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2021 Rankings

Best Scrapbook Makers

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Put your memories to life through scrapbooking. With the best scrapbook makers online, you can now personalize your memory lane from thousands of templates and robust design tools. Sign up now and start creating beautiful scrapbooks!

Frequently Asked Questions on Scrapbook Makers

What can I put in a scrapbook?

The possibilities are endless if you start to decide to make scrapbooks. It will entirely be up to you to decide what to put in your latest projects. You can include photos, images, graphics, quotes, and many more. With online scrapbook makers for free, you will have access to their extensive tools to help you finish your project.

Can I print a digital scrapbook?

Yes, you can print a digital scrapbook in easy steps. Once you’ve finished your digital scrapbook layouts, you can print them on individual pages. Then, you can put them together to make a scrapbook album. It’s also possible to print your designs into bags, shirts, cards, etc.

What size is a scrapbook?

The first thing you need to think about is the type of scrapbook you want to make. You can do a post-bound, three-ring, book-bound, strap-hinge, and others. Once you know your album's style, you can decide the scrapbook size, like 12x12 inches, 8.5x11 inches, and 8x6 inches.

Can I upload my photo or logo to my scrapbook?

Yes, you can add images and logos to online scrapbook makers. This will make your project more personalized for your tastes. All you need to do is upload them from your devices, then add them to the library. From there, you can add the image or logo to your scrapbook template.

Are there any limitations on the number of photos I upload?

Usually, no, there are no limitations on the number of photos you can use. The best online scrapbook maker will allow you to use as many pictures as you want in your latest project. They give you the freedom to upload all the photos you need to make a beautiful and impressive scrapbook.

Which image formats can I use to generate a scrapbook?

This will depend on the service provider you’ve chosen. Several scrapbook makers online support the most commonly used image file formats, such as PDf, JPEG, PNG, etc. This will enable you to share your finished scrapbooks easily with your friends and loved ones.

Where can I find ideas for my scrapbook design?

If this is your first time doing scrapbooking, you don’t need to worry because scrapbook makers have unique templates for you to choose from. Professional designers create them, so you are ensured of the quality of their templates. If you are short on ideas and inspirations, these layouts are an excellent way to start.

Can I share my scrapbooks?

Yes, most platforms let you share your scrapbooks with anyone you want. Once you’ve completed your design, you can share them via social media platforms and email. You can also get a link and embed them on your websites. Plus, you can download them as images or videos and print them if you want to.

Can I customize the templates?

Yes, you can customize the templates. You can even personalize the template that is used in a different category or occasion for your own. Once you’ve chosen your template, you can add and remove designs and make them perfect for you. There are scrapbook makers that provide fully customizable templates for all users.

Can I duplicate my scrapbook?

Depending on the platform, there are scrapbook makers that allow you to duplicate nyour scrapbook. Once you have the copied version, you can make all the changes that you want. You can then compare it with the other versions of your creation and decide which one is the best.

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