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Mimecast is a cloud-based spam blocker that keeps your email safe and secure, while also helping to save you time and money. We use advanced machine learning and AI technology to resist over 99% of spam and viruses without the need for any maintenance from you - all at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.


Mail Storage

200 MB

Email Encryption

Anti-Phishing Protection

Free Trial

30 days

Windows Compatible


SMTP Support

POP3 Support

IMAP Support

Customizable Filtering

Bayesian Spam Filtering

Email Encryption

User Authentication

Inbox Backup

Anti-Phishing Protection

Anti-Spoofing Protection

Anti-Virus Protection

Email Archiving & Quarantine

File Attachment Content Filtering


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Frequently Asked Questions

Truely is based on AI algorithms that are getting smarter every day.
What makes mimecast different?

Mimecast uses advanced email security spam blockers to prevent spam and cyber-attacks. However, it's not just advanced technology that makes Mimecast the best spam blocker, it's also how it's implemented. Mimecast is constantly experimenting with new ways to develop email security technology, using the best artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

What is mimecast?

Mimecast is a company that offers a solution to spam blockers and malware from reaching your users’ inboxes. It offers a cloud-based email security platform that is designed to provide a safe, secure, and reliable email environment for your organization. Your end-users can stay focused on what's important to them as they connect to the mail from anywhere, from any device.

How does mimecast protect my email inbox from spam?

Mimecast is the best spam blocker, protecting billions of email messages each day for companies like Fidelity Investments, Adobe, and the US Chamber of Commerce. Mimecast uses a unique patent-protected technology called micro-segmentation, which scans your email, identifies new threats, and keeps its servers separate from the rest of the global email communication.

What are the benefits of using mimecast?

Mimecast is a spam blocker for email provides email and web security to businesses. In this article, we will explain how Mimecast can help you in your business. Mimecast is a cloud service that provides email and web security to businesses. It has features such as advanced malware protection, secure malware scanning, advanced spam filtering, and a phishing protection tool that helps to prevent phishing attempts by blocking malicious links in emails.

What are the disadvantages of using mimecast?

Mimecast is the best spam blocker tool that gives a disadvantage to marketers as they need to use new techniques to be successful. The major disadvantage is that the filters move the email from the inbox to the junk folder. It is up to the users to check the junk folder and read the email. To avoid this you can use a friendly subject line and send personalized messages to your customers.

What are the features of mimecast?

Mimecast's spam blocker is a powerful content filtering system that helps to reduce the number of spam emails that get delivered to your inbox. No other spam filter can offer a better spam catch rate than Mimecast, that's why it's the best spam filter in the world. The spam blocker blocks spam using a combination of sophisticated spam filtering techniques and a dedicated security team that investigates illegal spamming activities.

What devices does Mimecast spam blocker support?

The Mimecast spam blocker app is supported for almost all devices. However, there are certain devices that it does not support, for instance, Apple’s iCloud. This is because either the device or the operating system is not compatible. It also does not support mobile devices because they are unreliable and cannot provide a reliable enough connection for users to send emails.

What's the one thing that Mimecast does that other spam blockers don't?

Mimecast provides more than just a spam blocker for email protection. It also stops infected or malicious attachments from executing on your computer, which means it can stop ransomware attacks before they can even begin. Mimecast also has a patent-pending application control solution that allows you to manage the use of third-party applications on your network.

What types of spam does mimecast prevent?

Email spam is a global problem. The best way to prevent it is by using a spam blocker. A network re-routing service, such as Mimecast, prevents spam from entering the network at a device level, prevents spam from reaching the end-user, and then prevents the end-user from seeing the spam. This ensures that the end user remains protected.

Does Mimecast require a license?

Yes, a Mimecast spam blocker license is a requirement for a spam blocker to operate. Mimecast spam blocker allows administrators to create a spam blocker policy that is based on an individual’s spam scores. The spam score of the individual is calculated based on the spam score of the sending email. If you have a spam score of 99.9, then you will have a spam score of 99.9 in the Mimecast spam blocker.

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