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Privacy and anonymity are very important in the world of the internet. Hide your IP address and gain access to over 2,000 locations and almost four million addresses all around the world with the help of GeoSurf. Scrape the internet and make sure your bots are never blocked with GeoSurf.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How safe and secure are GeoSurf rotating proxies?

One common use for rotating proxies is for bots and with the right residential proxies, your bots will be disguised as regular users. GeoSurf claims that your bots won’t be blocked due to their IPs and proxy servers being undetectable.

If you’re scraping the internet for different kinds of information, using the right residential proxies is very important for your bots to work. If suspicious activity is detected, most websites will block them right away but with the help of the right rotating proxies, you’ll be able to avoid suspicion and keep your bots running 24/7.

Can I use GeoSurf rotating proxies on more than one device?

Yes. GeoSurf also offers an additional mobile service, the mobile VPN, which allows you to change your IP address from a list of 120 locations available to use. GeoSurf allows you to use a proxy from a residential location which helps mask your connection as a real regular user.

Manually changing your IP address on your mobile device, however, can be quite tricky. Although this can be done manually, the best way to change your IP address on a mobile device is through using GeoSurf’s mobile VPN.

How do I use GeoSurf rotating proxies?

In order to use GeoSurf, you’ll first have to pick whether you want to use Instagram proxies, ad verification proxies or residential IPs among many other products. Once you’ve chosen which product to use, you’ll have to choose between a starter, professional, plus or enterprise account which can cost from $450 to over $2,000 depending on usage.

Once you’ve chosen your IP address, you’ll first have to modify your browser by going to advanced settings and manually inputting the proxy you want to use. When you’re finished changing your IP address, you can then easily run your bots or scrape the web with a different proxy every time.

How can I check my account’s bandwidth usage in GeoSurf rotating proxies?

GeoSurf has its own toolbar for you to see how much bandwidth you’ve used, how much bandwidth is there remaining, which locations you are accessing and more. The GeoSurf toolbar allows you to see how much data you’ve used or which residential IPs you’ve accessed, along with the option to get a new IP address at will.

Do GeoSurf rotating proxies offer a plan with unlimited bandwidth?

Yes. Although not specifically mentioned on their website, gaining unlimited bandwidth can be arranged. If you’re using an enterprise plan with special pricing, you’ll be able to make unlimited connections with 2TB monthly residential access.

If you want to go for unlimited bandwidth, however, you’ll have to contact them and express your concerns with the limited bandwidth on their different plans. You’ll be able to have one designed specifically for you should you need unlimited bandwidth right away.

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