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If you are looking for a way to get your website up and running online, shared hosting is a right match for you. You will have your own domain name while sharing a single server with others without coughing up a large amount of money. Try one today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Shared Hosting

How to access homepage on shared hosting?

Homepage here commonly refers to the admin’s page or the control panel. For you to access this on a shared hosting server, you can either go to your shared hosting customer portal or you can go directly to the control panel.

What is the difference between a domain name and web hosting?

Web hosting is basically like the apartment where you live and your domain name is your exact room number or code. So a domain name is your unique .com, .org, or etc that your customers can use to find your site on the web. But for your website to even have a place on the World Wide Web, you need to “rent” out server space, and that’s where web hosting comes in. For your site to be functional, you need both the domain name and web host.

Can I upgrade to a more powerful hosting plan later?

Definitely! Most businesses use basic shared hosting plans as their first step in scaling their reach or profit. Once your website has higher traffic levels, a more overflowing amount of content, and more advanced technical features; you can ask your provider for an upgrade.

When should I upgrade my shared hosting plan?

Once you notice that your site performance is slightly diminishing or that your site’s lacking needed space and resources, then that’s a good sign to upgrade your plan to the next level. Shared hosting providers usually have multiple hosting levels where you can choose from.

What if I have a domain name at another company? Can I transfer it?

Almost all shared hosting services – save for some of the most basic ones – can transfer your past company’s domain name to your newly rented out server space. Transferring your old domain name is a great strategy to centralize administrative processes.

Do shared hosting providers include SSL certificates?

To prove their security capabilities, shared hosting services usually have SSL certification to showcase to you and your customers. If you want to place an SSL certificate on your website, some shared hosting services offer it for free.SSL certification is one of the best online business practices. This proves to your customers that their data is safe and secure. Search engines also don’t place “unsafe” or “insecure” e-commerce sites on their front pages.

Which is the difference between shared hosting vs cloud sharing?

In the cloud hosting vs shared hosting debate, cloud hosting’s exclusivity lies in its very method of maximizing uptime. They typically tap into multiple different servers to balance all of their hosted websites’ load and uptime.

How many websites can I host?

This depends on the plan that you get. Usually, with the basic plans, you can only host one website. This is recommended to start-ups and local businesses because of minimal traffic. If you get the more premium plans, then you can host a handful of websites. Some shared hosting services even have “unlimited” plans where you can host any number of websites.

Which is the difference between shared hosting vs VPS hosting?

What makes VPS hosting different from shared hosting is its ability to give you access to more resources. Virtual Private Servers or VPS hosting limits the number of websites on one server to maximize bandwidth and disk space for your small group of websites.

What is Shared Website Hosting and its cons?

The main con of shared website hosting is its limited capabilities. Limited resources, limited disk space, or limited customization. Although it’s not necessarily a con if you understand that the main function of shared hosting servers is to help start-ups or local businesses – which commonly have small bouts of traffic and content.

What is the difference between shared hosting vs WordPress hosting?

Shared web hosting is a cost-efficient plan where you can share server space with other websites. WordPress hosting – which can be shared or not – is a form of hosting that’s specifically optimized for WordPress as its website builder.

Are there shared hosting services in the UK?

Yes, all countries can access shared hosting services because the host can still be in a different country and still offer you their services. Your relationship with your provider is a virtual one, so you just need the internet and you’re good to go!

How do you find the best shared hosting services?

The best shared hosting servers are found in the 2019 and 2020 upgrades. This is because of the steep competition in recent years of the web hosting industry. Top-tier shared hosting services aimed to better their features to accommodate their customers more.

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