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ScrapingBee is a smart proxy API that keeps you from getting blocked while scraping data on the web. Besides rotating IP addresses, ScrapingBee also bypasses CAPTCHA codes and hides bot footprints. With a large pool of datacenter and residential proxies from all over the world, ScrapingBee allows you to collect data with relative ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are ScrapingBee rotating proxies all about?

Web scraping can be risky, so you need serious protection that enables you to extract website information and turn it into clean and structured data. ScrapingBee is one such tool— it provides rotating proxies that keep you from getting blocked when you run data scraping processes.

You can also use ScrapingBee rotating proxies as a regular proxy service that allows temporarily unblocked access to blocked websites. They also keep your privacy intact while allowing access to censored websites in certain countries.

What can I get if I use the ScrapingBee rotating proxies?

Smart IP Rotation

Avoid blacklisting and throttling with ScrapingBee. It automatically rotates your IP addresses when you make requests, allowing you to scrape data faster and more efficiently.

Geolocation Targeting

ScrapingBee has geolocation targeting feature that allows you to scrape data from websites and social media platforms that are specific to a certain location. With this feature, you can easily gather data from popular websites in your area.

Data Center and Residential Proxies

With ScrapingBee, you can use either data center proxies or residential proxies, or a combination of both for your scraping projects, giving you greater scraping flexibility and control.

What makes ScrapingBee the best rotating proxy for everyone?

ScrapingBee has the perfect blend of features and price. It has a simple and intuitive user interface and offers detailed tutorials about running the program.

ScrapingBee does not throttle your bandwidth usage. It measures your usage by request, not by the amount of data transferred. Best of all, it has powerful features that make scraping faster and easier.

How do I use ScrapingBee rotating proxy?

Step 1: Log in to your ScrapingBee account.

Step 2: Click Request Builder on the menu panel on the left.

Step 3: Under Request costs, click Proxy Mode.

Step 4: DisableJavaScript rendering by using render_js=False.

Step 5: Configure the proxy mode with the following credentials:

         • HTTP address:

         • HTTPS address:

         • Socks5 address:

         • Username: YOUR-API-KEY

         • Password: PARAMETERS

Step 6: Follow the tutorials in the Documentation. Go to the Proxy Mode page of the ScrapingBee website to use the proxy mode with your chosen programming language.

Step 7: Integrate ScrapingBee proxies with Apify, Parsehub, Phantombuster, Web Scraper, Kameleo, or Octoparse. All tutorials are available under Documentation— Proxy Mode.

Are ScrapingBee rotating proxies free?

Although ScrapingBee rotating proxies are not free, the platform offers 1000 free API credits that allow you to see how you can benefit from its features.

Can I upgrade my plan on ScrapingBee rotating proxies anytime?

Yes. You can upgrade your current ScrapingBee plan to any other plan at any given time. The good thing about upgrading your plan is that it is reset immediately. The remaining credits from your previous plan are rolled over to your current plan.

You can also downgrade or cancel your subscription plan anytime should you find that ScrapingBee is not a good fit for your needs.

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