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ProxyFish is a startup that has developed a mobile proxy network allowing users to access blocked websites and services. ProxyFish uses distributed nodes worldwide to unblock any website regardless of the user location. This service is perfect for entrepreneurs who often need to access websites and services blocked in their home country or region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to get started on ProxyFish?

To get started on ProxyFish, knowledge of what proxies are required is vital— whether HTTPS, SOCKS5, or ISP. Once this is known, head to the relevant page from the Proxies dropdown menu.

Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies are routed through actual computers around the world. These are suitable for ad verifying, SEO monitoring, checking in on prices, and sneaker proxies as they appear to other computers like an ordinary human is browsing from home.

HTTPS and SOCKS Proxies

HTTPS proxies use the Secure Socket Layers to route information, while SOCKS5 exchanges info packets via another server.

ISP Proxies

An ISP proxy doesn't involve an end-user as a remote server hosts it. Additionally, it's virtually impossible to track the machine the proxy is assigned to, as an ISP has many public addresses.

After choosing the suitable proxy, click Buy and check the available plans. Users can also download add-ons for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for easy access.

What are rotating proxies?

A rotating proxy automatically distributes requests to a pool of IP addresses each time a user starts a new connection with the ProxyFish server. The benefit of this method is that it's not necessary to build and maintain infrastructure. The server will use a different proxy for every request a user makes. This ensures requests aren't made multiple times to the target website using the same proxy.

It is easier to simulate many users accessing a service or website using ProxyFish's rotating proxies than sending many requests from a single user. Even if there is a blocking issue with one IP, the next connection will have a completely different IP and will be successful.

Proxy rotation is achievable with dedicated proxy servers, data center proxies, and residential proxy servers. In either case, running web scraping or other tools with rotating proxies will increase the success rate dramatically.

What is the best pricing plan for ProxyFish rotating proxies?

Many plans are available on ProxyFish, and it would be impossible to list them all here. But, generally speaking, the plans cost anywhere between $3.00 and $13.00.

The best pricing plan is the one that is cost-effective for the budget. So it's worthwhile looking at the plans to see what's necessary for terms of scale and frequency of use.

Does ProxyFish have hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges with ProxyFish. However, users can reach out to customer support by email and live chat support for any billing or technical issues. Support staff can also be contacted by filling out the customer form on the website.

How to use the ProxyFish free trial?

While there isn't a free trial, ProxyFish provides several free proxies scattered across the globe. However, it would be valuable to research the security risks before using free proxies.

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