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Protect yourself from unwanted attention and improve your anonymity online with the help of the perfect residential rotating proxy, Apify. Stop using regular rotating proxies that use bad IP addresses, and start using better residential rotating proxies with Apify.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which plan is best for me in Apify rotating proxies?

Rotating proxies can be useful even on a personal scale with less than 100 IPs. If you are using the rotating IP for commercial purposes, you might have to choose up to 1,000 IPs or more than 1,000 IPs to ensure you don’t run out within the month.

What are the pricing plans of Apify rotating proxies?

Apify charges you based on how many proxies you choose to use. If you are using up to 100 IPs, you’ll be charged $1.00/month each, but for more than 1,000 IPs, you’ll be charged $0.85/month for each proxy. For people using Apify for personal purposes, having 100 IPs is already good enough for personal reasons like research, games, apps, and different websites.

If you are planning to use Apify for commercial purposes, choosing the over 1,000 IPs plan will cost you $0.85/month for each proxy you choose to use. If you can gauge exactly how many proxies you’ll need, there are also options for up to 500 IPs which costs $0.95/month for each proxy and $0.90/month for each proxy for up to 1,000 IPs.

Can I try Apify rotating proxies for free?

Yes. Apify allows you to try out their rotating proxies for 30 days, but it does have a limitation. The free trial will only allow you to use $5 worth of credits each month with a maximum memory of 4GB and data retention for just a week.

Do Apify rotating proxies offer student discounts?

No. The most affordable plan is the Personal plan which gives you $49 platform credits for rotating proxies. If you want to use Apify for a brief period and are not planning to use it professionally or for a long time, there is a free trial for you to try out.

What payment methods do Apify rotating proxies accept and how can I change them?

Apify accepts either credit or debit cards or PayPal as its payment method. If you want to switch them up, you’ll need to contact their customer support via chat or go to Settings, click on Usage and billing, go to Subscription and select your payment method.

Can I upgrade my Apify rotating proxies plan anytime?

Yes. To upgrade, contact Apify on live chat when signing in to your account. You can also go to pricing under usage and billing to determine how much the upgrade costs.

What are Apify rotating proxies all about?

Instead of being sent to a random IP address, Apify rotating proxies make sure you use proxies that work and are also registered as residential proxies. This minimizes the suspicion of websites and apps since you will be connecting to them through legitimate residential IP addresses.

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