isn't one. mSpy, on the other hand, provides a 14-day risk-free trial period that is fully refundable. If a user tries mSpy and doesn't like it, they may get a complete refund within the first two weeks of their membership purchase.

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