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Increased anonymity and privacy: Bright Data allows people to find patterns in data and build predictive models on a variety of topics including sports, finance, politics and more. Their goal is to democratize access to big datasets so that everyone can benefit from machine learning technology without needing a PhD in statistics or computer science.

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Luminati is very fast, scalable proxy gateway for us. Amit is working here. And he is very helpful. We want to use luminati long years.

I am using luminati proxy service for almost a year. Their product is great for my business. But, the most important is their people from the company, the manager and support. They are always for me at any time, to guide, help and offer a practical solution. This is very important to have good support. Only in this way you can make great things, only with people offering their best to each other.

Very easy to set up proxies and use their proxy manager client. Customer service is responsive and cares about helping you succeed on their platform. Can't go wrong with this service if you are getting started on web scraping. Overall highly recommend!

Basel was really helpful with my request about setting up the proxy manager. He made sure of the problem I had to ensure that the solution was the correct one. Actually the documentation UI is not very good because links don't auto scroll to window to the correct article. It's always completely off. So i would give the UI 1 star, and the documentation could be better organized. Basel was really helpful and saved this review otherwise potentially unhappy user experience because of documentation issues.

Great support! Very high-quality proxy network technology. Thanks Guys

The support team works just fine. I was a little upset by the quality of the proxy, but in general you can use their services.

Very friendly, very fast, and detailed explanations. The best proxy service I've ever used! There is no need to look elsewhere. It is the best in terms of price and service. Especially, they are kind to those who inquire and consult!

Ori was very helpful. I had difficulties installing my proxy manager. He guided me through every single steps. Felt very safe to receive such a level of assistance. He even worked past his work hours in order to get my issues in order. Much appreciated.

This service is the best that I ever use for my needs. It's my fourth proxy provider that I use while my application grow up. I have something to compare with, this is by far the best proxy provider I have ever used. I use it for one year and about one or three months. Proxies are high quality, and perfect for my tasks. I use 400 data center static proxies a month, and about 600gb traffic. Each proxy cost me about $0.75 a month. So cheap for that quality. I have no problem with them. If you don't like some of your proxies, you can easily change them any time. By yourself, it cost $0.02 per IP. Never mind how long do you use it day, week, month, year so on... Just click and got new one. Support is friendly and ready to help. Today they help me to understand a little more about proxies. It's time to experiments! Thanks a lot. So, if you search proxy provider for your application, you have to try It can help your application grows up faster.

Very good account manager Oxana gave a really easy and friendly vibe. Took me through account activation with no issues. Quite fast too! Here’s to hoping the actual proxies are as good as her.