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#4 Spam Blockers

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SpamExperts is spam blocker software that protects you from unwanted emails. It analyzes incoming and outgoing email traffic and alerts you to threats, such as spam, viruses, phishing attempts, and malicious content. SpamExperts helps stop spam before it hits your inbox by providing real-time protection against other online threats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SpamExperts?

SpamExperts is a spam filtering service that uses smart spam filtering techniques to detect spam and protect email inboxes from spam. The company uses a combination of both statistical and pattern-based filtering methods to detect spam and keep your inbox from spam.

What makes SpamExperts different?

You will be protected from incoming, unsolicited bulk emails and other connected risks with SpamExperts' security. SpamExperts will also save you a lot of time, minimize wasted disk space, and secure your email service from spam.

How does SpamExperts stop spam from reaching my inbox?

SpamExperts uses a combination of filters and rules to identify incoming spam. Incoming emails are first screened before being downloaded to your email account. Emails identified as spam will not be downloaded and will be automatically deleted. Emails that are not spam but are considered junk mail can be automatically deleted or forwarded to your junk mail folder.

How SpamExperts filter incoming emails?

SpamExperts’ filtering technology is not just a simple blacklist/whitelist-based system but rather a sophisticated scoring engine that determines the spamminess of an email by analyzing different parameters. SpamExperts automatically checks every email that comes in to see if it has phishing links or attachments.

Does SpamExperts have a whitelist feature?

Yes, it does. The whitelisting feature allows users of the SpamExperts service to send emails to whomever they choose. By whitelisting the senders, the SpamExperts don't check the emails from the whitelisted senders for spam. Instead, they are automatically sent to any recipient on the account.

What is the MX record in SpamExperts?

MX stands for Mail Exchange. MX record is the information that allows your mail server to establish the destination mail server from the Email domain. Emails will be filtered by SpamExperts’ intelligent algorithms and relayed back to their original destination mail server.

How to set email attachment restrictions in SpamExperts?

You can follow these steps to set an email attachment restriction:

Step 1:

Select Attachment restrictions from the Inside Incoming - Protection Settings menu.

Step 2:

From the current list of blocked attachments, select the extension you want to block. If the extension you want isn't in the list, you can add it by clicking the Add button.

Step 3:

Additional restrictions, such as blocking attachments with hidden executables, limiting the size of message links, and setting a maximum mime limit, can be added as needed.

Step 4:

Select the extensions which you want to scan. If the extension is not available, add a new extension and click on the Save button.

Where do I sign up for SpamExperts email filtering services?

SpamExperts offers various tools to protect your Inbox from unwanted messages or at least block them at the gateway level - before they reach your Inbox. You can sign up for SpamExperts email filtering services from the company’s website.

Does SpamExperts block phishing attacks?

Yes, SpamExperts detects phishing emails and stops them from reaching your inbox. This is done by analyzing your users over some time to look for patterns of phishing behavior.

What will SpamExperts do if my mail server is down?

Your emails will be accepted and queued by SpamExperts inbound filter. When the destination mail server is reachable again, queued mails will be pushed automatically. SpamExperts will essentially act as a failover layer for your email infrastructure.

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