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DashThis is an open-source report automation tool that offers a great solution to small business owners who need a better approach to manage their marketing and sales tasks and improving productivity and business faster. The platform enables users to create a schedule of their tasks, set reminders, automatically follow up, and track activities with reports and analytics.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes DashThis different?

DashThis is a report automation tool that leverages the power of machine learning to help analysts and data scientists work smarter. It is the only reporting tool on the market with a bulk dashboard creation & editing service available. This software also provides all the tools for creating a report, including a graphical layout in a logical manner.

What is DashThis?

DashThis is a bot that enables sending of messages to help with reports. It can be used to automate reporting workflows, extract data from web pages or create customized reporting templates. DashThis was created by a team of data analysts who found themselves constantly writing the same set of instructions repeatedly.

Can I give my team access to my dashboard on DashThis?

Yes, it is possible. The dashboard is where users can find all of their reports and data. One can share this information with their team by giving them access to the Dashboard and giving them access to the reports they need when they need it. On DashThis, one can add as many users to the account as required.

How can I Share my report results on DashThis report automation tools?

DashThis report automation tools offer a wide selection of various formats for the user. They can choose to share their report in PDF format, send it to someone by entering their email address, or save it on their device so they can access it later. Additionally, they can post the URL of the report online using their dashboard.

What interface does the DashThis automation report tool have?

DashThis report automation software as an attractive and user-friendly interface. These features make DashThis easy to comprehend and analyze data. Other important factors that increase the user experience are the dashboards, intuitive and straightforward designs, interactive dashboards, and tight security.

Can I add my own logo to a dashboard on the DashThis automation report tool?

Yes, adding a logo to a dashboard is possible. Doing this entails users uploading a logo via the "Add a Logo" placeholder. The options reveal themselves, and users can select which picture to upload. Users must pay attention to the required dimensions for their logo. Knowing this avoids distortion and keeps the logo’s quality in check.

What report customization options are available on the DashThis automation report tool?

DashThis automation report is a flexible, easy-to-use platform for report creation. This tool is customizable with various report customization options to meet users’ individual needs. Options include preset color themes, white-label domains, customizable fonts, and personalized colors. DashThis helps users give their reports a personal touch that is solely theirs.

How can I save time creating a report on DashThis automation report tool?

DashThis has a powerful automation tool that can save time and improve the report creation process. With DashThis automation report templates and cloning options, users don’t have to create their reports from scratch. Simply choose from a wide selection of preset report templates, custom templates, preset widgets, and cloning options.

How to schedule an automatic report dispatch by email?

One can create an automatic report dispatch by email on DashThis. The steps are easy to follow, and anyone can accomplish them. One must first create a report on DashThis and select the sharing options under the Schedule section. Select the share by email option and provide the recipient’s email with details and the chosen time of sending.

Why use groups to link dashboards and reports together?

Groups are efficient for linking dashboards and reports together to make information and workflow smoother. DashThis uses vertical design principles for their reports, meaning fitting plenty of KPIs in one report is good for the analyst but not always for the reader. On the other hand, when utilizing horizontal displays, reports are much easier to read.

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