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ProxyCrawl offers comprehensive crawling and scraping tools for businesses. Start scraping and crawling websites and bypass any restrictions, blocks, or captchas in minutes with its tools. Experience internet data freedom with complete anonymity.

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Last updated on June, 21

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ProxyCrawl?

ProxyCrawl is an all-in-one data scraping and crawling platform for business developers. It offers various tools, like Crawling API, Crawler, Scraper API, Smart Proxy, Leads API, Screenshot API, etc. With these businesses, you can scrape and crawl websites easily and anonymously.

Are ProxyCrawl’s rotating proxies free?

ProxyCrawl offers rotating Smart Proxy to users for a subscription fee. Users need to buy a monthly or yearly subscription to access the Smart Proxy tool. However, users also can choose a 30-day trial with some limited features.

How many rotating proxies does ProxyCrawl have?

Currently, ProxyCrawl’s Smart Proxy tool claims to have more than one million unique proxies worldwide.

Do ProxyCrawl’s rotating proxies offer unlimited bandwidth?

Yes, ProxyCrawl hasn’t put any bandwidth restrictions for its rotating proxies. You can consume as much data as you want.

Are ProxyCrawl’s rotating proxies legal and safe?

ProxyCrawl has more than 40,000 paying users and their tools are open source. Besides, you can check testimonials on their website from some high profile companies like Intel, LG, Pinterest, Quora and more. It is also safe as it uses anonymous Crawling APIs, which makes a user undetectable.

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