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Best Reseller Hosting

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Get your hosting business up and running through reseller hosting. Sell a website space where other business individuals or teams can launch their own websites. Find your ideal hosting provider from our list.

Frequently Asked Questions on Reseller Hosting

What is the difference between shared and reseller hosting?

Shared hosting can only handle a single domain. Reseller hosting, on the other hand, runs multiple domains within its accounts. Resellers can manage numerous websites here in a controlled central location. If you're hoping to start a business offering web hosting services, reseller hosting is the best option for you. 

How can my service provider help me when my business grows bigger?

After getting a reseller hosting plan and starting to grow your business, your service provider can offer you more comprehensive plans later on. They can also move you over to a new reseller hosting plan. They can arrange the migration and system set up to accommodate your growing customer base.

Do service providers offer discounts for their reseller hosting plans?

Yes, there are service providers that offer significant discounts for their reseller hosting plans. Some parent companies even give up to 50% discounts depending on the season. However, these price reductions are usually tied up with longer subscription periods and higher-priced plans.

Do service providers charge extra for their reseller control panels?

Luckily, most service providers do not charge extra for their reseller control panels. Most of them include this feature in their standard plans. However, if you want to customize your control panel and add more features to help you manage your customers' accounts, that's where your service provider will charge you extra costs.

Can I get a dedicated IP address on top of my reseller hosting package?

Yes, you can get a dedicated IP address on top of your reseller hosting package. Some service providers even automatically add this feature to your plan; no need to ask. Whether you're hoping to use the IP address for SEO, email protection, or website ranking improvement, your service provider got you covered.

Who will be providing technical support to my customers?

Most reseller hosting plans let you do the technical support for your end customers. If you have no experience in this area, don't worry because service providers have a reseller support team to teach you all you need to know. Plus, they have resources you can access to learn more about troubleshooting customer issues.

Can I change my reseller hosting plan later on?

Yes, you can change your reseller hosting plan later on. If you are still new in the web hosting business, service providers know that you need to test the waters first before getting the right reseller plan. Thus, they let you change your reseller hosting plan anytime you need an upgrade. Just get in touch with them to have your plan changed.

Can I automate the management of my clients?

Yes, you can automate the management of your clients. Using the control panel, you can use a billing system that lets you manage, invoice, and automate your end customers. You can even integrate your panel with payment processors and gateway to make the collection and management process effortless.

How do I create my reseller hosting plan?

Though service providers offer standard reseller hosting plans, you can still create your own. Just inform your service provider that you want a custom plan. You can add as little or as many resources as you wish. You can customize your disk space, bandwidth, email, accounts, domains, or even choose unlimited service.

How do nightly backups work?

Service providers take recovery and data protection seriously. Thus, they do nightly backups to ensure that your file systems are protected against data loss. They back up your data nightly and retain them for 24 hours. It will help you secure your files in case there are unexpected glitches in your system. 

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