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Storm Proxies provides different proxy service options; either rotating proxies or dedicated proxies. The company specializes in providing various plans to meet every type of proxy need. With unlimited bandwidth included in all their service packages and numerous packages to choose from, Storm Proxies is a leading proxy provider.

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What are Storm Proxies’ rotating proxies?


Storm Proxies’ backconnect rotating proxies rotate your IP address each time you send an HTTP request or at specific time intervals. A backconnect proxy uses large numbers of active IPs to draw from and Storm Proxies boasts a pool of 70,000. The proxies are located in the US, the EU or worldwide.


Storm Proxies’ residential rotating proxies rotate your IP address at set time intervals of either 3 or 15 minutes. A residential proxy masks your IP so it appears as a local address. Storm Proxies sources from over 40,000 IPs, located in the US or the EU.

What makes Storm Proxies’ rotating proxies better than other proxy sellers?

Storm Proxies’ packages offer low prices and a money-back guarantee. All plans at Storm Proxies provide unlimited bandwidth, something most proxy providers do not offer. Finally, Storm Proxies offers specialized rotating proxy plans aimed at ticket sales and sneaker sites.

How do I use Storm Proxies’ rotating proxies?

Log in to your account and enter your IP address into the “Authorized IPs” field and save the settings. After 15 minutes, your IP should be integrated into the network and you are ready to start using the proxy.

Next, determine which of the three proxies you want to use— the “Main Proxies,” the “3 Minutes Proxies” or the “15 Minutes Proxies.” Choose the main proxies if you want the IP address to rotate with each action you take, or one of the others if the site you are visiting requires a log in.

The final step is to copy and insert the Proxy Gateway IPs from your account into your software settings. There are online videos showing how to complete this process.

How does a rotating proxy service work on Storm Proxies?

Dedicated Rotating Proxies

Storm Proxies reverse backconnect rotating proxies provides over 200,000 private reverse proxies. All packages have unlimited bandwidth. Each package includes a limited number of threads or simultaneous connections and limits your access IP addresses.

Residential Rotating Proxies

Storm Proxies’ residential backconnect rotating proxy provides over 70,000 residential IPs and all plans provide unlimited bandwidth. Packages are limited by the number of ports, or “proxy gateway” IPs. After entering your port IPs into your software, your IP will update every five minutes. Only one access IP is allowed for residential rotating proxies.

What are the pricing plans for Storm Proxies’ rotating proxies?

Dedicated Rotating Proxies

Plans range from $14 to $147 per month with unlimited bandwidth. The lowest-priced package offers ten threads and one access point, while the highest-priced package provides 200 threads and five access IPs.

Residential Rotating Proxies

Plans range from $19 to $550 per month with unlimited bandwidth and one access IP. The lowest-priced plan provides only a single port, while the highest-priced plan has 100 ports. Plans optimized to either ticket sales or sneaker sites, range from $90 and ten ports to $1,600 and 500 ports.

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