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If you’re in need of reliable, fast, and undetectable proxies, look no further than ScraperAPI. With their customizable plans, you’ll be ready to start web scraping, collecting online data, and more in a few short steps. Their tools will help you accomplish all of your proxy-based goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are ScraperAPI rotating proxies?

ScraperAPI’s rotating proxies work by supplying you with HTML data based on the URLs you provide. With their APIs, you can easily perform automated web scraping tasks on any website with JS rendering, location-based targeting, or residential proxies.

Requests sent to their API will be routed to their proxy pool. From there, the HTML code will either be relayed to you, or ScraperAPI will continue attempting the request until an error code 500 limits the process.

How do I use ScraperAPI rotating proxies?

ScraperAPI proxies can be used for secure internet browsing, web scraping activities, and bypassing CAPTCHAs.

Does ScraperAPI offer a free trial?

While ScraperAPI doesn’t offer a “free trial”, they provide free monthly packages instead. ScraperAPI provides users with 1,000 complementary API credits and a maximum of five concurrent connections. However, after first signing up, you’re given an additional 4,000 requests for seven days.

With this option, you can easily test out ScarperAPI before making the decision to purchase a plan from them.

What is ScraperAPI’s bandwidth-based pricing?

According to their website, ScraperAPI doesn’t currently offer bandwidth-based packages. Rather, their subscription prices are based on the amount of APIs you need or use throughout the month-long cycle. You can find detailed information about their pricing on their website under the Documentation tab.

What benefits does ScraperAPI offer?

Depending on the plan you choose, ScraperAPI provides several user benefits that can be valuable to you. For example, when you select either their Business or Startup package, you can utilize their Geotargeting feature. With this service, you can send requests to any twelve countries included in their proxy pool.

Additionally, you can easily bypass anti-bot obstacles such as CAPTCHAs quickly. Their APIs have intelligent screening processes for detecting these traps, so you don’t need to worry about being blocked or blacklisted from a website.

ScraperAPI claims to have a 98% success rate, so you can trust that their services will live up to your standards.

What are the features of ScraperAPI rotating proxies?

ScraperAPI provides many beneficial features for you. They report having over 40,000,000 IPs available across the globe, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, and the promise of 24/7 customer support. If you have any difficulties implementing their APIs into your browsing activity, you can access their knowledge base directly from their website.

Do ScraperAPI rotating proxies have unlimited bandwidth?

All of the plans provided by ScraperAPI come with unlimited bandwidth included in the price. In that respect, if you plan to perform many scraping or data collecting tasks, ScraperAPI is a great company to consider.

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