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WatchGuard spamBlocker is a cloud-based email security service that helps protect your organization from spam, phishing attacks, and malware. It also offers advanced protection against ransomware by detecting and blocking malicious attachments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes WatchGuard spamBlocker different?

Before spam messages reach your email server, WatchGuard spamBlocker uses a combination of rules, pattern matching, and sender reputation to identify and prevent them accurately. It reviews the header and body of the email message to identify and block spam.

What is WatchGuard spamBlocker?

WatchGuard spamBlocker gives you the power to reject unwanted emails from the cloud or on-premise. This software directly scans the content of the emails to make sure that they are not spam. It gives you an easy way to block spam and phishing attacks by forwarding mail to an email address of your choice.

What can you do with spam messages that are caught by spamBlocker?

WatchGuard spamBlocker moves spam messages to the junk folder. You can delete spam messages in the junk folder straight away, or you can download them one by one to your computer. In the junk folder, you will see a message from “spamBlocker” containing a list of infected with that email.

How does WatchGuard spamBlocker help prevent spam?

By adding an email account to the spamBlocker address book, all emails from the address will be successfully prevented from being delivered to the inbox. When an email is being received, spamBlocker runs the message against the spam filter, which will help determine whether there are any spam words in the message, and spamBlocker will send the message to the spam folder.

Can users customize WatchGuard spamBlocker to ignore certain kinds of spam?

Yes, users can customize spamBlocker to ignore certain kinds of spam, or by allowing certain kinds of spam, or by some other means. It is also possible to adjust certain settings to filter out different types of emails.

What is the WatchGuard spamBlocker feedback loop?

The spamBlocker feedback loop is the process by which users of spamBlocker report spam or phishing, which is placed in a database of spam vs. non-spam. SpamBlocker uses the database for training algorithms to detect spam more accurately in the future.

Do WatchGuard spamBlocker deliver targeted or bulk emails?

WatchGuard spamBlocker does not send any emails directly to the recipients, but the emails are sent to the company’s servers and then forwarded to the specific recipients. These emails are then sent to your recipients in an organized manner to avoid any spam complaints.

How frequently is WatchGuard spamBlocker updated to fend off new forms of email attacks?

WatchGuard spamBlocker updates are released every few weeks. Once an email attack is deemed severe or severe enough to require additional blocking, the updates are released very quickly. The updates are only released to current customers since they are considered security updates.

Do spamBlocker users have to scan their inboxes for spam?

WatchGuard spamBlocker doesn’t require you to manage it yourself. They monitor your email address’s reputation to ensure that it’s not blacklisted, so you’ll be able to enjoy your inbox with zero hassle.

Does spamBlocker have a whitelist feature?

The spamBlocker has a built-in whitelist, and the only emails that get through are the ones you have approved. This is a compelling feature that will block out all the spam emails while letting the essential emails get through. The whitelist feature is also very flexible because you can add or remove email addresses whenever you want.

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