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Looking for a way to make some extra money on the side, or simply add more value for your existing customers? Hostgator's reseller hosting plans let you white label their products and start your own web hosting company. It's a quick and easy way to get started in the web hosting business, and with our competitive prices, you can make a decent profit.



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A2 Hosting

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Name Hero

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Scala Hosting

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InMotion Hosting

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Resellers Panel

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Whitelabel IT Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is reseller hosting?

Owning a website shouldn't be challenging, but some people find the management process a handful, making it a profitable business for web hosts. Reseller hosting lets you sell service providers' web hosting solutions, such as bandwidth and hard drive space, to help customers manage their websites. With fantastic features, reselling hosting services is easy as pie.

Why do you need reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting offers website owners and website hosting business owners the means to purchase fantastic technical solutions. From affordable reseller hosting packages to flexible service plans, service providers have all your website hosting needs covered. To know more about the benefits of reseller hosting, read below.

Have a Stable Web Hosting Reputation

One of the primary advantages of getting a reseller hosting package is the stable web hosting reputation that comes with it. Service providers offering reseller packages let you use their brand when selling to customers. That’s why you should look for reputable service providers when getting your reseller package. Before you know it, the product is already selling itself.

Easy to Sell

Another benefit of getting the best reseller hosting package is they are easy to sell. You do not only leverage the reputation of the service provider but their solutions as well. Most service providers have comprehensive web hosting solutions that come with their reseller packages. With a product like this, selling web hosting services is undoubtedly a breeze.

Earn Large Profits

If you're looking for a reselling gig with large profits, reseller hosting packages are great options. Most service providers do not only have an excellent reseller hosting plan; they also have multiple tiered affiliate programs. It lets you generate income not only from selling the service provider's web hosting services but also for every reseller referral you’ll make.

Make Web Hosting Easy

Top reseller hosting services also make web hosting easy. Instead of doing the technical aspects of web hosting, such as service maintenance and security, resellers can leave them to the service provider. You can focus on offering services and support packages that you are effortlessly providing because the service providers got the complicated tasks covered.

Gain Better Web Hosting Control

Reseller packages also let you control your disk space usage, which allows you to manage and control all aspects of your website. With a reseller package, you can use the disk for your websites or sell some of them to other users, depending on your needs and preferences. It lets you keep a disk space based on what you need while making money out of the excess.

Improve Web Security

Getting a reseller hosting business package also improves web security, making it ideal for eCommerce sites. You can use improved security as your value proposition when selling web hosting services. And, the best part is that you only have to worry about how much disk space you're going to sell because your service provider got the security features covered.

Requires Minimal Capital

If you're a little tight on the budget, you'll be thrilled to know that there are cheap reseller hosting packages you can get. Once you have a package, you can sell them on top of your independent services to increase your revenue. You get complete service branding plus unique technical solutions to grow your web hosting company at an affordable price.

Have Top Quality Products

Another benefit of getting reseller hosting packages is the top-quality products. Since service providers offer bandwidth, hard disk space, and other web hosting solutions, getting top-quality products for your customers wouldn't be difficult. With excellent hosting services, generating income and growing your business are within your reach.

Have Full Control Over Your Service Offerings

Reseller hosting gives you full control over your service offerings. There is also free reseller hosting packages, complete with a reseller panel, to monitor your customers' accounts and efficiently manage your prices and services. Using this panel, you can set up your account and establish costs. Plus, you can quickly modify them depending on market tendencies.

Get Detailed Statistics

The best reseller hosting plans also provide you with detailed statistics. If you're running a web hosting store, you have to be aware of what's going on about your website. Luckily, the reseller panel gives you detailed statistics to inform you about what's going on in your hosting business and customer accounts. It will let you see website traffic and profits in detail.

Eliminate the Need to Buy an Entire Web Space

Getting even a cheap unlimited reseller hosting plan eliminates the need to buy an entire webspace. It lets you choose how much bandwidth and space you need instead of settling for pricey premium packages. In reseller hosting, the webspace gets divided into smaller areas to let you get the services you need. It makes the process simple yet still sufficient for users.

Get Complete Web Hosting Packages

When you get an unlimited reseller hosting plan, you can expect a complete web hosting package. Though you have the freedom only to choose the services that you need, most service providers tuck in comprehensive features such as security, protection, and management in their standard reseller hosting packages.

Have User Flexibility

Reseller hosting also gives you a fantastic amount of user flexibility. It lets you change your plan depending on your preferences, wherein you can increase or decrease your resource usage. Compared to getting a whole webspace, reseller hosting does not restrict you to a specific amount of resources because of their easily customizable packages.

Make Management Easy

Another great benefit of getting a reseller hosting plan is that it helps you manage websites and emails quickly. Most service providers give you an optimized dashboard to help you see your statistics and organize your space. With a reseller hosting plan's easy management, you can quickly sell available resources to grow your business.

What are the core features of reseller hosting?

Whether you're looking for lightning-speed performance or comprehensive technical support, service providers offering reseller hosting packages have the features you need. By combining the best management features and top-of-line technologies, these service providers ensure the best reseller web hosting experience.

Instant Account Setup

Service providers take pride in their instant account setup feature. Once you avail of a reseller hosting plan, you don't have to wait long because the platform will already set up your control panel and help you sell web hosting services right away. Most service providers ditch downtimes to create a real-time reselling experience for you.

Easy Management

Another feature you'll love about reseller hosting is easy management. After getting a reseller hosting plan, you'll have a control panel where you can manage all your customers' websites and see their statistics. This easy management feature keeps you on top of all your web hosting services to help you provide top-quality online solutions for your customers.

Proactive Backup

Even a reseller hosting free of charge plan has a proactive backup feature. It lets you enjoy superior web hosting without worrying about a system crash. Most service providers do a daily backup via the cloud. They store all your client's hosting automatically and let you access it anytime.

Premium Hardware

Just because you took a free unlimited reseller hosting plan doesn't mean you have to settle for mediocre hardware and services. Platforms offering reseller hosting packages also boast their premium hardware across all plans. They use the best tools and setup for their machines to ensure a smooth and top-quality web hosting service for resellers and end customers.

No Setup Fees

If you're a practical web host, you'll be delighted to hear that most service providers are offering reseller hosting plans that require no setup fees. Yes, you read it right. All expenses are included in their affordable monthly pricing plan. Thus, you don't have to worry about bloated billings after your account has been set up.

Quality Support

Whether you're looking for a package for reseller hosting in India or trying to troubleshoot a problem with your current reseller hosting package, quality customer support has your back. Service providers have live chats, email addresses, and toll-free hotlines, where you can reach their reliable customer service representatives to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

White Label Reselling

If you're hoping to build a reliable brand for your web hosting business, the white label reselling feature is for you. Here, you can ditch your service provider's brand name and use your company's name instead. It will give you the reliable and top-quality services of your service provider while maintaining a consistent brand for your growing web hosting company.

Affiliate Program

If you're hoping to earn additional bucks, the affiliate program feature has what you're looking for. You won't only generate income from selling web hosting services to end-users because you can earn extra bucks for every reseller referral you make. This feature expands your income potential to include not only web hosting customers but also your co-resellers.

Easy Deployment

Most reseller hosting packages let you quickly deploy hosting services to simplify your workflow. With this feature, you can enjoy automatic core and plugin updates, making the management and maintenance process of your client's websites almost effortless.

Fast Performance

Once you master reseller hosting principles, you'll discover how you can use the latest speed technologies to optimize your account management efforts. Most service providers give you access to the latest technologies that will make your web hosting experience easy, enjoyable, and always at lightning speed.

Wholesale Domains

Platforms offering reseller hosting do not only give you the best web hosting services; they also offer wholesale domains, which you can register and transfer to your customers. Since more businesses and people are keen on their online branding, domain selling is on the rise. Luckily, reseller hosting plans include domains that you can have in your service line.

Easy Billing

The easy billing feature helps you be on top of your receivables. Aside from the already comprehensive packages that service providers include in your reseller hosting plan, they also have billing software to help you automate web hosting provisioning and let you easily bill your clients. With this feature, no more manual computations, guaranteed.

Account Management Tools

Whether you want to monitor your customers' accounts or plan to brand a white-label web hosting service package, the account management tools have what you need. Most service providers give you a full suite of tools to help you, bill clients, build your brand, or even do promotions to create a comprehensive web hosting package for your business.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Another fantastic feature to watch out for is the service providers' state-of-the-art technology that will help you deliver fast, reliable, and secure hosting services to your customers. Using high-powered reseller servers, platforms ensure you the best hosting solutions to build a solid reseller business reputation.

Website Monitoring

If you think you've seen the best reseller hosting packages, you'll be surprised to know about the website monitoring feature. Instead of spending so much time monitoring your customers' websites, this feature does the monitoring for you. Should the system detects any problem, the service provider will open a ticket on your behalf to resolve the issue.

Free Website Transfer

Some service providers also have a free website transfer feature wherein they give complimentary website transfers to resellers. Just submit your hosting login details, and the service provider will handle the transfer for you. Plus, a team of experts will also ensure that all your website files will be migrated successfully for a smooth transition.

Downloadable Resources

If you're a total reseller hosting a newbie, don't worry because the downloadable resources feature can help you. Moist service providers have materials on their websites for potential resellers. These materials contain reseller hosting basics you should know about. It will also help you troubleshoot any problem you may encounter when managing customer accounts.

No Seller Deposit

If you’re looking for the best deals due to your limited budget, you should know that some service providers have a no-seller deposit feature. It lets you get a reseller hosting plan without paying for anything. The fees will be charged to your end customers directly on your behalf. If you don’t make any sales, then there will be no charge either.

What are the types of reseller hosting?

There are different types of reseller hosting based on the technology used and how they can optimize the websites' performance. Whatever services you're looking for and budget preferences you have, there is a type of reseller hosting for you.

Cloud Reseller Hosting

Cloud reseller hosting uses a hosting environment with SAN (storage area network), server blades, and network. Here, the service provider will place your account on a virtual server to help you control all the other accounts. This type of reseller hosting capitalizes on the benefits of a cloud environment that ensures backup during system failures.

SSD Reseller Hosting

SSD (solid-state drive) reseller hosting helps websites load faster. Since many customers are particular about website speed, site owners want fully to optimize their website loading capacity. Luckily, SSD reseller hosting plans offer services that use high-performance hardware to ensure that your and your customers' websites are competitively quick.

HDD Reseller Hosting

Hard disk drive (HDD) reseller hosting magnetizes hardware devices for storage. It is suitable for large data storage and backup. Though it uses older hardware for storage, it still offers the exciting benefits that other types of reseller hosting also provide. It gives you disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and usual hosting services to optimize your customers' websites.

Who needs reseller hosting?
Website Designers

Website designers need reseller hosting to improve the performance of the websites they are creating. The best reseller hosting for web designers will help you optimize the functionality of your website. You will create not only visually pleasing but also high-performance end products. The reseller hosting plan will help you level up your web design gigs.

Aspiring Web Hosting Reseller

Aspiring web hosting resellers need reseller hosting plans to kickstart their businesses. You can choose from a wide range of unlimited reseller hosting plans you can offer potential customers. You can get affordable reseller hosting plans and start setting essential services. There are even affiliate programs you can join for more income.

Website Owners

Website reseller hosting is also useful for website owners. Whether you own a blog or an e-commerce website, reseller hosting can give you the services you need to amp up your site. It can improve functionality and performance to ensure that your customers will not leave your website and avail the services you're offering.

Business Owners

If you're a business owner, venturing online is a smart move to grow your business. Luckily, there is reseller hosting plans to help you set up a high-performance website. You can create a page where you can engage with customers and store essential data that you can use for your marketing campaigns and grow your business online.


Freelancers can also use unlimited reseller hosting plans to level up their online gigs. If you're a freelancer who has a website to showcase your portfolio, you can use reseller hosting plans to improve your website's functionality and performance. Your potential clients will surely appreciate the time and effort you'll invest in making your site functional for them.

Self-Employed Professionals

For self-employed professionals who are using websites to promote their services, reseller hosting plans can secure your site. Just look for a reputable reseller to get the disk space and bandwidth that you need to ensure that your website is performing correctly. Without breaking the bank, you can get a reliable online system for your practice.

What are the steps on how to start your reseller hosting business?
Step 1: Identify your customers

The first step in starting your reseller hosting business is to identify your customers. You have to figure out the niche to whom you will offer your web hosting services. Once you have your target audience, it will be easier to choose which reseller hosting plans you should get to ensure that your product line is cohesive.

Step 2: Choose a parent company

After identifying your customers, you have to choose a parent company or service provider. Choose a parent company with fantastic services such as unlimited reseller hosting plans and unlimited bandwidth. The top 10 reseller hosting parent companies usually have the best line for reseller hosting services.

Step 3: Establish a budget

You don't need a huge budget to make your reseller hosting business thrive. You only need enough to buy a few reseller hosting packages to help you kickstart your business. Establishing a budget is essential as it will help you decide which reseller hosting plans to get.

Step 4: Set your prices

After you choose reseller hosting plans that you will offer your customers, you need to set your prices. Try to make it as competitive as possible. You can rely on reseller hosting reviews and forums on your service providers' websites to know how you can price your services to get substantial profit without setting your price tags too high.

Step 5: Promote your business

To ensure your business’s success, you shouldn't skip the promotion plan. Once you have a website, you can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure that your services will be part of top searches. You can also invest in social media marketing to promote your page and let potential customers know that you're in business.

What is the difference between shared and reseller hosting?

Shared hosting can only handle a single domain. Reseller hosting, on the other hand, runs multiple domains within its accounts. Resellers can manage numerous websites here in a controlled central location. If you're hoping to start a business offering web hosting services, reseller hosting is the best option for you.

How can my service provider help me when my business grows bigger?

After getting a reseller hosting plan and starting to grow your business, your service provider can offer you more comprehensive plans later on. They can also move you over to a new reseller hosting plan. They can arrange the migration and system set up to accommodate your growing customer base.

Do service providers offer discounts for their reseller hosting plans?

Yes, there are service providers that offer significant discounts for their reseller hosting plans. Some parent companies even give up to 50% discounts depending on the season. However, these price reductions are usually tied up with longer subscription periods and higher-priced plans.

Do service providers charge extra for their reseller control panels?

Luckily, most service providers do not charge extra for their reseller control panels. Most of them include this feature in their standard plans. However, if you want to customize your control panel and add more features to help you manage your customers' accounts, that's where your service provider will charge you extra costs.

Can I get a dedicated IP address on top of my reseller hosting package?

Yes, you can get a dedicated IP address on top of your reseller hosting package. Some service providers even automatically add this feature to your plan; no need to ask. Whether you're hoping to use the IP address for SEO, email protection, or website ranking improvement, your service provider got you covered.

Who will be providing technical support to my customers?

Most reseller hosting plans let you do the technical support for your end customers. If you have no experience in this area, don't worry because service providers have a reseller support team to teach you all you need to know. Plus, they have resources you can access to learn more about troubleshooting customer issues.

Can I change my reseller hosting plan later on?

Yes, you can change your reseller hosting plan later on. If you are still new in the web hosting business, service providers know that you need to test the waters first before getting the right reseller plan. Thus, they let you change your reseller hosting plan anytime you need an upgrade. Just get in touch with them to have your plan changed.

Can I automate the management of my clients?

Yes, you can automate the management of your clients. Using the control panel, you can use a billing system that lets you manage, invoice, and automate your end customers. You can even integrate your panel with payment processors and gateway to make the collection and management process effortless.

How do I create my reseller hosting plan?

Though service providers offer standard reseller hosting plans, you can still create your own. Just inform your service provider that you want a custom plan. You can add as little or as many resources as you wish. You can customize your disk space, bandwidth, email, accounts, domains, or even choose unlimited service.

How do nightly backups work?

Service providers take recovery and data protection seriously. Thus, they do nightly backups to ensure that your file systems are protected against data loss. They back up your data nightly and retain them for 24 hours. It will help you secure your files in case there are unexpected glitches in your system.

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