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HostGator is a hosting service provider where you can get the best deals on the domain and hosting services! You can achieve your dream website with HostGatorā€™s advanced domain and hosting features that increase site visitors, secure website and customer data, professional-looking email, shared hosting reseller, and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes HostGator different?

Expand your market and unleash your creativity in making your customized website with HostGatorā€™s top-level features. HostGator is known for its comfortable and one-click installs for your best shared web hosting. Furthermore, they surely offer a great deal of best shared hosting service and build by web pros features that satisfy your needs in creating your website. HostGator is one of the biggest hosting companies today, providing secure and easy website hosting services. They are known as one of the best hosting providers on the market because of their cheap yet scalable plans. Having an unrivaled uptime made them stand out even more compared to other providers.

How can I find the visitorā€™s IP address?

If you wish to identify a specific IP address, you can do the following steps givenā€”first, login to your cPanel. Go to the metrics section and click the visitor's option. Select the particular domain or hosting that you want to visit, click the magnifying lens button to view the recent visitors.

How can I deny an IP address access?

If you want your website to remain private or do not let any strangers have access to it. You need to log into your cPanel, navigate the security section, and select IP blocker. The IP blocker provides the visitor's site IP address on the IP address field to deny it. Lastly, click the "Add button" to save the changes.

Can I prevent my website from being blacklisted with HostGator?

Protecting your website from being blacklisted by Google is crucial to secure against vulnerabilities and malware attacks. However, HostGator's SiteLock security can help you with it, and you can get a plan at a lower cost.

How can I find my name server?

If you want to identify your HostGator name server, you can find your name server in your welcome email. Despite the type of account you have with HostGator, your name server can be used in all websites that HostGator hosted. If you are a customer who purchased shared hostingā€”you can find your name server on the cPanel home page.

Is there a free cPanel website transfer in the shared hosting plans?

HostGator is one of the hosting providers that offer cheap shared hosting servicesā€” they will transfer your site into your new account in an easy way. If you buy any of the shared hosting plansā€”you get a free cPanel site transfer, and all you have to do is fill in the form that HostGator provided. HostGator will then transfer your files to another host.

Will HostGator place ads on my website?

Absolutely, no. HostGator won't place ads on your website, and it is one of the pros upon purchasing any of the HostGator plans. If you buy any of HostGator's hosting plans - HostGator will provide you with a 404-page error code to help you maximize your website traffic.

What should I do if I experience a site down?

If you are experiencing website issues - you can contact the HostGatorā€™s support team through live chat or call. You can also do the troubleshooting on your own by following the steps: first, go to your website, load your control panel, if it is still not working - try to check your site from a proxy server, and the last step is traceroute from your machine.

Does HostGator offer backups for shared hosting plans?

Yes. HostGator offers backup per week on the hosting based on the cycle set of the server. You can do manual backups using cPanel of 10 GB or 150,000 or fewer inodes. If you have more than 10 GB or 150,000 inodes, you need to contact the HostGator support team to assist you.

Can I access my apache log files?

Yes. When you use Shared and Reseller Hosting, you just log in to your cPanel and navigate to the error log icon. If you are using VPS or Dedicated hosting - you can access your Apache log files on the/var/log/httpd directory.

How can I view my shared hosting environment disk space usage?

If you purchase any of the shared hosting plans - you will receive unlimited disk space and bandwidth. If you wish to view your available account databases and directory activities - you first need to login to your cPanel, go to the Files section then click disk space usage.

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