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Best Report Automation Tools

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Keep your company on top of everything by streamlining your automation processes. With report automation tools, you can save time, reduce workforce costs, and gather data to run your organization more effectively. Get yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Report Automation Tools

Why should I change my current reporting process?

Even if you have streamlined your process, there is always room for improvement. One of the biggest reasons you should consider using report automation tools is you will save money. By cutting back on labor and outsourcing, you can speed up business processes and get rid of human error. Many automation tools allow you to upload your current database, so you don't have to worry about losing data.

Won't automation destroy jobs?

This question is one of the common concerns with automating. The truth is, even if you start using automation tools, you still need personnel to manage the software. In short, you are not destroying jobs, but instead, you are making jobs more comfortable and improving productivity. With report automation tools, your staff can spend time on more critical tasks such as data analysis while the software takes care of time-consuming tasks like data collection.

Can I get free report automation tools?

Some data analytics dashboard tools are free. However, if you want to enjoy maximum features, it is wise to invest in paid tools. Usually, these paid tools have a free trial period, which allows you to evaluate whether it is a good match for your business. After the free trial, you will be in a better position to select the best software for your company.

Can I change my plan without losing my dashboard?

Yes, you can! If you decide to upgrade to another plan, your dashboards will follow you no matter what pan upgrade you choose. Usually, subscriptions depend on the number of dashboards you can create and can start at three dashboards up to 100 panels. The plan you select will depend on the size of your company and the type of reports you need to make.

How much does report automation cost?

The cost of report automation software depends on several factors:

The number of reports - the more pages a report has, the higher the cost

The number of report templates - using more than one model can also affect pricing

The amount of calculation/analysis needed - necessary arithmetic calculations are free, but if you need to use algorithms and other complex calculations, you'll pay a higher price

Output format - exporting to spreadsheets or PDFs has no cost, but for Word and Powerpoint, you may need more significant investment.

Before you select a plan, make sure you understand what you are getting and that all your needs are met with the plan. This will prevent the hassle of having to upgrade in the future.

How does report automation software handle security?

Many fear that their competitive information could fall into the wrong hands. However, the best-automated reporting systems value the security of your account and information. Some of the security features used include:

Relink feature - This feature is handy, if by mistake, you publish your dashboard on social media or if an employee leaves the company. All you have to do is regenerate a link for any dashboard so that the old link isn't accessible.

Encrypted URLs - The URL's of dashboards are generated with an algorithm that ensures a low probability of duplication. In short, you don't have to worry about anyone guessing the URLs of your dashboard.

PIN option - You can decide to add a personal identification number on any dashboard you wish. This added feature gives clients the peace of mind that only they have access to delicate information.

Restricted IP addresses - Most software systems allow you to restrict access to your dashboards by IP addresses. This security feature is useful if you are on a private network like a bank or government agency.

Can I create a separate login for a client?

Yes. You can create one account and share the dashboard URL with your client so only they can access it. Another option is to create different accounts for each of your clients. Sharing dashboard URLs is as easy as copying a link or even customizing the URL with your domain name.

Can I invite multiple users to my dashboard?

Yes. Working with multiple colleagues is no problem with report automation tools. All you need to do is access the User Management section and click "invite user." Then, you can just add the email addresses in the form and send an invitation. 

What is a campaign dashboard?

A campaign dashboard tracks the performance of a campaign. You can create a dashboard with a custom data range to compare your current campaign to a previous one. Depending on how long your campaign, you can track performance using different widgets. The most common widgets include:

Trend widgets - This widget lets you compare campaigns in your dashboards using graphs.

Number widgets - You can set goals for your current campaign using this widget and measure the progress you're making towards your goal.

List widget - Using this widget, you can view the difference between the current and previous campaigns.

Multi-column list - This widget lets you display all your metrics within a single table. Data are shown from left to right and include the difference between the past and present campaigns.

What is data source in report automation?

The data source is a piece of information that is accessible once you have integrated your system. You can integrate data from your social media accounts, video platforms, and other sources. Once you select the source, you can incorporate data automatically. However, in some cases, you will need to add the data sources manually. 

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