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Proxyrack offers reliable and high-end rotating proxies at affordable prices. The company has multiple products for all cases, including a free trial to test their services. They use a self-service model, so it takes up to ten minutes to purchase and set up your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Proxyrack rotating proxies different?

Proxyrack rotating proxies have over 2 million IPs that are reliable and affordable. Their price plans are for various needs and budgets. What makes them different is that they have tiers with uncapped data plans, which other companies do not offer.

What are the pricing plans of Proxyrack rotating proxies?

Residential Proxies

This service consists of Unmetered Residential proxies, Premium Geo Residential proxies and Private Residential proxies. The most popular plan falls in the last category. The 25 Ports cost $225.99 and you have fast speed, uncapped data and the assigned IPs are only for you.

Datacenter Proxies

This service consists of USA rotating proxies, Global Rotating Datacenter proxies and Static USA proxies. The most popular plan is the Pro 1000, which costs $410 per month. It offers you 1000 threads, unmetered data transfer, Geo target cities and many more features.

What payment option is available on Proxyrack rotating proxies?

You can purchase rotating proxies on Proxyrack using PayPal, Credit and Debit cards as well as Payssion.

Do Proxyrack rotating proxies have unlimited bandwidth?

Some plans have unlimited bandwidth, and others have it capped. For example, the Private Residential service does not have bandwidth limits, while the Premium Residential proxies plan has restrictions.

How long is the trial period of Proxyrack rotating proxies?

Proxyrack rotating proxies has a three-day trial for all Proxy Products. It costs $13.95, and it comes with a few features to test out its proxy services. You will get premium residential 1GB, private residential 5 port and other features.

Is there any connection limit for proxies in Proxyrack rotating proxies?

There are connection limits for proxies depending on the plan that you have. The standard package has 50 threads, while the Guru package comes with 200 threads.

Do Proxyrack rotating proxies work with Google?

Chrome does not have inbuilt proxy support, so you will need a separate chrome extension.

Step 1: Have an active Proxyrack subscription. Download a chrome extension to configure your proxy information.

Step 2: Go to your Proxyrack user dashboard> Your active products> Click on your plan.

Step 3: Copy your random new IP and add them to your Chrome extension. You will need to introduce your Port and Server details.

Step 4: After completing your details, enter your username and password found on your Proxyrack dashboard> Click Save Changes> Click Apply changes.

How do I use Proxyrack rotating proxies?

Step 1: Purchase a Proxyrack plan and register your new account.

Step 2: Login to your new account. You will be redirected to your proxy dashboard.

Step 3: Click on Active Products and select your active proxies.

Step 4: Check your Username and Password for your Proxy Authentication.

Step 5: Scroll down the page to get to your proxies or generate random new IPs every session.

Step 6: The dashboard shows you how much bandwidth you are using, threads in use, etc.

Step 7: Set up your proxies with your web browser.

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