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Privacy and anonymity are very important in the world of the internet. Hide your IP address and gain access to over 2,000 locations and almost four million addresses all around the world with the help of GeoSurf. Scrape the internet and make sure your bots are never blocked with GeoSurf.

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Lital Barkan

Pros: It enables me to surf the internet like a local user, this way I can check that geotargeting is working properly, research new markets, and validate funnels. Cons: Sometimes there are error messages when I switch to using my browser without a proxy, but clearing cache & cookies (as they recommend on their site) fixes the problem. Likelihood to Recommend: I used to work for this company. I am now using the product as a user in my new business and I see it as a user does. The product has improved tremendously recently. Their infrastructure is great, their support is helpful, and their product has become key to my business for many clients. Training Types Used: Online training Support Rating10: Very helpful and friendly.

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May 28, 2013

Itay Levy

Pros: Fast connection Works with proxy Great Service Cons: Mac app is a bit out dated Sometimes hangs Use Cases and Deployment Scope: GeoSurf Allows us to mimic our product behaviour in different countries. It's one of the only VPNs that works alongside proxy apps. It's being used though many departments especially our mobile department. Likelihood to Recommend: When testing the product performance on other location from where our R&D is, it works well. It's still being detected sometimes by 3rd party as VPN / Proxy which is problematic. GeoSurf Business Outcomes: Makes our QAing and debugging easier.

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Mar 21, 2017

Pros: It's very easy and super convenient to use, since it's easily accessible via the toolbar menu of my browser and I can turn it on and off without any issues. The additional mobile emulator is a nice feature, it's more reliable than any methods I have to test mobile otherwise. It's great at what it does. It does one thing and it does it very well and is very reliable. Cons: I like the tool, but if I needed to cut costs this is probably the first thing that would go. It's nice to have and it works great, but most things we spend money on have much broader capabilities. We had some issues where all of our users we using a single sign on and there were some surprise overage fees. It would be great if there were automated alerts or usage reports to see who is using the tool, and how often (which may also help justify the expense). Use Cases and Deployment Scope: Our monetization team uses Geosurf to take screenshots for international advertising campaigns and also for troubleshooting purposes. Likelihood to Recommend: If I had a colleague only looking to proxy location, this is hands down the tool I'd recommend. The primary reason I'm giving it a 7 out of 10 is due to the fact that (1) I consider this a nice to have tool, not a must have tool and (2) it doesn't do a wider range of things. GeoSurf Business Outcomes: We have reseller partnerships based in the UK and also in South America that have been much easier to support because we are able to mimic the experience in those locations, whether it's verifying delivery on page or taking screenshots. Additionally, when we receive alerts of ad related issues outside of the US, it makes it much easier to troubleshoot when we can proxy those locations.

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Mar 24, 2017

Pros: Proxying Low latency QA Use Cases and Deployment Scope: We currently use Geosurf to test ad creatives in different proxies. This allows us to view what treatments are running in other domains, allowing us to QA ads we normally would not see. Likelihood to Recommend: Testing ads in different geographies through proxy GeoSurf Business Outcomes: QA processing in other regions.

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Mar 24, 2017

Pros: Easy login and friendly tool Easy to download Easy to install Cons: Accessibility Use Cases and Deployment Scope: It is used as an assistance tool for us to review different domains. Our company enables us to use this tool if we decide it is helpful. Likelihood to Recommend: It is very helpful when you want to review a specific domain that you can't review with your current proxy. GeoSurf Business Outcomes: To research and qualify new verticals.

Joe Sandmeyer

Pros: Simulate network requests from different parts of the world in order to see how our tech performs from different regions. Test how our system behaves with when operated from client devices that identify as from different world regions. Test security and fraud prevention systems that handle global IP ranges differently. Operate web crawlers anonymously and legally. Cons: We sometimes receive proxies to blacklisted IP addresses that we can't use. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: At Fyber, my team of engineers use GeoSurf to test the features of our ad tech products and simulate their behavior in different world regions. It is useful both for development and problem diagnosis. In a previous role, at mobile search company Quixey, we used GeoSurf as a proxy for web crawlers. Likelihood to Recommend: GeoSurf is a good solution for testing the behavior of app user traffic from different parts of the world.For crawlers, GeoSurf is OK but provided some more attractive features and pricing. GeoSurf Business Outcomes: We were able to quickly diagnose issues that could have become a serious business obstacle for customers in other parts of the world.

Andrii Radzikovskii

Pros: Many items in country list Fast connection Works well for IOS 9.x Cons: Some proxy servers are not available from time-to-time County list could be extended Does not work for IOS 10.x, since PPTP was removed from IOS, and GeoSurf did not provide any other solution. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: We use GeoSurf to simulate a location for development and testing if we need to pretend that we are launching our app for another country to catch some regulation restrictions (if there are any). Also, we need to see if our app can detect the preferred display language from a location. Some country specific features (as built in video streams) need a fake location too. Likelihood to Recommend: If the necessary country is on a list - you can connect and have a stable and fast link almost as if you are in the selected location. But some locations are not listed, that is a con. GeoSurf Business Outcomes: We can detect if our app is distributed to the desired country; if it can connect to the server, if it detects any country specific regulations etc.

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May 22, 2017

Pros: GeoSurf is a powerful tool that allows us to switch from the different versions of our websites in country to country very quickly. It has a very easy-to-use interface and toolbar which makes changing countries very easy. GeoSurf has a mobile view which allows us to see what mobile content looks like in a given country within a web browser. Cons: Occasionally a country will stop working for periods of time. They usually come back eventually, but can be a bit annoying when you need to see content in that country. GeoSurf can interfere with the default browser proxy settings and interfere with loading content when it is turned off. It's not really a GeoSurf problem, rather an issue on our company network, but some of my team are unable to access one country in particular, and we are having trouble getting this issue sorted by our IT team. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: My company has customers around the world, and I lead a team that places and manages content for websites and mobile apps in 10 different languages in countries from Europe to Latin America. My team relies heavily on GeoSurf to monitor the content we place on those sites, as it is important for us to view the sites as they are seen in the countries where our customers are accessing the content. Likelihood to Recommend: For what my team uses GeoSurf for, it is well suited for jumping from country to country to quality control content placements very quickly. For the most part it is reliable, efficient and fast, changing countries and loading content instantly. Our company uses it for a fairly specific task on only our company website, but for what we use it for, it is a very powerful tool. GeoSurf Business Outcomes: Using GeoSurf has allowed my company to monitor and quality control the content on the company's websites around the world. GeoSurf allows us to rest assured that when we launch in a new market that we will always be able to monitor the content in that country. This means one less thing to worry about as we scramble to launch.

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May 22, 2017

Pros: Easy to use Fast and reliable service Good range of localizations Cons: Show the IP after choosing a localisation. Set different IP for each tab of the browser. Good to compare different tabs/localizations. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: Our products are shared across different countries with different rules. We use GeoSurf to help log-in in different locations to make tests. It can be used by testers, developers and managers to validate releases or simply check if the apps are working correctly in these locations. The tool is used across all the organisation. Likelihood to Recommend: Good: Test different jurisdictions/localisationsGood range of counties availableFast proxy GeoSurf Business Outcomes: Faster testingFaster developmentBetter quality for the final user

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May 31, 2017

Pros: Simple and intuitive interface, very easy to switch between proxies. There is an Android app that can be used with the same account. More locations or alternative servers can always be arranged, if need be. Cons: There is no iOS app which is a big gap and we need an alternative product for such devices. Our subscriptions is with shared and limited bandwidth, some users forget to turn off GeoSurf when they are done with the proxy thus incurring unnecessary costs. Would be good to have some reality checks implemented to avoid unintended long session. The Android interface is little outdated, although it's still simple and quick to use. I'd prefer slightly more modern design, including usage statistics. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: GeoSurf is an essential add-on that is used across our whole organization. Since we are an international company with many localized labels and regulations to comply with, GeoSurf enables us to simulate location-restricted journeys and verify the user experiences. Likelihood to Recommend: It's a great add-on for testing location-based user journeys. Sometimes it does not go around all geolocation restrictions (ie. video streaming) which is also understandable. Also since it's shared across the organization, the behavior of others in the network can impact the IP address (ie. black listing or temporary cool off). GeoSurf Business Outcomes: Tailored user experience for acquisition and retention of customers has been much more successful, thanks to the power of location oriented assets and information.

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Jun 19, 2017