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Best SMS Trackers

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Would you like to know who is texting your phone? SMS tracker will send you a detailed report of all the text messages on your phone. It’s easy to install and it won’t cost you anything. Try one today!

Frequently Asked Questions on SMS Trackers

Can an SMS tracker be used as a spy app?

Yes, it can monitor another phone or tablet’s location and traffic information such as text messages (SMS), contact lists, call logs, and social media activity. Especially for the parents who want to monitor their children’s whereabouts and console curious minds about the nature of overheard conversations, it can also be used for every other purpose.

 How to access both sent and received messages of the monitored device?

If you're the administrator, a device has 2 SIM cards (4 numbers total). In that case, theoretically, both SIMs could be sending and receiving messages on behalf of the device, but this would be difficult to achieve and maintain. Otherwise, your only option is to use cellular data without using a network service provider or messaging app of any kind.

How to access deleted text conversations?

When an SMS conversation has been deleted but not synchronized to the phone's storage drive, you can sometimes recover it with forensic data recovery software. In another case, it can also be retrieved as long as the other person uses the same phone.

Do different networks affect SMS trackers?

Yes. Tracking using SMS is dependent on the network of the person being tracked. The accuracy usually decreases as the distance from the target's mobile phone increases because there's less chance for a signal to make it through. It also depends on interference by objects, sky phase, area capacity, and various other technical matters that have to do with cell towers in general. 

Can an SMS tracker be used in iOS?

No, if you will not modify your iPhone. The SMS tracker will not operate in iOS since it requires the resources to embed a package in an SMS message, and it cannot access data protected by iOS. However, you can have some internal modifications to your device to have an SMS tracker. You need to jailbreak the device and have root access before you can start looking for mobile spyware.

Can someone invade my SMS using an SMS tracker?

Yes, SMS trackers work by reading or intercepting your secret messages with an SMS tracker. Your phone number can be revealed if you send an SMS to anyone who has requested your number from their smartphone's contact list. Communications professionals can easily access the SMS you are sending. SMS trackers rely on an open broadcast device that can transmit and receive messages on the same frequency as a cell phone transmission.

 What are the advantages of using an SMS tracker?

The advantages of an SMS tracker are that it offers free calls and SMS worldwide to keep in touch with your loved ones. By using an SMS tracker, you can locate your friends without worry, and you can protect your children from unwanted contacts and messages from strangers online. 

What are the disadvantages of using an SMS tracker?

One of the disadvantages of an SMS tracker is its geolocation tracking, and it may be inaccurate due to obstructions surrounding the person you are tracking. It will depend on factors such as interference by objects, sky phase, area capacity, and various other technical matters that have to do with cell towers.

 What is the significance of SMS trackers in marketing?

A tracking mechanism for SMS marketing can interpret the outreach effectiveness of unscheduled and mass-sent texts. The SMS tracker helps marketers deliver instant feedback on responses and give statistics on viewing their messages. 

Can I still use an SMS tracker if I only use WiFi?

Yes, but with some limitations. If you only have WiFi and not a sim card, it means that your device is likely not fully functional, which would severely limit the number of SMS tracker apps that could potentially be installed.

What do SMS trackers offer for free?

Some free SMS trackers require you first to download the app to your device, but some don't require installation on your target’s phone or your computer. It offers software that can be disguised as a phone calculator and is hidden in the background, so it may still look like a free invisible SMS tracker, so you don’t have to worry that someone may catch you.

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