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2021 Rankings

Best Slideshow Makers

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Do you have a slideshow to share? Slideshow Maker is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to make their own slideshow, it’s free, it’s easy and it’s available anywhere. You can upload your photos from any device or computer and then choose how many slides you want in your slideshow. Download Slideshow Maker today and see how easy it is to create a slideshow from scratch without any hassle!

Frequently Asked Questions on Slideshow Makers

What are the types of videos that I can produce with slideshow makers? 

There are several types of videos that you can produce with online slideshow makers. Some are used to create intro videos for video content, kinetic typography, and product or service promotional videos. You can also do music visualizations, mobile app promotions, event invitations, infographics, and corporate presentations in slideshow makers. 

Can I move or delete scenes with slideshow makers?

Yes, you can move or delete scenes with a video slideshow maker. You can also add and delete scenes in a flexible template since some slideshow makers have arrow icons at the bottom of your screen to move your slide. In case you have to delete a slide, you can simply do so by using the trash bin icon. 

How can I update my profile on slideshow makers?

You can customize and update your profile to personalize your experience on slideshow makers. Some slideshow makers provide you with the option to choose from more than 100 languages, or you can select your profession to have the best template recommendations for slideshows. 

Can I add photos or illustrations with a slideshow maker?

Yes, you can add photos or illustrations with slideshow makers. Still, this depends on your chosen platform, as some do not support this feature. A picture slideshow maker enables you to edit or add a photo to your clip. You can add an image from the library, or you can upload one on your own. 

What are the payment options for slideshow makers?

Most of the slideshow makers have a payment for purchases and subscriptions. You can pay using debit or credit cards like Mastercard, VISA, Discover, etc. You can also pay via Paypal with USD, AUD, EUR, etc.

Can I upload and use custom fonts in slideshow makers?

Some picture slideshow makers enable you to upload your font. You may send your fonts to them, and they will upload it for you. However, this feature may be available for paid subscriptions only. If you have further questions, you may contact your slideshow maker’s customer support team.

How can I split my text if it is too long?

If your sentence is too long, your viewers would have a hard time watching your slideshows. The best slideshow makers help you shorten and adjust your sentences automatically by merely using keyboard shortcuts and typography tools.  

What do I do if the bands on my text in my slideshow are overlapping?

Some fonts have bands to make your text more readable. For most of the fonts, your bands are separated and would work just fine. But in rare cases of overlapping bands, you may increase your text’s height, and the overlapping will be lessened. 

Are the images available on the software copyright-free?

It is not recommended to use copyrighted media to avoid complications. Luckily, most photo slideshow makers offer you millions of copyright-free media to choose from. Still, if you need to use a copyrighted media in your project, you may have to contact the media’s owner and ask regarding this case to avoid legal encounters. 

Do slideshow makers support graphs, charts, etc.?

Data-driven elements, like graphs and charts, usually require custom integrations. If you need to include these elements, you can check if the platforms support such integrations. If not, you can contact the slideshow maker’s customer support team for assistance. 

How long does it take for a slideshow maker to render or export?

This will depend on how long your slideshow is. Most of the online slideshow makers take three times the duration of the video to export. For example, if you have a 5-minute video, it will take approximately 15 minutes to export your video.

Why was my video blurred in the preview when I uploaded it?

Most of the slideshow makers reduce the quality of your media on the editor screen. That’s why it looks blurred or looks at lower quality. Still, after your editing and once you export your video, it will come out with higher quality.

Why am I unable to add more scenes to my slideshow?

Some Windows slideshow makers have several limited scenes, and if you exceed the limit, you can’t add any additional scenes. What you can do is merge the last scene with the previous one, and set their duration. In that way, you can add more scenes to your slideshow. If this is not possible, you may have to upgrade your subscription plan.

Can I copy and paste my elements?

Yes, most slideshow makers let you copy and paste your elements when editing. You can use the keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste functions. However, some video slideshow makers only let you do the functions on the same project. 

Are slideshow makers multi-lingual?

The best slideshow makers believe in the diversity of your projects, so they support all languages. However, if you face any issues with language support or any specific font in a language, you can contact your slideshow maker’s support team for guidance. 

Which template size will fit in when I use my mobile phone to shoot videos?

Most online slideshow makers are compatible with any device, including your mobile phones. If you shoot using your phones in landscape mode, you can use the 16:9 templates. If you prefer the portrait mode, you can use the 9:16 templates. 

Can I work on another project while the current one is processing?

Yes, most slideshow makers let you work on multiple projects simultaneously. However, free slideshow makers may not offer you this feature. You can work on various projects with the best slideshow makers, even if your current one is still processing. 

My preview isn’t working properly. Will my video be affected when exported?

The preview is only a low-resolution video of your final slideshow. Sometimes due to external issues, the preview may lag and show blurred images. But rest assured that your final exported video will be going through enough checks so that it can be rendered as a high-quality video. 

What do start clip and end clip mean?

Start clips and end clips are part of your brand’s identity. The start clip introduces your slideshow, where you can show your logo, tagline, and whatever makes your brand unique. The end clip is the end part of your video, where you can display your website address, social media links, etc. 

Who is responsible if I include copyrighted media in my videos and get a notice?

All your content must be copyright-free. If you need to add copyrighted media to your clips, you’ll be doing so at your own risk. The slideshow maker will not be liable for any issues or notice that will arise from your videos. 

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