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Are you looking for a reliable and legitimate residential proxy? Webshare Proxy provides top-of-the-line proxies that’ll meet all of your browsing needs. You’ll be on your way to online anonymity in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the special features of Webshare Proxy rotating proxies?

Webshare Proxy provides you with a number of features when you purchase their proxies. For starters, their proxies auto-rotate in standard one-hour increments, but you can customize these to do so in as little as five-minute increments.

When using Webshare Proxy, you’ll have access to the fastest server available. They have both HTTP and SOCKS5 dedicated networks with 99.97% guaranteed uptime.

Additional features include backbone and direct connections. In this way, you can either utilize backbone proxy endpoints or direct proxy addresses. Share optimization is also a key element of Webshare Proxy’s plans. Their proxies are optimized in a way that they’re only shared with users visiting different sites, meaning your activity will not be compromised.

What are the payment methods available for Webshare Proxy rotating proxies?

Webshare supports credit or debit card purchases only. However, they claim to be adding new payment options in the future.

How to refresh my proxy list on Webshare Proxy rotating proxies?

To refresh your proxy list, you’ll first need to navigate to the Proxy List page in your account. Click on Replace All and then purchase the new proxies via the Buy Proxy Refresh button. Upon completion, you’ll then return to the Proxy List page, select Replace All and then Refresh Now.

How does bandwidth limit work on Webshare Proxy rotating proxies?

You can customize the amount of bandwidth you would like to receive from Webshare Proxy when you make a purchase through them. When you run out of bandwidth, your proxies will stop working. However, you can easily buy more if needed.

What are the pricing plans on Webshare Proxy rotating proxies?

You can choose from one of Webshare Proxy’s three plans that provide you with 10, 20 or 30 proxies. You can customize the amount of bandwidth and threads for an additional fee. 10 proxies go for under $10.00 a month, 20 for under $15.00 and 30 for under $35.00.

What do I get when I subscribe to Webshare Proxy rotating proxies?

When you purchase proxies from Webshare Proxy, you have the ability to fully customize your selected plan. You can easily choose bandwidth and thread amounts from your user account. Upon purchase, your proxies will be active within a few seconds.

Webshare Proxy also promises absolute anonymity when using their proxies. You can trust that your private and personal data will be kept secure while browsing online.

Additionally, you can choose between three types of rotating proxies— dedicated, private or proxy server. With dedicated proxies, you own the proxies yourself. Private proxies are shared with up to two other users and proxy servers are shared with more than two users.

If you’re searching for a proxy subscription that you can personalize according to your individual needs, Webshare Proxy is a great company to consider.

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