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Are you looking for a way to anonymously browse the internet? With LimeProxies’ residential rotating proxies, you can do so easily on your computer. You’ll be virtually undetectable and your personal data will be kept safe and secure.

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Amazing Best service I've had from a proxy provider , answers me every time and fix my problems always ! Recommended..

Great support from LimeProxies I'm a novice at using a Proxy service. LimeProxies has been fabulous at getting me up and running. Excellent support.

Highly Recommended! Super fast proxies! Super fast proxies!! The best customer support among all providers!! They replace any blocked proxies in 5 minutes.

Account removal They have no options to delete my account. But they deleted the authorized ip for the proxy and the email from the mailing list. For my opinon that is really poor.

Scammers won't refund you, and will screw you Asked for a refund immediately after payment because it turns out there's a bandwidth limit they don't tell you about until you open an account. I was offered unlimited bandwidth to compensate (which turned out to be 10TB, not unlimited). I persisted with the refund and eventually they said they would, they then said they were unable to refund it due to a system error. I opened a case on PayPal to resolve it, they asked me to cancel the case as they can only refund via their system and not via PayPal, so I did. Suddenly they can't refund me again and now I have no recourse to go back to PayPal to refund! Do not trust this company! I'm $150 out of pocket for 50 useless private proxies because your bandwidth limit is per account anyway not per proxy! So not only is it not unlimited like they said, it's only 500GB per proxy per month. Bunch of scammers.

Cheap and reliable This service is reliable and works as far as I need. I don't have large bandwidth requirements like some of the other reviewers here, but the geo proxy features all work well.

Most helpful proxy company to date Most helpful proxy company to date. I will spread the word about you guys till I die. Best customer service that is 24/7, and quick too. Easiest human to human experience. Every. Time. Love you guys for real

Not tested the proxies yet Not tested the proxies yet, however when the live chat adviser was REALLY helpful and made sure I got what I needed. When I came to the website, I was testing out what I needed and even though I chose the wrong product, they upgraded me to the one I needed without any hassle.

Lime Proxies I recently purchased some proxies from Lime Proxies for Facebook and they are by far the best provider I've seen!!! I also purchased proxies from other proxy providers who get top ratings and reviews and each account I assigned a proxy to got block within days. There support is top notch, they even still check with me just to see if everything is going smoothly which has never happened with any other provider. There proxies actually stay in any place I chosed when I bought them unlike other providers. I highly recommed them and they get 5 stars from me!

100% Stay away this proxy service! I am the owner of, I used and tested almost all proxy services for those years! Their proxies do not worth the money, and the support also is so bad! Not just product, Limeproxies cheated me at least $2000! One of My tickets handles more than 2-3 months, Totally untrustworthy! Do not waste time and money to those guys!