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Even if you're miles away, remote PC access software helps you provide employees with online technical support, online courses, and offsite device access. Control your devices anytime, anywhere! Try one today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Remote PC Access

Can I install my remote PC access program on other computers?

Yes, you can easily install remote PC access programs on other computers regardless if they’re Windows, Mac, or Linux. You can do this just by simply using the software’s ‘Deploy’ function.

I signed up for a remote PC access app account, but I’m unable to configure my computers. What to do?

This all depends on the package that you took. If you availed of the free single-license plan, then you generally do not have access to the multiple PC deployment features. You can configure computers one or two at a time.If you took the premium business or enterprise plans from a website, then you first have tocheck if you have downloaded the setup from the ‘Deploy’ feature from their website. After downloading this feature, you also have the option to just share the URL with your proposed user.

What is the difference between the admin and user in a remote PC access software program?

An admin is someone who has authority over some of the remote PC access software’s group-handling features. If you are a user, you merely have access to streaming, video or audio call, and chat features.

How do I install and uninstall the remote PC access program’s MSI file?

The solution may vary depending on your specific remote PC access program and your operating system. Most websites usually have technical support pages where they tell you specific instructions.For the most part, you just have to run specific commands on the PC’s command prompt toinstall or uninstall an MSI file.

How do I add computers to my account?

You can add computers to your account by giving the user a remote access card to gain access to other PCs. It is worth noting that only admins can add devices, organize them into groups, and then assign them to particular users.

How do I remove computers on my account?

As an admin, you can remove any computer or device you want from the account. But as a user, you are only authorized to remove the desktop specifically assigned to you.

How can I view recently accessed computers?

Most remote PC access software programs allow you to view up to 10 recently accessed desktops in the software’s dashboard. The ‘Recently Accessed’ section usually shows the users’ log sessions which include details like IP address, last accessed date and time, and current status.

Am I automatically an admin to a remote PC access account?

If the remote PC access software’s purchase transaction was done under your name and you registered an account, then you are automatically the admin of the account. If you merely received a link to access the account, then you are most likely just a user.

As an admin, can I add users to my account?

Yes, this is one of the main features exclusive to admins. You can add users and even grant them admin rights and deployment permissions.

How to remotely access my phone from my PC?

As long as your remote desktop access program has the feature to maneuver through mobile devices – which is usually the case – then you are free to access your mobile phone by going to the program and adding your mobile phone to the device list.After that, you can easily access your mobile phone through your PC anytime you want.

Are there remote PC access programs that are open source?

Yes, since many software engineers want to get creative by making tweaks to various program features. They can only do this if the software has an open-source agreement. Fortunately, there are remote PC access programs that are open source.

How reliable are remote PC access reviews?

Remote PC access reviews and testimonies usually come from legitimate businesses, so such reviews are often reliable. If you want to further double-check the reviewers’ legitimacy, you can check out their websites or work profiles.

Are there mobile to PC remote access software programs available?

Yes, current remote desktop access programs cater to navigating to desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Remote PC access software usually states whether or not they have the ‘access to mobile devices’ feature.

Is it safe to use remote PC software on public Wi-Fi?

Sadly, no. When you use a shared public Wi-Fi with little to no security measures, there’s a high chance of running a security risk because of your device’s vulnerability in a firewall’s open portal.

How to remotely access my PC?

If you have already registered your PC as one of the accessible devices in your Remote Desktop Access Program, then you can remotely access your PC from anywhere. You just need to log in to your remote PC access account on any computer, search for your device, and do what you need to do.

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