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Are you looking for a way to anonymously browse the internet? With LimeProxies’ residential rotating proxies, you can do so easily on your computer. You’ll be virtually undetectable and your personal data will be kept safe and secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I choose LimeProxies’ rotating proxies?

LimeProxies offers a number of features with their proxy services. They currently provide over 40,000,000 proxies across the world for users to choose from. Additionally, their proxies ensure easy bypassing of CAPTCHAs, allowing you to target certain cities and helping eliminate the risk of blocking while browsing.

You can also opt to select from a list of add-on services. LimeProxies provides the option to customize your location, create up to 500 concurrent connections, enable on-demand IP refreshing, and choose customized proxies for specified sites. In order to start using these features, contact their customer support.

Are there any bandwidth limitations with LimeProxies?

LimeProxies starts you out with a bandwidth cap of 500GB per account. Your usage will be determined based on the amount of downloaded data, uploaded data, and requested data. However, you can also request to have this increased. Depending on your proxy package and data requests, you can have it increased up to 5TB. You may contact their customer support for more information.

You can monitor your available bandwidth by going to your dashboard. Your total usage will be presented in percentage.

Are there any service restrictions when using LimeProxies?

LimeProxies provides a list of actions that are restricted when using their services. They state that you can't use proxies for spam or deceitful purposes, e-commerce sites like PayPal, eBay, etc., commenting software, or accessing government data.

Can I test a proxy before purchasing?

Currently, LimeProxies offers a 3-day free trial of dedicated datacenter proxies when you sign up. This will help you test out how their platform works before you decide to get your own plan.

How does LimeProxies protect my privacy?

When browsing the internet, your IP address is constantly monitored and logged for traffic data purposes. Since your IP is connected to your personal location and internet, everything you do online can be tracked and recorded. With LimeProxies’ rotating proxies, a level of anonymity is applied to you, allowing you to browse freely without leaving a data trail. Instead of content being delivered directly to your device, LimeProxies’ servers relay the online information. In this way, they essentially act as a middle-man to protect your individual IP address from detection.

How often can I refresh the rotating proxies?

LimeProxies allows you to refresh your proxies once a month. If you need more refreshments, you can contact their customer support or submit an online ticket from your dashboard or via email.

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