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Have an all-inclusive shared web hosting plan with InterServer, one of the best shared hosting platforms in the market. InterServer provides you with top-notch shared web hosting services to power your website at an affordable price. From easy-to-use control panels to low-cost eCommerce solutions, InterServer has got it all for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes InterServer different?

If you’re looking for cheap shared hosting plans with exceptional services, then InterServer is the right choice for you. Whether deciding between cloud hosting vs. shared hosting, InterServer offers hosting servers with collocation services that exceed their customers' expectations. This makes the company remain a top-notch shared hosting provider. InterServer also provides a substantial customer base with innovative shared hosting products and services designed to complement their existing businesses. InterServer takes tremendous pride in its deep commitment to ensure security, reliability, and technical expertise to each of its customers. Experience one of the best shared hosting services now.

How can I avail of secure certificates under my domain name?

Regardless of your decision between shared hosting vs. VPS, yes, you can purchase yours from other providers. But, it costs from $50 to $200 per year to run under your name. To speed up the process, you can buy the same from InterServer, and they will complete the technical process on your behalf. But, it will run under their name. Despite that, you can get space under their existing certificate free of charge.

Is hosting multiple domain names on the same package possible?

Known as one of the best shared hostings in 2019, yes, it is possible to host multiple domain names as the InterServer’s packages have domain pointers. You can now set yours in the domain name to automatically point to your hosting server. Optimize your resources, and don’t miss the chance to broaden your impact.

Where can I manage my nameservers?

You must log in to the portal and proceed to the Web Hosting page, wherein nameservers are displayed. You can freely update it, and you can even use their nameservers. Check it out as their DNS nameservers are listed and ready for you to use.

Can I buy additional software licenses?

You can now purchase additional licenses from your InterServer client portal. Just click the Licensing section and see the available list of licenses. Avail the type of license you want and make the best possible use of it.

Can I add a shopping cart on my site free of charge?

You can freely add or install your shopping cart. InterServer currently provides Aktopia, OSCommerce, and Interchange, but they also support Perl and PHP. You can now add yours through the InterServer’s control panel.

Can I transfer WebHost manager backup to a remote destination?

You can transfer WHM backup through a File Transfer Protocol when you are out of sufficient space in your server. Just don’t forget to secure website backup to refrain from starting over from scratch. This is done manually regularly, but you can also avail of paid options for an automatic backup to lessen the hassle.

How can I reinstall my server’s operating system?

Visit your InterServer client area, and you can quickly reinstall the operating system. But unfortunately, you will lose all the data from your server, which is why you have to back up before proceeding with the plan. Don’t lose your grip on securing better web hosting.

Can I avail discount through a prepaid payment?

The subscription payment is monthly, and having available money in prepay doesn’t guarantee any discounts. Also, you can keep track of the money in your prepay as monthly invoices are generated. To make out the best of your subscription, maximize your resources from InterServer.

Can I ask for refunds or change plans?

You can claim your full payment only within 30 days from the date of your subscription. Also, you can change your plan by addressing your concern to InterServer. Give a shot to explore more of their other features now.

What is the standard web hosting package for non-profit organizations?

InterServer provides the non-profit organizations a free pass from any charge unless the organization previously owned a domain. With InterServer, you can now establish your organization’s very first online presence and fulfill your organization’s goals efficiently.

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