Best Spy Apps in June 2022

The use of spy apps is on the rise. As technology advances, people are becoming more aware of their privacy and the need to protect it. With this increased awareness, some people have started using spy apps for themselves and their children.

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Spapp Monitoring

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30 reviews


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2,763 reviews


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1,728 reviews


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185 reviews


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46 reviews


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SPY24 logo


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1 review


per month, $98.99 billed semi annually


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11 reviews


per month, $99.99 billed annually


OgyMogy logo


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15 reviews


per month


TiSPY logo


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3 reviews


per month, $81.95 billed annually


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Mobile Spy

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10 reviews


per three months


Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Spy Apps?

Spy apps are surveillance applications that track someone's phone, like text messages and other activities; not just limited to phones, some apps can be used to track a person's computer.

Why do you need Spy Apps?

People use spy apps for different purposes. Some people use them as a precautionary measure, and some people use them as a way to monitor their children and employees.

Create A Safe Digital Environment

With the rise of cyber-attacks, spy apps are becoming more and more necessary. They help you monitor your digital activity and keep your data safe.

Avoid Harmful Activity

Spy apps show you if your child or employee visits potentially harmful websites or download’s illegal files.

Locate People

Surveillance apps include GPS tracking, so you can keep track of someone or see their location to confirm whereabouts. The person you are tracking can be quickly pinpointed so you can ensure their safety.

Never Lose Your Phone

By using the GPS tracking system in spy apps, you can check the location status of your phone. This helps if it goes missing or has been stolen.

What are the types of Spy Apps?
Parental Control Spy Apps

These apps allow parents to keep an eye on their children. They help parents check for cyberbullying, illegal content, predators, and inappropriate sites.

Employee Monitoring Spy Apps

Employee monitoring apps are widely used in the workplace. Organizations monitor their employees and ensure that they are not doing anything wrong, like leaking confidential information.

Partner Tracking Apps

Spy apps can help track your spouse's

Voice Recorders and Camera Spy Apps

Apps for recording surroundings without sound and without shutter capture audio and video footage in the background.

What are the core features of Spy Apps?

Spy apps provide a wide range of features that help users monitor their children, spouse, employees, or even themselves.

Stealth Technology

When you install a spy app, the icon gets deleted straight away. The app still runs in the background, while it barely uses memory and does not consume the battery. Therefore, it can’t be noticed.

Remote Control

You can use the remote control feature to uninstall, activate, deactivate, and update the application without informing the target device's owner.

Device Compatibility

These control apps work with IOS and Android software and are available for phones, tablets and computers.

GPS Location Tracking

You can track the location of someone at any given time. You can also check the location history if your phone gets lost or stolen.

Internet Activity Tracking

They are used for tracking the online activities of a person. The online data shows if they access malicious sites or click baits.

Call and Message Monitoring

You can track all the sent and received messages and access the call log history.

Instant Alerts

You can assign specific keywords for activities that are risky or harmful. When the user engages with those words, you will receive alerts.

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