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HighsterMobile.com offers a variety of SMS tracking solutions that monitors a targeted phone’s activity. You can easily track incoming and outgoing messages and media files exchanged. So whether you're a parent watching your child's communication, or an employer tracking staff activity, Highster Mobile is the perfect solution for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Highster Mobile SMS Tracker is a smartphone monitoring software program designed for parents to safeguard their children and for employers to boost employee productivity.

Highster Mobile allows you to track text messages, calls, and other activities on a target mobile phone. You can access all information from a single dashboard, making it easy to monitor your kids or employees and ensure they're not up to any mischief.

Highster Mobile is an SMS tracker designed for parents, employers, or anyone who wants to view text messages, see call history, track the location of a phone, and more.


Highster Mobile is for parents who constantly worry their kids are being bullied or ensure they make intelligent digital choices. Installing the software application allows you to check on them periodically and guide them in the right direction.


Businesses that use Highster Mobile software want to ensure their company is always safe. When you monitor your employees, you can prevent data theft and accidental leaking of sensitive information. You can also know when they aren't being productive.

Any Phone User

Losing your phone is one of the worst things that can happen. You have all photos, contact details, and private information, which anybody can access. With Highster Mobile, you never need to worry about this again. You can backup your data, including SMS, to their server, which you can access anytime.

Highster Mobile SMS tracker provides real-time data of the targeted phone. All text messages, including deleted messages, are recorded and stored for your viewing. In addition, you can see all the information in the Live Control Panel and the phone's location accurately displayed on a map.

Highster Mobile SMS tracker is compatible with all types of iPhones and iPads. You can gather all the required information from iMessages, and text messages from the targeted phone. The application also works with all Android devices like Samsung and Motorola. In addition, you can collect text messages and Facebook chats discreetly.

Highster Mobile is legal to use by parents who want to keep their kids safe. In addition, parents can monitor underage children because they are unaware of the dangers around them and need protection.

Employers can also legally use this software to track company-owned phones. But you must first get employees' consent before installing the Highster Mobile app on their phones.

Tracking anyone's text messages, phone calls, and location is illegal without consent. Therefore, you must use the Highster Mobile app only for personal and non-commercial purposes. It always helps to check government laws and regulations to avoid legal hassle.