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Last updated on November, 4

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SurveySparrow Questionnaire Template

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SurveySparrow questionnaire template is an online survey creation platform that aims to collect qualitative and quantitative data through surveys. It’s professionally designed with well-thought-out and thoroughly researched templates to simplify creating, designing, and customizing questionnaires. 

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Customer Questionnaire

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SurveySparrow Questionnaire Template logo

SurveySparrow Questionnaire Template




Frequently Asked Questions

What is SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow is an online questionnaire template provider that focuses on getting you closer to creating the perfect questionnaires and surveys. You can create questionnaires with professionally designed templates, distribute them through multiple channels, and evaluate the responses.

What makes SurveySparrow different?

SurveySparrow questionnaire template has a user-friendly dashboard to help you create surveys easily and quickly. SurveySparrow offers hundreds of templates that have well-researched and thoughtfully prepared questions. One of the features that make SurveySparrow different from other survey solutions is that you can customize your survey any way you want. 

Is it easy to make a survey using SurveySparrow?

Yes! SurveySparrow blank questionnaire template takes pride in simplifying the task of creating a questionnaire. SurveySparrow has a comprehensive template library that caters to numerous purposes, including business, healthcare, events, quizzes, and more.

What are the types of questions that I can make using SurveySparrow questionnaire template?

In SurveySparrow, you can make Open-ended questions and Closed-ended questions that the respondents can answer. SurveySparrow also offers question types such as rating questions, scale questions, multiple-choice questions, picture choice questions, and demographic questions that the user can use in gathering data.

Is there a template that the user can use to start making surveys?

Yes. SurveySparrow offers a wide range of survey and questionnaire templates to help get the user started. The user can choose from different templates like business and marketing, school and education, banking, and health risk assessment questionnaire template.

Is there a QR code to scan and access the survey?

Yes, SurveySparrow free questionnaire template provides you with a scannable QR code for your surveys and questionnaires. If you want to share your survey with others easily, simply download the code image and print it out on your pamphlets and receipts. Your respondents can then access the survey easily by scanning the QR code with their devices

Is there a wide range of fonts to choose from a questionnaire template?

When designing your surveys and questionnaires, you’ll be able to select from more than 20 font types that SurveySparrow produced. You can use this feature further to personalize your project with your brand’s tone to grab your readers' attention and engage them with your content. 

Is SurveySparrow questionnaire template offering themes?

You can bring your surveys to life with survey themes. SurveySparrow’s themes are all professionally designed, including the backdrop, buttons, color palette, and typeface. If you would like to personalize your survey, even more, you can use CSS modification to enhance the look and feel of the surveys.

What is the unique feature of SurveySparrow interview questionnaire template?

One of the most distinctive features of SurveySparrow interview questionnaire template is that the questionnaire secures data in real-time and saves replies as soon as a respondent clicks the "Submit" button. From there, you’ll be able to easily analyze the respondents’ answers on a question-by-question basis in an organized manner.

Can I preview the surveys using the SurveySparrow questionnaire template?

With Live Preview, you’ll be able to see how your survey is progressing and how it will look like to the respondent while you’re creating it. From there, you’ll be able to spot any errors or parts that you want to change. This feature is also handy when evaluating the entire survey experience before giving it to your respondents.

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