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Looking for an affordable rotating proxies solution? IPRoyal is among the cheapest and best proxy service providers. No more worrying about being blocked or detected— IPRoyal has got more than two million residential proxies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are IPRoyal’s rotating proxies?

IPRoyal’s rotating proxies add an extra layer of security on top of what standard anonymous proxies offer. Users on rotating proxies can experience enhanced anonymity online as these proxies ensure that every session has a unique address.

Users can choose how long they want to stay on the same IP address, from a few minutes to a few hours. Users can also configure their proxy to alter their IP address after a specified interval automatically.

How do IPRoyal’s rotating proxies work?

An internet proxy acts as an intermediary between a user and a server. So there’s no direct communication between a client and a server. The data passes through the proxy. Rotating proxies constantly change IP addresses from a vast available IP address pool.

IP addresses can be set to automatically change after a defined interval depending upon the proxy configuration. Rotating proxies provide an added security and anonymity by ensuring that each session has a unique IP address.

How do I use IPRoyal’s rotating proxies?

There are no specific steps involved in using IPRoyal’s rotating proxies. You can use rotating proxies the same way as other proxies. You’ll need to configure your software (browser or router) with the details provided in your order.

Can I use IPRoyal’s rotating proxies for free?

IPRoyal is a premium proxy service provider and charges a subscription fee for rotating proxies. Multiple plans are available, and you pay per GB of data or proxy. It doesn’t have any free proxies, but you can request the company for trial proxies.

Trial proxies allow you to test everything and experience the benefits of different proxies. Once you are satisfied with a particular proxy, you can make a purchase.

Why should I use IPRoyal’s rotating proxies?

There are several benefits of using IPRoyal rotating proxies.

• They provide enhanced security and anonymity.

• You can bypass restrictions and access geofenced content.

• Millions of proxies are available around the globe.

• Lightning fast speed regardless of location.

• No contracts policy— pay as you go and stop when you want options.

Are IPRoyal’s rotating proxies legit?

IPRoyal’s rotating proxies and other proxies are reliable and come with a decent speed. The IPs in IPRoyal’s pool are ethically sourced, and their owners receive financial compensation. Their proxies are also compatible with many of the web services online.

It is recommended that users do their research and make use of the free trial to see if the product delivers on its promises. You can also use product review websites to compare IPRoyal with other rotating proxies and then make an informed decision.

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