Best Resume Writing Services in May 2022

Are you looking for a new job? Resume writing services will help you get your foot in the door with an awesome resume that will make recruiters take notice. Get a professional resume writer now to help you stand out from the rest!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are resume writing services?

Landing your dream job would require blood, sweat, and a great resume. If you're still not getting an interview call, maybe your resume is the problem. Luckily, with resume writing services, you can have professional writers write, review, and revise your resume to effectively market your skills and land an interview for your dream job.

Why do you need resume writing services?

Getting a resume writing service will not only help you create a professionally written resume; it can also help you find the unique selling propositions you can use to market yourself. With the writers' years of experience plus modern tools, you'll surely be one step ahead of the pack. Read below to know more about the benefits you can get from resume writing services.

Enhances Your Resume

One of the primary benefits of getting professional resume writing services is that they can enhance your resume. Instead of the old-school writing wherein you list down generic information, resume writing services can customize your resume to fit the industry you want to apply to. You can also use unique templates that will make you stand out among applicants.

Highlights the Right Credentials

Resume writing services can also highlight the right credentials for the role you're applying for. Just tell your service provider your desired position so that they can optimize the skills that hiring managers are looking for. If you have the right credentials highlighted in the resume, you'll have a higher chance of getting an interview call and, of course, landing the job.

Creates A Professional Resume Look

When hiring managers look at your resume, the first impression matters, it will create the vibe of whether you're the candidate they're looking for. Resume writing services have a polished and professional appearance that can undoubtedly capture hiring managers' attention. The error-free finish will also make you a top candidate; that's for sure.

Saves You Time

Some people spend weeks or even months polishing their resumes, delaying their job applications. Instead of wasting so much time working on your resume, you can get the final product in just a matter of days by getting online resume writing services. This quick service will help speed up your job search to be one step closer to your dream job.

Saves You Money

Looking for a job would require you to shed some cash on top of income loss due to unemployment. Though getting resume writing services seems like an expense, some people get financially-rewarding jobs after having their resume professionally made. Also, there are free resume writing services you can check out in case you're short on cash.

Creates Impactful Wordings

Unique wordings can create an impact when you're vying for a job. Most resume templates you'll find on the internet use generic words that are common in most resumes. But professional resume writers use unique terms to set you apart. Your well-thought-of wordings can also be an indication of how much effort you'll put into the work once you're hired.

Gives You an Expert Writing Advantage

A professionally written resume is an investment. Since resume writers spent years studying writing mechanisms, they have the right knowledge of creating catchy texts and properly proofreading your resume, which means you'll have an end-product that employers and hiring managers will surely appreciate.

Uses Uncommon Wordings to Create an Edge

Top resume writing services make your resume special. Instead of reconstructing usual resume outlines on the internet, professional resume writers use uncommon wordings to describe your abilities. They also pay extra attention to semantics, grammar, and structure to ensure readability and optimize key highlight points for relevant accomplishments.

Uses Complex Technology for Your Advantage

Top professional resume writing services optimize modern tools and complex technologies to create professional-looking resumes. They use different applications to play with the template and design to make your resume stand out. These top technologies also make state-of-the-art outlines, something you won't get from generic templates off the internet

Gives You an Inside Track on Your Dream Job

Resume writing services give you an inside track on your dream job. Resume writers constantly browse job markets to identify the top skills for certain positions. They also collaborate with recruiters in different fields to determine the perfect applicant qualifications. This inside track is useful in creating an ideal resume, no matter what area you apply in.

Helps You Format Your Resume

Resume writing services do not only write a resume for you. They also format it to make it easy to read. You don't want hiring managers to stop reading your resume midway because it's hard on the eyes. Luckily, resume writers have years of experience outlining and formatting, so they can create simple yet professional-looking outlines.

Gives You High-Quality Writing

Not everyone can effectively translate their thoughts into paper. If you're writing your resume, you don't want to take any chances, especially if you do have not much resume writing experience. Resume writers provide you with high quality-writing to effectively illustrate your background and make a positive impression with hiring managers.

Helps Avoid Mistakes

Grammar mistakes are big red flags for hiring managers and employers. It will create an impression that you didn't spend much time reviewing your resume, sabotaging your chances of landing the job. With resume writing services, you don't have to worry about that because resume writers will proofread every inch of your resume to ensure a perfect finish.

Overcomes Red Flags

Whether you have employment gaps or are switching careers, a great resume can help you a long way. Resume writers can look for ways to accentuate the complimentary items in your career and education history. It will help you divert hiring managers' attention away from the areas you're not particularly proud of.

Helps Create an Objective Look

Most people find it challenging to take an objective look at another person's career and educational background. Having a professional writer work on your resume will help you determine what information to trim out to create an objective resume. It will remove unnecessary fluffs, so employers would know exactly what to look at on your resume.

Helps Identify Your Value

There may be instances when you tend to undervalue your previous job experiences, not knowing how to market them. Resume writers can solicit necessary career details to create an accomplishment-based resume to effectively demonstrate how your experiences and strengths can help with the company's future endeavors.

What are the core features of resume writing services?

Resume writing services providers do not only offer writing features; they also combine primary and advanced features to help increase your chances of landing your dream job. Whether you're a fresh graduate, a career-shifter, or an executive, these unique features will help you level up your job search. Read below to know more about them.

Resume Writing

Resume writing is one of the core features. It gives you all the necessary services needed to create a compelling resume. You can also get a job-specific resume writing feature so that you can have the perfect resume for your target position. For most service providers, you'll have this essential feature whatever type of service package you get.

Resume Update

A resume update is a feature that lets you polish an existing resume. This feature tweaks and improves your current resume to fit the specific role you are applying for. Getting a resume update in your service package is cheaper compared to getting a package for new resume creation.

Professional Writers

Resume writing services have professional writers within their companies. They take pride in these writers' years of experience and expertise to help clients like you create the perfect resume for your dream job. These writers also work directly with you and can meet even the highest demands. Now that's excellent value for your money.

Career Management Report

Top professional resume writing services have a career management report feature, which will help you create an impressive resume and plan your next career move. It enables you to clarify job expectations and identify any inner conflict you had in your past jobs. By giving you career tests, you can also determine how close of a match you are for your dream job.

Career Coaching

Another feature to watch out for in resume writing services is career coaching. Aside from the usual resume update and creation, service providers also have career assessment and coaching services tucked in with their packages. You can use this feature to create a long-term career goal and plan your next move.

Job Search Accelerator

The job search accelerator feature helps you beat any ATS (Applicant Tracking System). By using keyword optimization, you'll have all your necessary credentials highlighted. Because all the keywords that hiring managers are looking for will be on your resume, you'll have better chances of getting an interview appointment and landing your dream job.

LinkedIn Networking

The LinkedIn networking feature will have your LinkedIn profile professionally written and optimized to attract better network opportunities. This feature helps expand your networks with influencers and hiring authorities within your field. Most service providers boast that you can see significant career improvement just a couple of weeks after getting this feature.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

LinkedIn profile writing teaches you how to update your profile. The LinkedIn networking feature creates the content for you while profile writing makes a sustainable career solution that teaches you how to update your profile yourself. You can now tweak your profile whenever you have a new accomplishment to attract better career opportunities.

Social Media Networking

LinkedIn is not the only platform you can use to market yourself professionally. Some employers also look into your social media accounts. The social media networking feature helps you find the right networks and teach you how to manage your online reputation. It will help you pass online background checks to increase your chances of getting hired.

Cover Letter Writing

The cover letter writing feature creates attention-getting cover pages to meet your job search needs. Some employers are particular with cover letters. If you fail to impress them, they might not even touch your resume. Luckily, resume writing service providers have cover letter writing features that create compelling letters to go with your impressive resume.

Professional Biography

Aside from your education and job credentials, a professional biography can also help you impress employers. Top-rated resume writing services create engaging and memorable personal biographies. Not all candidates have the confidence to infuse a biography in their resume, but with a little help, you can create a biography that will surely make you stand out.

Infographic Networking

Another unique feature of resume writing services is infographic networking. It uses visual materials such as charts, tables, and color mix to create a compelling graphic format for your resume. It ditches the boring, wordy resumes and produces an output similar to an advertisement highlighting your credentials.

Business Card

The business card feature creates a memorable networking business card for you. On top of the usual cover letter and resume, you can have a business card slipped in for a more professional and trendy vibe. You can have it in digital and printed formats. This feature can help you supplement your resume and cover letter for a leveled-up job application.

Targeted Resume Distribution

The targeted resume distribution feature reaches out to recruiters in your preferred industry. Here, the service provider sends out your resume and cover letter to hiring managers and headhunters. Some service providers also send out your resume to different firms. This outplacement feature helps you land your dream job with only one service package.

Interview Coaching

After getting noticed by the hiring manager, you'll be invited for an interview. Don't let your impressive resume go to waste because the interview didn’t go well. Resume writing service providers also have an interview coaching feature that helps you prepare for possible questions and gives you tips on presenting yourself to land the job you're vying for.

Job Search Coaching

Another unique feature of resume writing services is job search coaching. Instead of just writing your resume, service providers also have one-on-one coaching sessions to improve your networking skills, salary negotiation strategies, and career decision-making. This feature will help you achieve your career goals and create a sustainable professional mindset.

What are the types of resume writing services?

There are different types of resume writing services you can get for your next career move. They vary depending on the type of job you’re going for. Every type can help create compelling resumes fit for any role description. Read below to know the different types of resume writing services you can get to help you achieve your career goals.

Student Resume Writing Services

Student resume writing services are one of those in the cheap resume writing services range. This type of resume writing helps fresh job seekers create compelling resumes that can help market academic credentials if there’s no previous job experience. It creates a resume not based on your past experiences but on what you can offer in the future.

Professional Resume Writing Services

Professional resume writing services help employees who are in the field for at least two years. Most service providers have templates that they use for different areas, which they revamp based on your credentials and demands. It can also double as federal resume writing services for people who want to apply for government positions.

Executive Resume Writing Services

This type is considered to be one of the best resume writing services. It is more detailed and substantial versus other resume writing services types. The resumes are also written in a unique format with a different level of sophistication fit for high-ranking positions. The most experienced writers are assigned on resumes under this type.

Career Change Resume Writing Services

Career change resume writing services help you get ahead of your competition while going in a new direction. Since career change is a bold career move, you need a resume to aid you during the shift. This type of resume writing service creates an elegant resume that can highlight your potential for new successes.

Who needs resume writing services?

Students need resume writing services to help them land good jobs after graduation or get an internship position in a reputable company. You shouldn't wait until after you graduate before working on your resume. You can get affordable resume services online and have a professionally written resume to land a good internship spot, or potentially your first job.

Fresh Graduates

Job searching can be challenging, especially if you don't have any job experience yet. It is the reason why fresh graduates need resume writing services. You don't want to be undervalued just because you're a fresh graduate. Luckily, resume writing services can help you highlight your academic accomplishments to help keep you above your competition.


Just because you're employed doesn't mean you don't need resume writing services. Working on your resume while you're still employed can help you once you decide to apply for another position or a promotion. Since packages come with features such as interviews and career coaching, you can use the skills you'll acquire to achieve your career goals.


Professionals like doctors and lawyers need resume writing services. There are particular services for professionals like you. Most service providers have unique templates that they use to highlight specific skills for different field professionals. No matter which field you're in, you can create a professional resume and online profile with resume writing services.


If you're already in a managerial role but hope to advance a little more, resume writing services got you. You can get executive resume writing services and have a comprehensive resume. It will give you the edge you need when applying for a higher position as experienced writers will help you highlight all the necessary credentials for your career upgrade.


Executives need resume writing services to advance their careers. Since executive promotions and job applications are crucial, you can't rely on old-school resume templates. Executive resume writing services create resumes for the high position you're vying for. You can even avail of interview and career coachings to increase your chances of getting the job.

Career Changers

It doesn't matter whether you're changing careers due to a change of heart or a bad employment record; resume writing services got you. You can get a career change resume writing service and have significant credentials highlighted to divert the employer's attention away from the information you don't want to specify.

What are the steps in choosing a resume writing service package?
Step 1: Assess your career goals

The first step in choosing a resume writing service package is to assess your career goals. You need to determine what you need the resume writing services for. Do you need it for a career change or to apply for an executive position? By doing so, you'll be able to determine which type of resume writing service package is for you.

Step 2: Look for reputable service providers

The next step is to look for reputable service providers. If you're looking for offline service providers, you can try out keywords like "resume writing services near me" and "professional resume writing services near me." Luckily, there are also online resume writing service providers that you can work with via email for easier processing.

Step 3: Ask for peer recommendations

After shortlisting service providers, ask for peer recommendations. They can give you top resume writing services reviews based on firsthand experience. Since they have already tried the services, they would know which packages are the best deals for your resume writing needs.

Step 4: Compare features of pricing

Once you have resume writing services reviews from your peers, compare features, and pricing. Most service providers have a website where you can check out their services and prices. You can also try out keywords like "best resume writing services 2015" and "top resume writing services 2017" to compare packages.

Step 5: Writer Consultation

Once you select and pay for the service package, you'll have a writer consultation period. Here, you can discuss your expectations with your writer. After the consultation, the writer will work on your resume. Also, most service providers offer multiple revisions until you're fully satisfied with the finished output.

Are resume writing services worth it?

Resume writing services are worth it. Most people who tried out the service can attest to how they landed an interview with a professionally-made resume. If you are to compute the resume writing services cost versus how fulfilling it is to land your dream job, you'll surely take a shot at the service.

What should I do if I'm not satisfied with my resume?

Most service providers offer unlimited revisions. Until you're fully satisfied with the output, your writer will not stop. To show how confident they are, some service providers even accommodate refunds. It is a form of guarantee as to how much confidence they have in their writers.

What are the qualifications of resume writers?

Resume writers are usually journalism or writing graduates. Most service providers even have certified resume writers who are HR managers, recruiting staff, and career professionals from various industries to ensure that they can create career-specific resumes for every sector.

What is the usual turnaround time for resume writing?

Most service providers have a 72 hours turnaround time for completing resumes. This timeline usually applies to student and professional resume writing services. Executive and career change resumes usually require longer periods. Also, some service providers can even accommodate 24-hour resume writing at an additional expense.

What is the difference between a CV (curriculum vitae) and a resume?

The differences between a CV and a resume are in their content and length. Resumes are brief summaries of your achievements. A CV, on the other hand, is longer because it is a detailed summary of your education and job background.

What are offline resume writing services?

Offline resume writing service uses traditional or face-to-face writer consultations. Most people who prefer offline resume writing usually look for service providers near their area. For instance, if you're from Chicago, you can try out keywords like "resume writing services in Chicago" to find nearby service providers for easy consultation.

What formats can I have my resume in?

Resume writing service providers will send your resume in scanned, electronic, and web format. The scanned format can be printed. The electronic copy, on the other hand, is best for email applications. Lastly, the web version presents your resume as a web application, which you can be creative with.

Are there resume samples in resume writing service providers' websites?

Yes, there are resume samples you can check out on most service providers' websites. They also categorize their samples based on the type of resume writing service to have a clearer picture of how a specific resume type looks.

How can I communicate with the writer?

You can communicate with the writer through the service provider's websites' instant messaging feature. Some service providers also upload a working document where you can view the progress of your resume. You can also use it to leave comments to the writer in case you have additional instructions.

Do I have to upload my previous resume on the website before a writer can work on it?

Most online resume writing service providers have a form you need to fill out before the writers can work on your resume. Though uploading your previous resume is not required, most service providers highly encourage you to do so to get more information that they can highlight in your new resume.

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