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Best Sitemap Generators

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Whether you're new to the world of SEO or not, site mapping is a term you must remember. A sitemap generator helps you organize all the links that your website maintains, making sure your web pages are fully optimized. Try sitemap generator today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Sitemap Generators

Where should I place my sitemap?

It is strongly recommended that your sitemap be placed at the root directory of your own HTML server. For example, you should place it at “http://www.sample.com/sitemap.xml.” There are also situations where you may want to produce different sitemaps for different paths on your site. If you require certain security permissions in your organization that need separate access to various directories, then you will need different sitemap locations. However, all your sitemap URLs have to be on the same host as the sitemap.

What happens after my sitemap is created?

Once you’ve generated your sitemap, you’ll need to submit it to search engines. You can do this by directly submitting, pinging it, or adding the location of your sitemap to your own robots.txt file. If you’ve submitted your sitemap, it will notify search engines so it can crawl and index your website. If the search engines have finished indexing your website, it will sit within that search engine. If a search query is performed and your site is a relevant match, it will be recalled. The more relevant it is to the search query, the higher it will rank in search engine results.

I submitted a sitemap, but it hasn’t been crawled or indexed yet. What should I do?

Submitting a sitemap makes sure that search engines know about your website and understand it better. However, there is no guarantee that your website will be crawled or indexed immediately by web crawlers. It still depends if your content is easily discoverable by the search engine’s crawler. 

How big can my sitemap be?

Sitemaps have a file size limit, so web servers will not get overwhelmed by serving extremely large files. Sitemaps should not be larger than 50MB and should not exceed 50,000 URLs. If your site contains more than 50,000 URLs, you will need to create multiple sitemap files and place them in a sitemap index file.Even if you have a small site, if your goal is to grow, your sitemap could potentially have more than 50MB or more than 50,000 URLs. Your sitemap index file can hold a maximum of 50MB. You can compress your files to make sure that your sitemaps are within the limit. 

Do URLs in sitemaps need to be specified? 

Yes. You will have to include the protocol, such as HTTP, in your URL. If your web server requires it, you can use a trailing slash in your URLs. For example, you can use http://www.example.com/ as a valid URL for your sitemap.

What is accessibility testing, and how is it relevant to my sitemap? 

Accessibility testing is necessary when building a website. An accessibility testing tool will assess your website’s HTML content. Your website will be tested against accessibility guidelines and identify potential problems. Your sitemap will also be assessed and tested.Your sitemap is an essential part of your website. Accessibility testing makes sure that all the pages of your website are accessible to all individuals. Sitemap generators can reduce any potential problems and make sure that your sitemap is according to accessibility standards.

Do I have to update my sitemap?

Yes. It’s highly encouraged to update your sitemap if you have new pages. If you update your content or your website’s framework, make sure you resubmit your sitemap to search engines. Some sitemap generators automatically update your sitemap for you. The sitemap generators also make sure that there is no duplicated content. 

How do I submit a sitemap?

To submit your sitemap, navigate to your search engine. Look for a Sitemaps or Site Explorer tab. You can add your site by pasting the URL of your website. Click on the Add Site or Submit button. After submitting, the search engine will begin indexing your site and will try to determine if your website has no errors.

Should a sitemap be indexed?

When you submit your website to a search engine, there is no guarantee that your website will be indexed immediately. However, it is preferable if a sitemap is indexed. When you submit your site, your search engine will take into account those pages that you’ve set as the highest priority and worth indexation. 

How long does it take for sitemap generators to create my sitemap?

The time to create a sitemap varies depending on the sitemap generator type you will use and the level of customization that you plan to do. It can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes based on different factors. Your website performance and number of pages can also affect your sitemap generation time.

How long does it take for search engines to index my website?

Once you’ve submitted your sitemap to a search engine, there is no guarantee that it will be indexed immediately. It can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks for search engines to go through all the URLs on your website. You can also always check the status of your site to see if it is indexed or not.

How do I know if my site has already been indexed?

Submitting a sitemap increases the chances of your website to be indexed by search engines. To see if your site has already been indexed by search engines, simply enter the URL of your domain with the word “site” before it. For example, you can search “site:mywebsite.com.”The search engine results will show all the pages that have already been indexed. If none of your pages appear, it means that none of your pages have been indexed yet. You simply need to wait because it may take a while for search engines to go through all your pages.

How do sitemap errors influence search engine result ranking?

It is critical for sitemaps to be free from errors. Compression errors, empty sitemaps, HTTP errors, or incorrect namespace can all affect your sitemap. This makes it harder for web crawlers to go through and index your website. If your website is not indexed properly, it will not rank higher on search engine result rankings.

What is an XML sitemap validator?

XML sitemaps aren’t really designed for users to understand. This type of sitemap is generated for web crawlers. An XML sitemap validator will make sure that your XML sitemap is formatted properly. If there are issues with your sitemap, it will let you know ahead before you submit your sitemap to search engines.

If I have multiple URLs that lead to the same content, can I use my sitemap to indicate my preferred URL for that content?

Yes. Sitemap generators allow you to indicate your preferred URLs in your sitemap. However, it is not guaranteed that search engines will display that particular URL in search results. However, the chances are increased if you’ve set your priority URLs for your content using your sitemap generator.

Does the placement of my URL within a sitemap file matter?

No, it doesn't matter where you place your URL. URLs at the beginning will get the same treatment as URLs near the end. This does not influence how it is used by search engines and web crawlers. 

Does the “priority” tag in the XML sitemap influence the ranking of a page in search engine results?

The “priority” hint in your XML Sitemap only indicates the importance of a specific URL relative to other URLs. on your own site. This has no effect on the ranking of the page on search results. You are not given a priority over other sites in search results, only that particular single page is over your other pages.  

URLs on my site have a session ID. Should I remove it?

Yes. Including a session ID may result in redundant or incomplete crawling of your site. The session ID within a URL has too specific parameters for search engines to crawl successfully. There are even times that a session ID may even change with each visit to a website, making the URL unstable, so it should be removed.

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